Easy Weight Gain!

6 Tips on How to gain Weight | Build Muscle

Easy Weight Gain! Gain Fat and Muscle!

If you're having trouble losing weight, look no further. Gaining weight can be hard for some, and for others, it pretty easy. Some people have trouble eating a lot throughout the day, and I am one of them.

One of the Easiest Ways to Gain Weight Is By Being In A Calorie Surplus; more calories in. The more calories you're consuming, the more fat is going to be stored (Weight-gain). Almost all foods on this planet contain calories and some type of macros (fat, protein, carbs). To increase weight and/or fat, you must consume more carbs and fats, and proteins is obvious for muscle building.

If you are like ME and have trouble Eating A Lot Throughout The Day, Try these TIPS!

  1. Shakes - Create your own shakes. Very effective for consuming large amounts of calories. Shakes are ideal mass gainers. You can be creative and smart with your shake creations, different variety of foods; nuts, berries, PB, yogurt, oats and much more. 
  2. Force Feeding - I've tried this method but it sucks. To reach your calorie goal, you must consume enough calories to reach it. I forced myself before to eat to reach my goal. It was an experiment to see how much weight/fat I could gain by force feeding. It wasn't pleasant nor do I recommend it but it sure does get it's job done.
  3. Calorie-dense foods -  
  4. Supplements - Similar to shakes but more focused on carb intake, fat intake and/or protein intake. 
  5. Eat smaller portion meals - more meals throughout the day - I have tried this myself but can't keep up with it. Smaller portion meals is cool but it doesn't get my job done. I'm still hungry after but I know for some, it's a good way to reach your quota.
  6. Cardio - High Intense workouts - High intensity workouts or Cardio is a good way to boost your appetite. This WILL make you hungry at the end or during your session. Many people use this method to eat more food/consume more food. Bodybuilders use this method as well.
Well there you go, 6 tips on how to gain weight pretty easy. I know it'll be hard but eating the right amount/enough intake is the key; track your macros/calories if needed by using Myfitnesspal.

If you're wanting more muscle/wanting to look swole, you need to grow. To grow you must eat. Eat enough to the point where you're satisfied with your physique and then cut to show. 
In my opinion, if you can implement different variety of foods into your own shakes, that will be the best way to gain weight. Don't exclude whole foods though, they are important!

Want to know how to make a Mass-Gainer Shake? Check out my Shake creations! Gain weight by drinking shakes; Healthy shakes with packed nutrients for a healthy body!
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