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Importance of Supplements

Aids in Recovery, Macro Intake, maintaining losing or gaining weight or fat, reaching quotas.

Why it's Ideal:
Protein intake is vital for everyone, especially if you're damaging your muscles. Without the proper intake of protein, the progress of gains will be slowed. A proper amount of protein intake is ideal for maximum results. This is when supplementation's are ideal. If you have a goal of protein intake and cannot consume enough by eating "WHOLE FOODS" then supplementing your meals with protein shakes and/or mass gainers will aid in protein intake and other macro/nutrients.
Not only it's ideal for protein & other muscle-healing properties, but supplementation for Greens is also ideal. Not a lot of people eat enough vegetables in their diet; so replacing that with Supplement green Drinks are perfect. To get the best results, you need to know the quota/goal of what you need to be intaking on the daily basis. Everyone is different, not everyone is going to react the same.

Don't Eliminate Whole Foods

Just because supplements sounds great for dieting (and they are) but do not stop eating whole foods as a source of macro and nutrient intake. Whole food consumption shows to be better because whole foods has more vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our body needs rather than strict macro and nutrients which supplement's have. Occasionally, I'd recommend supplementing meals if it's really necessary.

Supplements has aided me in my protein intake, and for other reasons. Supplementation is only ideal when or if you cannot reach your quota or wanting more of an intake of a particular reason and that can be:

  1. Protein intake - It is vital for repair/healing. 
  2. "Mass-Gainer" helps with putting on weight. 
  3. Reducing or maintaining weight. 
Supplementing meals can reduce your weight as calories are being dropped. Many people do this as a method of fat loss.

Supplements: Where to Buy?

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