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Homemade Mass Gainer Shakes

Homemade Mass Gainer ShakesIn my previous post, "Easy Weight Gain" I mentioned Homemade Mass gainer shakes. I'm sharing my shake creations with you people so you can start gaining weight easily. My shakes contain nutritional food, berries, nuts. Very useful for the body, friendly for building muscle and fat.

Mass gainer shakes are the way to go if you're busy all the time, have no time to make food, don't know how to prepare/cook food, easier way to consume calories, wanting a change, more nutrients, etc. Mass gainer shakes can be reduced to weight loss shakes but that's a different topic.

Shake Creations:
There's no secrets when it  comes to shake creations. It's all about balancing -  what you're going to add in it. I add in nutritional value foods that will help promote an healthy living for myself. Berries, nuts, greens, protein, Carbs and fats in my shakes will provide me the most out of it. Healthy Macro and Micronutrients are being c…

Sun exposure - Benefits of Sunlight - 10 Reasons

Sun exposure is important
The Sun provides many healing elements which is beneficial for us. Many people do not get enough sun exposure, it is important that you get at least 30 minutes of sun exposure everyday.
People who do not get enough sun exposure develop deficiencies and health problems.

I myself love sun tanning. I tan for 30 minutes a day. I feel rejuvenated afterwards. Along with cold showers. The sun provides me with benefits, it helps me with my depression. This is one thing you should absolutely do, is sit outside in the sun. Here's some reasons why it's beneficial

The Benefits Of Sun Exposure are
Sunlight Increases Vitamin D LevelsLower Blood PressureSun Exposure Makes You Happier and Combats Depression and SADNESSImproves Brain FunctionSun Increases WakefulnessSunlight Increases Sex HormonesSunlight is a Natural Pain KillerSun Protects Against AutoimmunityImproves Blood flow – blood flows where UV shinesIncreases metabolism

Although there's plenty more benefit…

Easy Weight Gain!

Easy Weight Gain! Gain Fat and Muscle!@delicatenutrition
If you're having trouble losing weight, look no further. Gaining weight can be hard for some, and for others, it pretty easy. Some people have trouble eating a lot throughout the day, and I am one of them.

One of the Easiest Ways to Gain Weight Is By Being In A Calorie Surplus; more calories in. The more calories you're consuming, the more fat is going to be stored (Weight-gain). Almost all foods on this planet contain calories and some type of macros (fat, protein, carbs). To increase weight and/or fat, you must consume more carbs and fats, and proteins is obvious for muscle building.

If you are like ME and have trouble Eating A Lot Throughout The Day, Try these TIPS!

Shakes - Create your own shakes. Very effective for consuming large amounts of calories. Shakes are ideal mass gainers. You can be creative and smart with your shake creations, different variety of foods; nuts, berries, PB, yogurt, oats and much more. Force …

Having Neck Pain? 3 Tips for Neck Pain Relief

Fix Neck Pain A lot of people have neck problems and these problems can lead to other problems within the body. The neck is a area known to have tight muscles. Overtime, it becomes irritated and possibly adhesion and scar tissue has formed. We want to prevent that for the best performance for ourselves. Take exercise measures to prevent neck issues.

3 Tips on How To Fix Neck Pain

Grab a towel. Place it behind your head/neck. Add force to the forward motion with both of your hands grabbing the towel from beneath your head/neck. This will help relief pressure and break down scar tissue for mobility.Stretch your neck by placing your hand on the side of your neck. Grab and pull as your stretching your neck and traps. Do this on both sides of your head/neck for relief. Also do this in a forward motion.Foam rolling - Foam rolling your back is a great relief, it may relieve pressure for your neck.

MobilityIs important and vital to pay attention too. If not cared for, it can lead to mobility i…

Fitness Community Forum - Free Fitness Help - Help others achieve their goal - Lose fat - Lose weight - Gain Muscle

Free Fitness help, Guidance, Direction, Fat Loss, Weight Loss, Muscle Gains
What's up Everyone.

DelicateNutrition has started a Facebook community forum for those whom are looking for help or wanting to help others. I know myself needed some help from the beginning of my fitness journey, and now since I've gained much knowledge about the fitness life, I'm willing to help others.

Anyone is welcome to join the forum; anyone is welcome to help people. The goal is to help and inspire, motivate and push people to reach their dreams.

To Join the community, click the link below:

DelicateNutrition's Fitness Forum -  Free help

The community forum is hosted on Facebook; please like our Page and share with others.



Recovery is vital for Healing, repairing and resetting.
Without Recovery, we'd suffer. I mean, we do see people suffering from sleep deprivation. It's crazy how they still walk around being tired all the time, I'd go nuts. I myself do sometimes don't get the proper amount of sleep or I don't recover fully enough. Recovery is critical to pay attention too. It is the process of growing, seeing results. Many people don't recover good enough, or they don't have the right knowledge of what is recovery. Recovery is having the right nutrition because nutrition plays a role for healing and repairing, and Sleep, rest is surely one of the main keys. Sleep is important because that's when the hormones and brain promotes repairs and healings. Sleepless nights are the trigger of slow result progress; You need to sleep more if you are not. Recovery is important for all ages, especially if you're constantly straining your body [muscles] from working out. They need…

Pushing Beyond Failure (Reps)

Beyond Failure (Weight Lifting)Going beyond failure is pushing your self through the pain and torture you're enduringMaximizing your effort to build muscle & obviously to get that lift up. Although it gets us pumped up & possibly hit a pr, but it can be damaging. We don't know when a certain muscle will tear or fail, & if you don't pay attention, it can happen to you. Pushing beyond failure will screw up with your form, the proper form. Proper form is essential to lifting; especially heavy weights. If done incorrectly (Proper form isn't there), perhaps you'll suffer from an injury because you're placing yourself in a weaker position, lifting that weight will cause huge amount of tension on a certain muscle (tendons perhaps) and snap city will arrive. Many lifters will use their ego to lift heavy ass shit. They do not know (at least some) that you must be caution especially with the form & the weights.

Prior to lifting beyond failure, stretching &…

Bodyweight Training

Body weight Training is body training -
similar to weight-training but training with your body, not with weights. You're using movements & different exercises to help strengthen your body. Known as *Calisthenics, people develop incredible strength & physiques from doing body weight training.
(* exercises consisting of a variety of gross motor movements—running, standing, grasping, pushing, etc.)
Body weight training can be used for building muscle & strength but weight training is more effective for muscle building. For those who are beginners to working out, I suggest Body weight training first because you need to understand your strength & the basic knowledge of exercising. Body weight exercises include any type of movement but here's some:

Body weight exercises are helpful after injuries, improving flexibility, mobility & strength. They can be performed anywhere (Home, office, playground, ANYWHERE).

People who have no weights or cannot afford'em, tr…


Static Contraction Helps bring up lagging body parts, increases strength & muscle. The purpose of Static Contractions is to Promote [an overload) stimulus to the muscle. This is great exercise to perform because you're overloading the muscle fibers which results in muscle break down. The more tension is on the muscle, the harder it's being worked.

To perform Static Contraction's, you can either Hold a Still-Point form with weights or posing hard as you can, contracting all the muscles within your body (or a particular muscle [group] ). Contracting hard as you can promotes a stimulus which can help with strength gains and help lagging body parts.

I myself perform Static Contractions; I've made gainz from this. I do this during my workouts and after for maximum results. The static contractions I normally direct to are: Arms (Bicep, Tricep), Back Muscles, Legs. Any body part can be Contracted to a still point. This'll improve your strength, endurance and it stimul…

Diet Techniques

Diet Techniques
Dieting is hard work; it requires patience and commitment. It takes time to diet down to an ideal weight but there are some techniques to help speed up the process or improve your diet functionality. Using different methods to stay within your diet is good if you're having troubles staying on track. In the video below, I discuss about My Dieting Techniques and how to go about them.

Use Suppressants (Coffee is a good one)FastingDrink water before meals and after. (filler) Eat more veggies (filler) IIFYM (if it fit your macros) Cravings/Sweet tooth?Eat fruits/Supplements (good alt)Use SupplementsTrack Your Macros - Use Myfitnesspal APP to track meals, know nutrition and macros. When it comes to dieting, it's about balance in my opinion. Balancing your macros is ideal to losing fat and/or gaining fat. Macros such as: Fats, Carbs and Protein. I'd recommend adjusting your Fats and Carbs. I use "MyfitnessPal" App. It's an global …

About My Bone Disease "Osteogenesis Imperfecta" (OI)

Hence the name, "oi.strength" Eh? get it?..

(Oi) Osteogenesis impefecta is a bone disease that affects me greatly on the everyday basis. I was born with this condition, I believe I have type 3 OI. Since birth, I've broken bones. Til this day, I've fractured less & less every year thanks to working out.
Ever since I was born, it was difficult for me to live life happily. I was always fracturing if I wasn't caution; I was always on alert, my mom was always watching my back & I always worried if I was going to break a bone & sometimes out of nowhere when it's not obvious, I break bones which hurts me mentally. Growing up, attending schools, hanging out with friends has never been different for me. I always wanted to be with the 'normal people' & my mom always pushed me, embraced who I wanted to be/what I wanted to do. They never treated me differently from my brothers whom are normal (no condition). During childhood, that was my peak of f…

Fat Gripz - The Ultimate Arm Builder

Fat Gripz instantly convert barbells, dumbbells, chin-up bars and exercise machines into THICK BARS.  @fatgripz

Fat Gripz is one of those gym accessory - that is necessary enough to purchase because it's useful for working out.
Fat Gripz is an accessory for weights/bars; its a small wrap but that wrap is THICK, making it hard to grip which is why it's here -- that wraps around ANY bar (dumbell/barbell/bars).

Fat Gripz is useful because it help strengthen your Hands, Forearms, biceps & most certainly, Grip strength. Many pro athletes use fat grips to maximize their performance & strength. Phil heath is one good model using fat gripz. Look at Heath's forearm's, they're massive. Probably the fat gripz accessory help.

Training other body parts while using fat gripz may not be necessary. For example, training triceps, chest, etc may not help train those muscle groups but rather training your forearms & grip strength. However, depending on your regime/goals, u…

Negative Effects of a Strict Diet

Constantly being on a strict diet to achieve/maintain a certain physique (in this case a low body fat ~ 8-12) will have consequences overtime. Our bodies cannot tolerate being in that deficit for so long, and thus creates problems - mentally. Your body is starving (perhaps), and your mind may act different (if you notice). You may be more easily irritated, your thinking process may be slow, may be needing supplements to upboost your drive, clarity, etc. If so, you're depleted. The constant diet you're on puts a toll on our body. Certain organs are being used more which needs more energy & so your mind is telling you it needs a break & if you ignore, you'll develop those symptoms i've mentioned.
-- cardiovascular, endocrine, reproductive, skeletal, and central nervous systems.

I experience the symptoms and it's hard to deal with. It's a mental challenge. You can overcome it but i want to announce this to those who are new to this and may not know what&#…

Boost Your Willpower

"The ability to delay gratification, resisting short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals."

Willpower is everything because it determines how willing you are to put yourself in the event of meeting the goals/achieving 'em. For myself, Willpower is everything & there's many techniques that I've learned & developed to increase my willpower & to remain focused & determined.

Without the mentality of challenging yourself day in & day out, trying your hardest, I'd say Your Willpower is low. People who are achievers have a strong sense of willpower. It's the focus of the energy that you're putting out to see what you can get back.

Willpower plays in every situation when it comes to anything; if you want to achieve a certain physique, you must have the willpower to stay with it, be consistent & wait patiently for results.

If you're low on Willpower, here's some techniques that I use:
- In order to increase willpower,…

Heal Your Depression By Smoking Marijuana

The fact that everyone claims that marijuana is bad probably never have used this plant before. This plant is a miracle plant it has tons of benefits and those benefits are personal healing benefits. I started smoking when I was 18 to see what its benefits are and later down the road they help me through a lot and I mean a lot I still use it today for problems that arise such as depression anxiety and pain. Majority of the marijuana users used marijuana for healing properties it's just not a drug that damages your overall well-being such as heroin and other harmful drugs. I discuss the pros and cons of marijuana use and my experience with this miracle plant I do not endorse he want to use anything I'm strictly talking about this upon my own experience 🎲 Social Media: IG:                          Twitter:                          FB: