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OMAD Conclusion (One Meal A Day)

My Conclusion on OMAD (One Meal A Day)@Delicatenutrition

Before I started OMAD, I had to think of why I was doing it. People saw benefits from eating once a day and I wanted to see results from it. OMAD is a 23:1 Ratio, meaning you only eat ONCE Per day. There's countless of benefits or reasons why people eat once a day. Some reasons are health benefits, eating restrictions, dieting, improving body fat burn (FAT LOSS) and much more. I wanted to perform OMAD to see if thus was true.

Mike Rashid Actually
Inspired me to Do the OMAD [lifestyle]
"There’s high level athletes like Rhonda Rousey, and Herschel Walker that has been eating this way for years. We eat a lot more than what we need in this country.. I’ve been training and eating this way for some time, and I promise, I feel so much better eating this way.. And my mind thinks a lot more clear." Here's a Video that got me thinking

After couple of weeks eating once per day, I noticed changes, a lot of changes. My energy…

Garrison Redd - Motivational - Influencer - Wheelchair Life

@Oi.Strength Garrison ReddBorn June 22,1988 in the Brownsville/Crown heights section of Brooklyn. Redd is a motivational speaker, model, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and an advocate for equal rights. In 2017, he founded TheGarrisonReddProject to provide individuals with assistance in the community, the workplace, transportation, education and any other issues that are overlooked

About His Life

Unable To Walk



A post shared by Garrison Redd (@bigmoneyygee) on May 24, 2018 at 1:46pm PDT

Motivation For Everyone❗ Mr. Redd has a huge impact on me - his determination, ability, desire is admiring. I myself say I can go harder and achieve what's possible. There goes to show that anyone, hurt or disabled, can do what you please if you set your mind to it.

Occlusion Training - Gain Size and Strength

◈ Occlusion Training @oi.strength
Restricting Blood Flow in the veins of a working muscle to elicit gains in size and strength.(Tones and Strengthens) (Helps Bring up Lagging Body Parts)
This Style of Training

is effective when it comes to having lagging body parts, injured limbs or achieving that superior 'pump' that we all love. 

Occlusion Training
is blood flow restriction; restricting blood flow to a certain muscle will improve the damage to the muscle - resulting in more muscle fiber recruitment which leads to more muscle-gainz! This is great for body parts such as: Biceps, triceps, and  legs. Also, when injuries happen, this 'exercise method' is great to rejuvenate the area that has been injured. A rush of blood flow and an intense overload on the muscle will result in strength and muscle growth.(lactic acid builds up during Occlusion/BFR training which results in muscle-gainz)

To Perform Occlusion/Blood flow restriction training, you need occlusion [wraps] t…

Good Calories Vs Bad Calories

Good CaloriesVsBad Calories 💣
If you're trying to focus on weight management, understand nutrition and what food contains what.
In this day in age, a lot of people are going out to grab a quick meal, no biggie right? But those meals may contain a lot of unnecessary calories - packed with [excess] carbs, sugar, sodium, and more. With all these excessive additives, you're in the danger zone to gain weight. The reason why people gain weight so easily is because they don't manage there intake of macro's. Fats, carbs, and protein. To much of Carbs throughout the day along with sugar will definitely make you fat as well as too much of fats - anything of too much will make you fat. Food isn't always to blame when you're gaining fat, you may have to blame yourself for it. People who doesn't exercise on the daily basis will be unhealthier than most people and probably will have more fat than others (since they're not active), eating [healthy] might make you fat to…

Pain Management

Pain is hard to endureit can really break you down, but you can overcome it. It is something that we all must get use to, whether it's mentally or physically.

I myself endure a lot ALOT of pain, especially throughout my life (still continuing). With my condition, it is hard to overcome it. I go through constant pain, and especially when I break easily, I'm down for a while.
How Do I deal With Pain? I deal  with pain by simply ignoring it or by improving it. Pain is temp, you can fix it. I workout to fix my pain. Working out has improved my body to recover from pain because It is strengthening the bones and the muscles. If you're not strengthening your bones or the muscles/activating them at least, it is going to deteriorate; making the other surrounding muscles use it's muscles harder causing pain, etc. Also to help relieve/cure pain, take COLD SHOWERS.Cold Showers has tons of benefits and I've been doing it for a while. It started in highschool, I've discovered c…

Keep Fat Off

Keeping Fat off your body is hard work and seems almost impossible for some.  @Delicatenutrition I've foundsome ways to keep fat off. First, you need to define what is hard work, are you really putting in all you can in the gym (exercising) and is your diet on point. If so, keeping fat off your body should be nearly easy for you, considering you're Active. An active user is most likely in better shape (more muscle-tone), n has a better athletic appearance; an under-active user is most likely not in shape, has fat more than muscle-mass and looks like they don't live the fit lifestyle. I'm trying to say, if you're consistent with exercising, dieting and how committed you are, fat should always be burning off your body.

★ Cardio 
💥Cardio is a great way to help promote fat loss
To help keep fat off your body, I'd recommend doing cardio Every morning if possible and if you can, do it while fasted. Fasted cardio helps the process of burning fat, it is effective but is…

Resistance Bands IS BENEFICIAL

Resistance Bands (Muscle Bands)
Resistance Bands
are very useful, especially for mobility training, injured people and for disabled people. They are light, easy to carry around and they have different resistance options to choose from.
These bands can be used in many many ways; also it can help increase strength and muscle. It is portable, making it convenient for anyone and everyone. The bands can be used for strength and muscle training/conditioning and mobility training.
You can attach the bands anywhere, making it easy to train. You can increase the band(s) resistance weight, to increase the intensity of the workout.

⇩  ⇩  ⇩ A post shared by OI.Strength (@oi.strength) on May 18, 2018 at 1:03pm PDT

↪ Disable People:Resistance bands are helpful for many people, but for disable people, it's even better. Many disabled people cannot pick up weights because it is MUCH heavier than the Bands. The bands doesn't put any stress on your muscles and/or joints, you're only using resista…


@Oi.Strength When it comes to training biceps, it may be harder for others to get that peak. When I workout, I like to train with different angles, hand placements and focusing on eccentric and concentric movements. Variation training will definitely improve the peakness, and thickness of your biceps. Here are 3 Exercises to develop that Peak!

Incline Dumbbell Curls

This Exercise is performed on the Incline bench (Flat bench can be used as an ALT). Simply curl the weight. The angle of this position puts a huge strain on your biceps

Preacher Curls

Performed on the preacher bench - Building your brachialis makes your upper arm look bigger because it lies between your triceps and biceps, which it pushes apart. Part of your brachialis also sits under your biceps, which it props up, giving you a bigger biceps peak.

Arm Blaster Bicep Curls

The Arm Blaster is a wonderful accessory to add to your gym bag or keep at your gym. It gives you the full potential to grow your bicep…

Aesthetic Physique

Aesthetic Physique is one of those physiques that you have to constantly maintain, manipulate and go through challenges.  Achieving the 'Aesthetic physique' takes tremendously hard work; Your Diet/Nutrition must be on point, day to day tracking, and intense workouts to bring out those muscle definition.

↣ Manipulating Your Body ↢ 
Having an aesthetic appeal is much harder than most think. You have to train body areas that are lacking; Your arms must be equal to each other, your shoulders should have the same thickness and roundness. Symmetry is the key when achieving that Aesthetic Physique.  Also, you have to really focus on nutrition because everyone seems to love the low body fat (shredded physique look) rather than a higher bmi with less muscle definition. A low body fat will reveal much more muscle [definition]. Dropping body fat is not an easy task - you cannot simply drop % of fat quickly; you have to continuously track your macros and adjust to bes…

Improve Strength - Grip Strength

Grip Strength
@delicatenutrition 💪 Grip strength is essential to develop and strengthen.It what gives your hand the nice "Hard firm hand-shake." The gripping muscles pass through the forearms, the wrists, and into the hands, fingers, and thumbs — and not only through the front of the forearms, but also the back of forearms. This is great to know because we can understand how forearms and grip work together.

👊 Benefits of Grip Strength

Stronger Grip = Better Lifts. Believe it or not, improving grip strength improves overall strength. Many people (newbies) have a problem when lifting weights and that is giving up before they are actually exhausted. Their forearms and/or hands or grip start giving up on them make them set the weight down, rest and go back at it. If you improve your grip strength, you can go longer duration while weightlifting, and also lifting heavier weights without the extreme pressure on your hands/forearms. Better grip = Better/heavier deadlifts, rows, pull-u…