OMAD Conclusion (One Meal A Day)

My Conclusion on OMAD (One Meal A Day)

Eating ONE Meal A Day Benefits

Before I started OMAD, I had to think of why I was doing it. People saw benefits from eating once a day and I wanted to see results from it. OMAD is a 23:1 Ratio, meaning you only eat ONCE Per day. There's countless of benefits or reasons why people eat once a day. Some reasons are health benefits, eating restrictions, dieting, improving body fat burn (FAT LOSS) and much more. I wanted to perform OMAD to see if thus was true.

Mike Rashid Actually
Inspired me to Do the OMAD [lifestyle]
"There’s high level athletes like Rhonda Rousey, and Herschel Walker that has been eating this way for years. We eat a lot more than what we need in this country.. I’ve been training and eating this way for some time, and I promise, I feel so much better eating this way.. And my mind thinks a lot more clear."
Here's a Video that got me thinking

After couple of weeks eating once per day, I noticed changes, a lot of changes. My energy has increased, my body fat is reduced dramatically (I'm more leaner), I save money, I focus more on nutritional foods rather than eating junk foods with no nutrition  value, it increased my discipline (a huge bonus), helped me stay on track with my diet and overall my health, skin, and mood has improved. Beforehand when I USE to eat junk food a lot, I noticed that I would feel groggy, less focused, mind is jogged, and somewhat depressed and no motivation what so ever. When I changed my eating habits, everything changed as I mentioned. BUT that's not due to OMAD, I just learned from when I was doing OMAD, from a healthy perspective, that nutrition is more important, quality is surely the key.

👀 8 Benefits Of OMAD (Eating One Meal A Day) - "What I noticed"👀

  1. Improved Digestion (A Plus)
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Restricted Junk/Cravings
  4. Increased Mood
  5. Increased Energy
  6. Increased Clarity/Focus
  7. Decreased My Inflammation
  8. Improved My Discipline (A HUGE PLUS) 
The Diet
The diet/nutrition should be focused on, having a clean diet but it's really up to you. Remember, you're only consuming ONE Meal (may be several food selections..) but that's it. So say, if you eat nothing but JUNK, at the end of the day, you may gain weight, feel like crap, and for sure, your health is going to be impact due to not having a good "Nutritional Value" Foods. So, What I recommend is to When using OMAD, have a balanced, huge meal. A good source of carbs, fats, protein, and micronutritents, and that can be obtained from greens. I highly suggest consuming greens when using OMAD or in life (Diet) period. Greens is the way to have a healthy life :)

The Key To A Healthy Living is moderation n the goal yo set yourself up for. OMAD was designed to help people restrict or change there habits and/or perspective on overall life. All diets has its purpose; All must be in control, consistent and done correctly. OMAD isn't the cure, some may be against it and have negative comments/info about it. Everyone has their opinions.

OMAD Was A Good Experience but a long use of OMAD had me going nuts. I would be angry, easier to piss off, and my mood wasn't "Positive." It was probably due to me starving at times n letting it affect me but using coffee to suppress my appetite was always in my favor. It wasn't like this everyday though, just some days - You know, everyone has there days..


  1. Stay Hydrated - Important
  2. Incorporate healthy foods!!
  3. Don't eat JUNK FOOD (Be aware!)
  4. Listen to your Body

If you're wondering if I should EAT ONCE A DAY, think to yourself, is it useful?
During the times of OMAD, I had to EAT A LOT to get enough Calories IN. Think about it, we people eat, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to reach our calorie goal (for those who tracks) to sufficiently build/maintain muscle and mass. If you don't reach your calorie goal, you'll be underfed. Being underfed will led to weight loss, muscle loss and more depressing symptoms. If you know how to track your meals, you can easily do OMAD or just eat til you're satisfied (not optimal). The health benefits are what people do it for mainly and I must say, my overall well-being feels much better but sometimes the hunger can get to me.

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Garrison Redd - Motivational - Influencer - Wheelchair Life

Garrison Redd is a motivational speaker, model, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and an advocate for equal rights.

Garrison Redd

 Born June 22,1988 in the Brownsville/Crown heights section of Brooklyn. Redd is a motivational speaker, model, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and an advocate for equal rights. In 2017, he founded TheGarrisonReddProject to provide individuals with assistance in the community, the workplace, transportation, education and any other issues that are overlooked

About His Life
Bibliography of Garrison Redd

Unable To Walk

Unable to walk
Bachelor's Degree In Financing


Bodybuilder - Fitness - Motivation


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Motivation For Everyone❗
 Mr. Redd has a huge impact on me - his determination, ability, desire is admiring. I myself say I can go harder and achieve what's possible. There goes to show that anyone, hurt or disabled, can do what you please if you set your mind to it.
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Occlusion Training - Gain Size and Strength

◈ Occlusion Training 

Build lagging body parts, gain strength and size | Workout Method/strategies


Restricting Blood Flow in the veins of a working muscle to elicit gains in size and strength.

(Tones and Strengthens) (Helps Bring up Lagging Body Parts)

 This Style of Training 

is effective when it comes to having lagging body parts, injured limbs or achieving that superior 'pump' that we all love. 

 Occlusion Training 
is blood flow restriction; restricting blood flow to a certain muscle will improve the damage to the muscle - resulting in more muscle fiber recruitment which leads to more muscle-gainz! This is great for body parts such as: Biceps, triceps, and  legs. Also, when injuries happen, this 'exercise method' is great to rejuvenate the area that has been injured. A rush of blood flow and an intense overload on the muscle will result in strength and muscle growth.(lactic acid builds up during Occlusion/BFR training which results in muscle-gainz)

 To Perform  
Occlusion/Blood flow restriction training, you need occlusion [wraps] to slightly cut off the circulation to the muscle that you're wanting to train. This is how occlusion method is performed - with a band. Don't cut off your blood to tight, just enough where you can feel it a bit. For example, occlusion training for Bicep/Arms. You wrap the occlusion band around your arm, below the shoulder, above the bicep to cut off a slight blood flow to the area. This as I mentioned can be used on Legs and Arms.

 When Training 
you'll achieve a pump much much faster and you don't even need heavier weights. In fact, you don't need to use heavy weights to start off; the goal is to get the massive pump. Light weight (I'd say: 50%  from your heavy set/weight) will provide you the pump I'm making you aware of.
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Watch my Arm Occlusion Training Video!

Me Personally
I find Occlusion (Blood flow restriction method) training is helpful and effective. I do see results whenever I use blood flow restriction.

Don't be a fool and hurt yourself with this method; play it safe and do it as it's directed.
I guarantee you, you'll see results from occlusion training. Bodybuilders and athletes use this method for efficiency 

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Good Calories Vs Bad Calories

Good CaloriesVsBad Calories 💣

Delicatenutrition - Calorie/Macro Information

If you're trying to focus on weight management, understand nutrition and what food contains what.

In this day in age, a lot of people are going out to grab a quick meal, no biggie right? But those meals may contain a lot of unnecessary calories - packed with [excess] carbs, sugar, sodium, and more. With all these excessive additives, you're in the danger zone to gain weight.
The reason why people gain weight so easily is because they don't manage there intake of macro's. Fats, carbs, and protein. To much of Carbs throughout the day along with sugar will definitely make you fat as well as too much of fats - anything of too much will make you fat.
Food isn't always to blame when you're gaining fat, you may have to blame yourself for it. People who doesn't exercise on the daily basis will be unhealthier than most people and probably will have more fat than others (since they're not active), eating [healthy] might make you fat too - Your body has nothing to do with the 'fat' so it's going to 'store' it somewhere on your 'body' whereas a active-user will use it's FAT as energy.

Not all Fast food places are unhealthy and jam-packed with bad nutritional [value], it's all about matter of choice and your diet regime. If your diet is on point, fast food meals aren't going to break your diet - flexible dieting is the key whenever going off your diet, wanting to out or with friends/family. 

Delicatenutrition - Calorie/Macro Information

Liquid Calories is an enemy to us - It is packed with Calories, sugar and carbs. This is where people mostly make mistakes and gain fat from - That Sodas, tea and juices contain a lot of unnutritional value. Sodas, tea and juices are pointless anyways [besides the taste] they do harm than good. I prefer drinking water. But on the serious note, if you're wanting to drink a sugary drink, I'd think and look at the calories, sugar, carbs and compare it with your diet regime and other choices you may go with.

Delicatenutrition - Calorie/Macro Information

Here's a good Example of Good and Bad calories. As we can see there's two sides of this. 871 calories vs 627 calories. We're wanting to look at the portion; why is 871 calorie side have more food than the 627 calorie side? The 871 calorie meal has more options to eat from - more nutritional value foods. We have 4 items on 871 calorie side. On the other-hand, the 627 calorie side is unnutritional because it only has 3 items in the meal, and the meal has soda, fries n' a burger. That is more unhealthy than the 871 side because it has more items, less bad nutritional [value] foods. Be caution on what you order. Always keep in mind of the Calories and Macros for optimization. Most food places will have a menu with calorie count or if not, you can simply google the menu and it'll give you information [nutritional] about the meal/foods.

Delicatenutrition - Calorie/Macro Information

Another example of Good vs Bad Carbs. If you notice, there's a pattern with certain foods. Most unhealthy foods contain an excessive amount of something such as Sugar, carbs, fats. Like I mention, to much of something will make you fat. Be aware of how much calories are in a meal/food - even if it's small or drinking/eating a little bit, everything counts.

Delicatenutrition - Calorie/Macro Information

It is weird how that JUNK food [unhealthy foods] are inexpensive opposed to healthy foods. No wonder why america has a obesity problem - a lot of people cannot afford 'healthy options.' Even though that may be true, don't indulge yourself in junk food - not all healthy foods are expensive - Eat junk/unhealthy foods in moderation to prevent getting fat. Fiddle around with the meals/foods you have. Balance out the macro's and calories.

Delicatenutrition - Calorie/Macro Information

Everything takes balance in life - Especially if you want a good Balanced Life. If you're active, you don't need to worry about FOOD all the time or managing your macro's. If you're not balanced within life, life is going to throw obstacles in your pathway.


Pain Management

Pain is hard to endure

it can really break you down, but you can overcome it. It is something that we all must get use to, whether it's mentally or physically.

I myself endure a lot ALOT of pain, especially throughout my life (still continuing). With my condition, it is hard to overcome it. I go through constant pain, and especially when I break easily, I'm down for a while.

How Do I deal With Pain?

I deal  with pain by simply ignoring it or by improving it. Pain is temp, you can fix it. I workout to fix my pain. Working out has improved my body to recover from pain because It is strengthening the bones and the muscles. If you're not strengthening your bones or the muscles/activating them at least, it is going to deteriorate; making the other surrounding muscles use it's muscles harder causing pain, etc. Also to help relieve/cure pain, take COLD SHOWERS. Cold Showers has tons of benefits and I've been doing it for a while. It started in highschool, I've discovered cold shower therapy to help strengthen myself/for depression release, and it made me happier. It also helped with my pain, made me stronger, and made me look better. Cold shower therapy should be introduced in everyone's life. I recommend taking cold showers for weeks. 

Active Recovery:

Active Recovery is what it is - you're being active but recovering at the same time. Overtime, as you recover, you'll lose a bit of gainz and perhaps mobility is reduced. We want to prevent that and prevent strength loss, so active recovery is beneficial. Exercises that'll improve the mobility, range of motion and strengthening the tendons is active recovery. Training with active recovery will improve strength and decrease injuries. 

When Recovering or if you're in pain, I wouldn't advise to eat unhealthy. Eating healthy with nutritional values can beneficial for recovery and pain. Certain food contain certain element [properties] which plays a role on the body. Consuming good nutritional value foods will promote healings and reduce pain. 

Without proper amount of sleep, it can promote pain. The body needs sleep in order to recover - if you aren't sleeping well, I'd recommend fixing that. Proper sleep can improve recovery and decrease pain as the body is well-rested. Trust me, get enough sleep, take care of yourself.

I've taken dozens of medications throughout my life, it does help with pain no doubt about that but it is very harmful to the human body, on the organs. My Dr had to prescribe a lower dose because of how much I've taken for pain. We get use to pain meds so we demand for an increase in mg's, making people addicted to'em. I rather not get addicted (never have) and won't use narcotics to relieve pain. I instead use nature god's resources from this planet. Marijuana has drastically helped me in my life. Curing depression, anxiety, and help ignore pain, and most importantly, delivers more attention throughout your body - More of a inner connection. Weed is not harmful, it is helpful. Don't believe in what people tell you on why it is bad, they're hiding the truth, and it is so clear that marijuana is helpful, not deadly harmful as it is prescribed in this country. So far, we've legalized it in some states, so they're gaining some sense now. Don't smoke just for the hell of it, use it as a benefit, medicine for relief. 


Keep Fat Off

Keeping Fat off your body is hard work and seems almost impossible for some. 

Master the Basics to Keep Fat Off your Body
I've found some ways to keep fat off. First, you need to define what is hard work, are you really putting in all you can in the gym (exercising) and is your diet on point. If so, keeping fat off your body should be nearly easy for you, considering you're Active. An active user is most likely in better shape (more muscle-tone), n has a better athletic appearance; an under-active user is most likely not in shape, has fat more than muscle-mass and looks like they don't live the fit lifestyle. I'm trying to say, if you're consistent with exercising, dieting and how committed you are, fat should always be burning off your body.

★ Cardio 

💥Cardio is a great way to help promote fat loss
To help keep fat off your body, I'd recommend doing cardio Every morning if possible and if you can, do it while fasted. Fasted cardio helps the process of burning fat, it is effective but is not needed for fat loss. Everyday cardio is being consistent; consistency is the key. Remember.

★ Exercise 

💥Exercise is also a form of fat loss; similar to cardio but perhaps lifting weights, performing bodyweight movements. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is shown to increase fat burn as it's intensity is higher than most workout [routines]. The key to burn much more calories is to have a high intensity routine/workout - the higher it is, the more calories is being burned. Don't go too hard on the intensity, you'll burn your self out quick.  Cardio x Exercise = major fat loss. Don't go overboard on the cardio or exercise, you may hinder your recovery, and/or muscle-gainz (growth). I recommend exercising 2x-3x a week; EACH BODY PART

★ Diet 

💥Diet is the main key of either losing weight or gaining weight. With all the exercises and cardio you may do, the diet is the main important source of transforming your body. You can workout everyday but if you eat like shit, you're going to feel and look like shit. A good diet will bring out the best out of you - You'll feel better, look better and perform better. Calorie Deficit = Losing weight | Calorie Surplus = Gaining Weight. Calories is the key when adjusting your weight - If you adjust your calories (Macros - Protein, Carbs, Fats) you can optimize your fat loss.

💥Staying Consistent also goes in hand with Dieting and Exercising. Without being active everyday/consistent about your workouts, diets, etc, you won't progress or see results AS fast. The key is to be consistent with everything. It may sound tedious, but it'll get easier as you go along with it. It should be a lifestyle change but for the good.

Cold Showers. Taking cold showers will improve your fat burning process - the coldness of the water affects your body - your body needs warmth to keep your body running so it'll use vital resources to keep you [the core] warm resulting in fat burning. Appetite Suppressants are another good way to help keep fat off, more of a distraction but appetite suppressants are good to suppress your appetite. Intermittent Fasting: A good way to maintain weight - but also the effects of fasting is beneficial - it can aid in fat loss, weight loss, and maintaining a physique or achieving an physique. Also, last option is to use fat assisting supplements or natural remedies. Natural remedies such as: Apple cider vinegar, coffee, tea, water. Fat burner supplement works in assisting in fat burning while doing nothing but I prefer putting in effort while working out is better in my opinion.
A Good way to track your food intake is by using the App, "Myfitnesspal." It helps you track your meals, gives you information about macro's, micronutrients, and much more. It's free along with premium choices. Thus can help in weight tracking; if you are gaining weight, losing or maintaining your weight. Not ALL calc's are Precise.


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Resistance Bands IS BENEFICIAL

Resistance Bands (Muscle Bands)

Build muscle and strength - Resistance Bands Benefits
@KaliMuscle - Muscle Bands

Resistance Bands
are very useful, especially for mobility training, injured people and for disabled people. They are light, easy to carry around and they have different resistance options to choose from.
These bands can be used in many many ways; also it can help increase strength and muscle. It is portable, making it convenient for anyone and everyone. The bands can be used for strength and muscle training/conditioning and mobility training.
You can attach the bands anywhere, making it easy to train. You can increase the band(s) resistance weight, to increase the intensity of the workout.

⇩  ⇩  ⇩
A post shared by OI.Strength (@oi.strength) on

↪ Disable People: Resistance bands are helpful for many people, but for disable people, it's even better. Many disabled people cannot pick up weights because it is MUCH heavier than the Bands. The bands doesn't put any stress on your muscles and/or joints, you're only using resistance to create tension as you're performing exercises with the bands.

↪ Injured people: Using Resistance bands while injured may help you out. While injured, you do not want to let your injury degrade you, so I would recommend rehab for the area that is injured. The resistance bands are useful in this case; limiting the "weight" on the injury not making it any worse but yet training the area and surrounding areas to improve and to strengthen.

↪ Strength n Muscle: You can build muscle and strength from using muscle-bands. It may not be AS effective AS weightlifting but it is possible. From using bands, you'll get a faster/quicker Pump, able to train little bit more Efficiently - great for stretching/elongating your muscles.

↪ Training: If you're having troubles having a connection to the mind to muscle, try using resistance bands for the activation. Perhaps the 'weights' are limiting your connection to your muscles - if you want to optimize your growth, you must first establish a GOOD mind to muscle Connection.

↪ Mobility: Mobility work is important for everyone. The resistance bands are EXCELLENT for mobility work -  it's ease of portability, the stretch-ness of the bands and how easy it is to train with it.

↪ In my opinion
 Everyone should have bands available in their gym or at home. It is a great way to recover, stretch,  and condition your body. It's very portable, cheap and efficient. I use resistance bands for everything and I find it very useful.

Many fitness people, bodybuilders, etc, also use resistance bands. For instance, Kali Muscle; He has his own brand of resistance bands called (Muscle bands).



3 Bicep Peak Exercises!

When it comes to training biceps, it may be harder for others to get that peak. When I workout, I like to train with different angles, hand placements and focusing on eccentric and concentric movements. Variation training will definitely improve the peakness, and thickness of your biceps. Here are 3 Exercises to develop that Peak!

Incline Dumbbell Curls

This Exercise is performed on the Incline bench (Flat bench can be used as an ALT). Simply curl the weight. The angle of this position puts a huge strain on your biceps

Preacher Curls

Performed on the preacher bench - Building your brachialis makes your upper arm look bigger because it lies between your triceps and biceps, which it pushes apart. Part of your brachialis also sits under your biceps, which it props up, giving you a bigger biceps peak.

Arm Blaster Bicep Curls

The Arm Blaster is a wonderful accessory to add to your gym bag or keep at your gym. It gives you the full potential to grow your biceps. With these on, you can feel the bicep work harder as it sits in the position the arm blaster places it in. This is a very good isolation exercise to finish off your bicep routine.

Overall, I believe in High Intensity with variation training. I myself gained peak size and arm thickness. Let's start from the basics and start working your ass off.

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Aesthetic Physique


Obtain The Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic Physique is one of those physiques that you have to constantly maintain, manipulate and go through challenges.  Achieving the 'Aesthetic physique' takes tremendously hard work; Your Diet/Nutrition must be on point, day to day tracking, and intense workouts to bring out those muscle definition.

↣ Manipulating Your Body ↢ 
Having an aesthetic appeal is much harder than most think. You have to train body areas that are lacking; Your arms must be equal to each other, your shoulders should have the same thickness and roundness. Symmetry is the key when achieving that Aesthetic Physique.  Also, you have to really focus on nutrition because everyone seems to love the low body fat (shredded physique look) rather than a higher bmi with less muscle definition. A low body fat will reveal much more muscle [definition]. Dropping body fat is not an easy task - you cannot simply drop % of fat quickly; you have to continuously track your macros and adjust to best fit your regime.

↣  As you see pro bodybuilders and athletes, some are shredded than others. Some people have a better body composition than others. Vascularity, thickness, fullness, etc is differed by everyone - its ok if you don't look like someone, we're not all designed the same - of course you're going to look different.

↣  To train for an Aesthetic Physique, you must know what areas of the body give that 'illusion' look that we want for that aesthetic appeal. Normally, to look Aesthetic, we're wanting to taper off our body, or obtain that "V" line from our Shoulders down to our Waistline. (V-taper. Wide shoulders with a small waist are the epitome of bodybuilder aesthetics.)

1) Train Shoulders. Training shoulders is IDEAL for everyone, especially if you're wanting that aesthetic appeal. You're wanting to train all parts of the shoulder, ALL heads. Do not neglect rear delts, and matter of fact, train them more consistently than your other heads of your Shoulder.
Front Deltoid, Side Deltoid, & Rear Deltoid Training

2) Obliques. This will also help taper off that "V" shape we're wanting. Many people do not think or train obliques but it is necessary. I would train obliques during your back workout to efficiently train better (my opinion). 

3) Back.  The Back is a HUGE canvas, filled with many many muscles. Tons of people have problems bring up their back because it has lots of muscles. We're wanting a nice defined back - train your back, upper, middle, lower, obliques. This will help shape your physique, and taper that "V."

4) Arms. A nice Balanced Bicep(s) and Tricep(s) will give you that nice lookin physique while you're standing.

5) ABS. I say this is a must, almost all "Aesthetic Physique" people focus on abs. Abs shows hardwork, determination and victory. I'd train abs 1/2x a week.

7) Chest. Upper and Lower chest must be well-developed.

Leg Training? Don't Neglect

↣  Training for the Aesthetic Physique isn't that all hard. You need to be consistent, work hard and wait for results. There's no Magic or Super Supplement that'll help you with your dreams - everything takes hard hard work - Especially for that Aesthetically Physique Appeal.


Improve Strength - Grip Strength

Grip Strength

💪 Grip strength is essential to develop and strengthen.It what gives your hand the nice "Hard firm hand-shake." The gripping muscles pass through the forearms, the wrists, and into the hands, fingers, and thumbs — and not only through the front of the forearms, but also the back of forearms. This is great to know because we can understand how forearms and grip work together.

👊 Benefits of Grip Strength

Stronger Grip = Better Lifts. Believe it or not, improving grip strength improves overall strength. Many people (newbies) have a problem when lifting weights and that is giving up before they are actually exhausted. Their forearms and/or hands or grip start giving up on them make them set the weight down, rest and go back at it. If you improve your grip strength, you can go longer duration while weightlifting, and also lifting heavier weights without the extreme pressure on your hands/forearms. Better grip = Better/heavier deadlifts, rows, pull-ups and chin ups.
~Less Injuries
~Longer Duration
~Able to lift heavier weights
~Firm handshake

Types: Grip Strength

Crushing. Closing the fingers/closing hand(s) against a resistance.

Extension/Flexion. Opening of the hands and fingers, movement of wrist, downwards, 360 motion, all directions..

Pinching. Grasping something.

Training: Grip

Grippers: Crush Grip, squeezing the metal together, forcing your hands, fingers and forearm to contract.

Plate Pinching: Pinch Grip: Simply grab 1/2/3 (whatever you can handle/hold) and simply pinch (HOLD) the plates together using your hands. This trains your fingers and hands like crazy including forearm.

Thicker "BAR": Fat Gripz ALT (a great way to implement a fat bar into your weightlifting. Can be used w/dumbbells, barbell) This'll make your hands and forearms work harder to grip the bar.

Move up slowly: For those just starting out with grip training, I like to suggest one or two grip-intensive lifts per session once per week for two weeks. After two weeks, move up to two workouts where you include grip-specific lifts. After a month, shoot for workouts where you train the grip with serious intentions up to 3 times a week. This is usually enough for just about everybody.


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