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Resistance Bands (Muscle Bands)

Build muscle and strength - Resistance Bands Benefits
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Resistance Bands
are very useful, especially for mobility training, injured people and for disabled people. They are light, easy to carry around and they have different resistance options to choose from.
These bands can be used in many many ways; also it can help increase strength and muscle. It is portable, making it convenient for anyone and everyone. The bands can be used for strength and muscle training/conditioning and mobility training.
You can attach the bands anywhere, making it easy to train. You can increase the band(s) resistance weight, to increase the intensity of the workout.

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↪ Disable People: Resistance bands are helpful for many people, but for disable people, it's even better. Many disabled people cannot pick up weights because it is MUCH heavier than the Bands. The bands doesn't put any stress on your muscles and/or joints, you're only using resistance to create tension as you're performing exercises with the bands.

↪ Injured people: Using Resistance bands while injured may help you out. While injured, you do not want to let your injury degrade you, so I would recommend rehab for the area that is injured. The resistance bands are useful in this case; limiting the "weight" on the injury not making it any worse but yet training the area and surrounding areas to improve and to strengthen.

↪ Strength n Muscle: You can build muscle and strength from using muscle-bands. It may not be AS effective AS weightlifting but it is possible. From using bands, you'll get a faster/quicker Pump, able to train little bit more Efficiently - great for stretching/elongating your muscles.

↪ Training: If you're having troubles having a connection to the mind to muscle, try using resistance bands for the activation. Perhaps the 'weights' are limiting your connection to your muscles - if you want to optimize your growth, you must first establish a GOOD mind to muscle Connection.

↪ Mobility: Mobility work is important for everyone. The resistance bands are EXCELLENT for mobility work -  it's ease of portability, the stretch-ness of the bands and how easy it is to train with it.

↪ In my opinion
 Everyone should have bands available in their gym or at home. It is a great way to recover, stretch,  and condition your body. It's very portable, cheap and efficient. I use resistance bands for everything and I find it very useful.

Many fitness people, bodybuilders, etc, also use resistance bands. For instance, Kali Muscle; He has his own brand of resistance bands called (Muscle bands).

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