Build up lagging body parts, increase strength and muscle
Static Contraction - Build Strength and Muscle

Static Contraction

Helps bring up lagging body parts, increases strength & muscle.
The purpose of Static Contractions is to Promote [an overload) stimulus to the muscle. This is great exercise to perform because you're overloading the muscle fibers which results in muscle break down. The more tension is on the muscle, the harder it's being worked.

To perform Static Contraction's, you can either Hold a Still-Point form with weights or posing hard as you can, contracting all the muscles within your body (or a particular muscle [group] ). Contracting hard as you can promotes a stimulus which can help with strength gains and help lagging body parts.

I myself perform Static Contractions; I've made gainz from this. I do this during my workouts and after for maximum results. The static contractions I normally direct to are: Arms (Bicep, Tricep), Back Muscles, Legs. Any body part can be Contracted to a still point. This'll improve your strength, endurance and it stimulates your CNS (Central nervous System). Many athletes perform this exercise to promote strength gains to lift heavier weights.

Try this exercise on every workout you perform, and within couple of weeks perhaps, you'll see tremendous results in your strength gainz.

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