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Workout Techniques To Break Plateaus

Plateaus - 4 tips to break it Everyone hates plateaus right? I do of course because I want more and more gains. Plateaus is a block, a barrier that prevents your body making anymore changes/gaining size/reducing/gaining muscle because overtime as we do the same routines for X amount of time, your body is adapted to those condition and you're now need to increase your workout in a new way/style. Your intensity must be a little more empowering. To maximize muscle growth, you need to tear down the muscle, break it down harder each in every day. Doing the same intense workouts won't progress you any further, you'll just be in 'shape' rather than building muscle. Not only does changing up the style help build muscle, it helps fight fat off more effectively.

Time Under Tension - Always keep tension on the muscle that you're training for max results. (concentric | eccentric movement - Lift Slow on the way UP, slow on the way Down, Fast on the way Up, Slow on the Way Do…

Lower Back Pain Fix

ℹ For Wheelchair/Chair users - Lower pack pain discussion.
People always complain about back pain & without examining why, we neglect it which causes more problems. Problems within the body needs to be addressed right away because if not, it can progress (in pain, deformation, etc.) People who are wheelchair users or people who sit all day don't Usually exercise or stretch their backs so it can recover & gain mobility. As time progress and without care for your spine/Back, problems arise. Your muscles may be over or under active which causes other muscles to not function correctly and it can affect the way you feel. Areas that may be affect are: glutes, lower back, quads, hammys, legs, etc. The body is a whole, everything is connected. If something within your body isn't working properly, other parts of your body won't work at its best to function. ⚠️To fix: Mobility work, stretches and constant care of your body will fix this problem.
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Spine/Back Care is Important

For those who experience back pain, it's probable cause is not working your back out properly/not taking care. You must always examine your upper & lower back to ensure you don't deal w/ problems. Many people experience upper back issues bc they overuse there shoulders or simply poor posture. This can be caused by pc & cellphone usage(hunching over causes problems). Do corrective stretches to help your back problems. #fitness #selfcare #pain #stretching #yoga #spine #backpain

Fuck Comfort Zone

To grow, to lean out, you need to get out of your comfort zone & just go for it. It takes commitment & sacrifices to obtain what you want. It simply doesn't show up over night. If you're training within your comfort zone or dieting, you're not putting all of your hard effort in. Put 110% into what you're doing. You'll be outside of your comfort zone, you'll see the results you want. Challenge yourself.

Comfort zone is your threshold, how much or what is your limit but we are designed to keep going, we can push ourselves. I learned throughout my journey that comfort zone is the settle zone, never settle in life unless you got everything whay you need. Challenging your comfortity will make you mentally & physically stronger. You'll feel more confident & the results you're wanting will come faster. Stay consistent too!

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Do Mobility Work for Your Body

Your body has tons of muscles, and without taking conern about their health and their function, it my affect you. Without proper exercise and mobility work, your muscles can cause problems. The main problems we see in adults, athletes, etc is shoulder problem. This can lead to other problems within your body such as the scapula muscles and so forth causing problem to the human body. Repetitive reps and poor posture can affect your daily health. People experience this everyday due to this improper care of the body. You must do mobility work to stretch, open the muscles and to ease tension, focus on posture and increase mobility to best of our ability to perform the best of ourselves. Foam rolling one one great benefit to help with mobility work and using resistance bands as i  mentioned in my recent blogs. Take care of your body, your body is your mind. Know and pinpoint your weakness and improve upon it, you'll become a stronger version of yourself.

Cardio is NOT the only option to Lose Fat

Cardio is not the only way to Lose Fat. Everyone knows that cardio is a fat burning method but do you know why's that?
High intensity workouts/exercises can help aid in fat loss. Weight lifting, body weight workouts, etc are high intensity workoutsIf you put all your effort in. You're breaking down each muscle & that requires tons of energy while weight lifting, so the heart rate goes up resulting in numerous things going on, activating certain elements within your body to fight fat. There's tons of science in this but what you need to know is, "High Intensity Workouts" get that heart rate up and burn out. You don't have to do 40 mins of cardio to get what you want.

2 Tips to Get a Tight Stomach ( Abs )

Abs is one of those muscles groups that you need to pay close attention to; morelike your diet. Dieting is the key to show abs, excercise will as well but without the proper diet, you won't show your ab definition. Low body fat is needed to show abs. The 2 tips you should know: (1) Diet. Plenty of water. Low body fat*  | (2) Stomach vaccums. Stomach vacuums are a great way to flatten your stomach and keep it tight. This will also help carve your abs to show more. Thanks to Rich piana. (Arnold also introduced this). These tips in my opinion, in my experience,  will help with your stomach to show abs. #abs #bodybuilding #fitness

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Uplift your Mood for The Day

Uplift your mood will dramatically make you happier and ease into the day better without being overwhelmed or stressed. Constantly thinking can be tiring, especially if you have a job or go to school and trying to fit other activities in to complete your day. Perhaps that's too much. Lessen if needed but this article is about uplifting your self to maximize energy & efficiency.
To start: I recommend Meditating because it's a great method to ease your mind, to realize and prioritize what's important & what's not. It also helps relieve emotions.
Second: start doing the things that needs to be done. Setting things to the side for a long time will cause your self to be overwhelmed so why not get it out of the way so you're not worrying about it.
Third: Start taking Cold Showers. Cold shower therapy has helped me a lot since I've discovered this method. I use this method to start my day, everyday. The cold shower will enhance your breathing which will …

Lose Body Fat - Simple

Losing Body Fat can be Hard for some but for some others it can be really easy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to help someone to lose weight. All you need to know is the basic understanding knowledge of nutrition and yourself. Knowing your limits, commitment and dedication. It'll take some time to lose weight. (1) Calorie deficit. Examine your macros & adjust it. (2) Eating healthy but also cheating. Cheat days or meals during your diet. 1x, 2x per week to trick and fulfill your cravings// carb load days can be used as a cheat day to increase weight/increase metabolism. (3) Intermettiment Fasting. My favorite to help burn off that fat. I have videos about IF ( )
(4) Eating the right amount// Portion control. Don't over eat, eat til the right amount. This'll help with staying on your diet. (5) Drinking coffee. My favorite also. It'll help with metabolism, appetite suppressant, burning fat essentially. (6) some sort of High Inten…