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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Pushing Beyond Failure (Reps)

Risks & Training Involved with going to Failure (Reps)
Risks & Training Beyond Failure

Beyond Failure (Weight Lifting)

Going beyond failure is pushing your self through the pain and torture you're enduring

Maximizing your effort to build muscle & obviously to get that lift up. Although it gets us pumped up & possibly hit a pr, but it can be damaging. We don't know when a certain muscle will tear or fail, & if you don't pay attention, it can happen to you. Pushing beyond failure will screw up with your form, the proper form. Proper form is essential to lifting; especially heavy weights. If done incorrectly (Proper form isn't there), perhaps you'll suffer from an injury because you're placing yourself in a weaker position, lifting that weight will cause huge amount of tension on a certain muscle (tendons perhaps) and snap city will arrive. Many lifters will use their ego to lift heavy ass shit. They do not know (at least some) that you must be caution especially with the form & the weights.

Prior to lifting beyond failure, stretching & warm up sets are good to prevent any injury (says pro-athletes) but this can happen to anyone even if you're maxed out with muscle. If you're not training like an athlete (Mike O'Hearn is an good example) you're prone to being injured.


To maximize efficiency of strength and muscle building, I would recommend training each body part in different styles; Different varieties to strengthen every tendon & muscle fibers/Connective Tissue around any muscle group.

Using lifting belts & straps may not even help or prevent injuries. People feel 'safer' when using lifting belts and/or straps. Although straps will help you lift heavier weights for a longer period of time.

Always make sure you have a spotter nearby if you're wanting to max out/pr, make sure you're properly hydrated & have enough energy to actually have a proper form & lifting with 'ease' (not trying super hard, if so, reduce weight lb).

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