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Ketogenic Diet Chart
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The ketogenic diet is a high fat/low carb diet

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The Keto Diet is surprisingly one of the best methods of losing weight. I myself use the Keto Diet method to lose weight and I must say, it is very effective for Fat Loss.

Keto Diet Is Simple To Understand 

Explanation of Keto [Ketosis]

It's limiting your intake on carbs. Carbs is the so called 'enemy' for weight gain so people limit carbs within their diet. Understanding nutrition is important when dieting. The protein intake can be moderate to high and fats can be high to moderate or vice-versa. Either way, keep carbs very low.
The food/meals that you must know can be easily understood if you know nutrition. Protein is THE MOST important macronutrient in your body. Don't forget to have a proper intake of Fats and Protein!

🔥 Purpose 🔥

List of foods for the keto dietWhen using the Keto Diet Method, your body will use fat as an energy source instead of carbohydrates that you've consumed. The purpose of the Keto Diet is to restrict carbs as a source of energy and go after your 'Fat' as a energy source which results in an effective fat loss method. Carbs is an energy source, when our body needs energy, it'll use the carb's nutrients that you have and turn it into energy. When we limit our carb intake, our body will fight for energy, and it'll resolve itself by using your fat storage to acquire the energy that your body needs. When you're in a keto state, your body is constantly burning fat to constantly obtain energy to give what your body needs. Essentially, your body is a fat burning machine!

🔥 Downsides 🔥

Phases of Ketogenic

The downsides of Keto is the Keto Flu. This is real. Whenever you go into a phase, your body will react differently. It's not used to the way it's being treated.
You'll develop symptoms similar to a flu. Normally it'll last a day or couple of days until your body adjusts - essentially going through withdrawal while it switches over to using fat as its primary fuel source. To combat the 'flu' try consuming: sodium, potassium, magnesium; this has helped people with their symptoms and help to relieve it.
The setback of this dieting method is the food - selecting the right foods to stay in the keto phase. You need to understand low carb diets, nutrition and how to go about it. There are countless of Cheat-sheets of Keto Diet or food intake on the internet. Here's one:

Keto 'Acceptable' Food List - "Carb Count"
Ketogenic Diet Carb count table sheet

🔥 6 Keto Diet Myths 🔥
6 Keto Diet Myths


To conclude The Keto Diet method; here's a TL;DR:
  • 1) Limit your carb intake AS MUCH as possible
  • 2) Know nutrition - Know what types of foods you need to be eating to stay in the ketogenic phase.
  • 3) Protein and fats are important - don't neglect your protein and fats - Fats are the source of energy while protein is necessary for muscle health.
  • 4) "FLU" -  There might be a day/days where you feel sick, almost like you have the flu. Don't worry, it'll subside after couple of days. Your body is adjusting to the phase you put it in.
  • 5) Keto Diet is the most used and effective way to lose fat!

Use Myfitnesspal App - To help track macros/calories and know the value information about all foods!

Also: I highly Recommend reading this 
#1 Best Seller Book - "Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health Paperback – by Gary Taubes"

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