Recovery is critical for everyone
Rest Days are Important

Recovery is vital for Healing, repairing and resetting.

Without Recovery, we'd suffer. I mean, we do see people suffering from sleep deprivation. It's crazy how they still walk around being tired all the time, I'd go nuts. I myself do sometimes don't get the proper amount of sleep or I don't recover fully enough. Recovery is critical to pay attention too. It is the process of growing, seeing results. Many people don't recover good enough, or they don't have the right knowledge of what is recovery. Recovery is having the right nutrition because nutrition plays a role for healing and repairing, and Sleep, rest is surely one of the main keys. Sleep is important because that's when the hormones and brain promotes repairs and healings. Sleepless nights are the trigger of slow result progress; You need to sleep more if you are not. Recovery is important for all ages, especially if you're constantly straining your body [muscles] from working out. They need to recover from all the damage you've done. Or perhaps you may have deficiencies; lack of vitamins/minerals, this'll slow recovery down as vitamins/minerals are vital for the body to recover and heal.

Recovery is hard to focus on because of the tasks we have. I have some techniques on how to improve recovery.

  1. Cold showers. Cold showers are great for recovery. It promotes blood flow which aids in healing.
  2. Contrast Showers. Contrast showers are similar to Cold shower therapy and shown to help with recovery.
  3. Cryotherapy is also an option as an alt for #1 and #2.
  4. Nutrition. Nutrition is one of the keys for recovery. Healthy Food; Vegetables, protein intake, anti-inflammatory foods, and proper amount of calories. A balance macro diet is ideal.
  5. Stretching - Foam Rolling - Rehab. These are ideal for recovery for your 'off-days.' I hugely suggest doing these on your rest days to let your body heal properly.
  6. Sleep. Sleep is vital. Try to get enough sleep to feel replenished.  
  7. Water. Staying hydrated has tons of benefits. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  8. Massages
  • Supplementation are good for aiding recovery. 
  • Visit the Doctor and get a blood panel. This'll show if you have any deficiencies. 
  • Stress less
  • Give your best Rest Days. Rest days should be as important as your workout days. You need to rest completely, and also taking recovery as a factor; foam rolling, proper intake of vitamins/minerals and protein. (Fats and Carbs count too - Protein helps with repair)

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