Uplift your Mood for The Day

March 09, 2018 0 Comments

Uplift your mood will dramatically make you happier and ease into the day better without being overwhelmed or stressed. Constantly thinking can be tiring, especially if you have a job or go to school and trying to fit other activities in to complete your day. Perhaps that's too much. Lessen if needed but this article is about uplifting your self to maximize energy & efficiency.
To start: I recommend Meditating because it's a great method to ease your mind, to realize and prioritize what's important & what's not. It also helps relieve emotions.
Second: start doing the things that needs to be done. Setting things to the side for a long time will cause your self to be overwhelmed so why not get it out of the way so you're not worrying about it.
Third: Start taking Cold Showers. Cold shower therapy has helped me a lot since I've discovered this method. I use this method to start my day, everyday. The cold shower will enhance your breathing which will increase energy and drive, it'll improve blood circulation, it'll wake up your nervous system and it activates all muscles to contract. This is the most efficient way of uplifting your day.
Fourth: health eating & lifestyle habits. Eat healthy, dont consume junk for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It'll change your Life for good and your mental thinking will be clearer and open minded. A good lifestyle habit is to exercise daily, dont drink or consume BAD DRUGS Everyday, abusing yourself, especially Ciggeratees. They are deadly and it causes a lot of problems. Habits also include having a good clean house, proper self hygiene, etc.
Fifth: Spirituality. Get in touch with your spirit/soul & recognize that it is there and important; you live with yourself 24.7 every second. Yoga, meditation as I mentioned before, and certain drugs can help you into feeling your spirit. Marijuana can enhance this. Or natural movements such as yoga, or other methods that are similar. This'll help get in touch with your spirit allowing you to accept reality and understand your body n mind so you can relax and ease..
Tips: don't put yourself into situations that aren't necessary that'll have stress come onto you. Stress is bad, we want to eliminate that as much as possible. Don't overwhelm yourself with a lot of projects or activities. Prioritize your Life style. Drink coffee. Drink tea. Drink a shit load of water. Make your bed. Do good deeds.
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