Negative Effects of a Strict Diet

Brain Fog
Effects of being on A Strict Diet
Constantly being on a strict diet to achieve/maintain a certain physique (in this case a low body fat ~ 8-12) will have consequences overtime. Our bodies cannot tolerate being in that deficit for so long, and thus creates problems - mentally. Your body is starving (perhaps), and your mind may act different (if you notice). You may be more easily irritated, your thinking process may be slow, may be needing supplements to upboost your drive, clarity, etc. If so, you're depleted. The constant diet you're on puts a toll on our body. Certain organs are being used more which needs more energy & so your mind is telling you it needs a break & if you ignore, you'll develop those symptoms i've mentioned.
-- cardiovascular, endocrine, reproductive, skeletal, and central nervous systems.

I experience the symptoms and it's hard to deal with. It's a mental challenge. You can overcome it but i want to announce this to those who are new to this and may not know what's going on, so they can acquire the knowledge.

The negative effects I feel most often:
1) Brain fog. Not having the clear thought; Your brain is fogged up and no idea why.
2) Tiredness, sluggish.
3) Irritability (Easily triggered)
4) Immune system is weakened
5) Bad mood

There's probably more negative effects but everyone is different.
To overcome these 'negative effects' have a plan; Either have a offseason and a On-season. Or Have cheat meals within your diet. Or have a flexible diet instead of being in a constant calorie deficit. Mini-bulks, etc is a good alternative to help fight that.

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