Cheat Day & Cheat Meals

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Cheat Meals / Cheat Days - Dieting methods

This will help with your diet plan; Staying on Track
In my fitness journey, I've researched the benefits of cheat days/meals. I found it very effective to stay within your diet - maintaining it. Cheating on your diet once/twice a week is beneficial to everyone, it's also rewarding.

Watch my video on Cheat Days/Meals

In this video, I explain what is a "Cheat Day" and "Cheat Meal." (Also known as: Refeed day, etc) These are two different shocking methods to increase fat loss, etc. It is very beneficial to us to use this method. I have experience with this method so i'm sharing with you guys my experience(s) on cheat meals & cheat days. Cheat meals is basically when you're cheating on your diet with a meal, one course meal; it can be anything: donuts, junk food, etc. A cheat day is when you're cheating on your diet throughout the day; having anything but don't go overboard.

Why is Cheat Meals and Cheat Days Useful:
This method of dieting is beneficial because a lot of people have trouble staying on track and they lose their commitment. This will ensure the safety of your dieting; giving you, what you want in your diet to satisfy yourself. You're 'rewarding' yourself for staying on your diet for "X" amount of time. I recommend cheat meals or cheat days once a week. To much of taking breaks on your diet isn't considered a  'Diet.' Reward yourself if necessary or if you're reaching your goals.
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