Lose Body Fat - Simple

March 02, 2018 0 Comments

Losing Body Fat can be Hard for some but for some others it can be really easy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to help someone to lose weight. All you need to know is the basic understanding knowledge of nutrition and yourself. Knowing your limits, commitment and dedication. It'll take some time to lose weight. (1) Calorie deficit. Examine your macros & adjust it. (2) Eating healthy but also cheating. Cheat days or meals during your diet. 1x, 2x per week to trick and fulfill your cravings// carb load days can be used as a cheat day to increase weight/increase metabolism. (3) Intermettiment Fasting. My favorite to help burn off that fat. I have videos about IF ( https://youtu.be/KxB5-MxyB4M )
(4) Eating the right amount// Portion control. Don't over eat, eat til the right amount. This'll help with staying on your diet. (5) Drinking coffee. My favorite also. It'll help with metabolism, appetite suppressant, burning fat essentially. (6) some sort of High Intense Training. Aka get that heart rate up, sweat, burn those calories.
Conclusion: eat healthy, don't over eat, be in a calorie deficit, adjust your diet, be committed.

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