2 Tips to Get a Tight Stomach ( Abs )

March 09, 2018 0 Comments

Abs is one of those muscles groups that you need to pay close attention to; morelike your diet. Dieting is the key to show abs, excercise will as well but without the proper diet, you won't show your ab definition. Low body fat is needed to show abs. The 2 tips you should know: (1) Diet. Plenty of water. Low body fat*  | (2) Stomach vaccums. Stomach vacuums are a great way to flatten your stomach and keep it tight. This will also help carve your abs to show more. Thanks to Rich piana. (Arnold also introduced this). These tips in my opinion, in my experience,  will help with your stomach to show abs. #abs #bodybuilding #fitness

Link to my other guide http://delicatefitness.blogspot.com/2018/03/lose-body-fat-simple.html?m=1

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