Lower Back Pain Fix

March 25, 2018 2 Comments

 ℹ For Wheelchair/Chair users - Lower pack pain discussion.
People always complain about back pain & without examining why, we neglect it which causes more problems. Problems within the body needs to be addressed right away because if not, it can progress (in pain, deformation, etc.) People who are wheelchair users or people who sit all day don't Usually exercise or stretch their backs so it can recover & gain mobility. As time progress and without care for your spine/Back, problems arise. Your muscles may be over or under active which causes other muscles to not function correctly and it can affect the way you feel. Areas that may be affect are: glutes, lower back, quads, hammys, legs, etc. The body is a whole, everything is connected. If something within your body isn't working properly, other parts of your body won't work at its best to function. ⚠️To fix: Mobility work, stretches and constant care of your body will fix this problem.
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