5 Reasons You're Not Building Any Muscle | Gym Mistakes

Gym Mistakes - Muscle Building

5 Reasons You're Not Building Any Muscle | Gym Mistakes

  1. 🍕 Not Eating Enough Food - Need to eat to grow - 'calorie surplus' "Manipulating calories." To determine a calorie goal, set a limit, experiment with calorie levels to see where your physique goes. For example, let's set a goal for 1800~cal. If you're gaining weight from consuming 1800~cals, then you're in a calorie surplus. If you're not gaining weight or losing weight, then that's your Maintenance Calorie. Basically, that's the amount of calories your body needs to sustain a health imagery/physique, using the right amount of calories for energy use, etc. If you're losing weight from consuming 1800~calories, you're in a calorie deficit. A pound a week is good for results. Gain Weight by Drinking Shakes. Check out my Homemade Mass Gainers
  2. 🔥 Progressive Overload - Increasing workout: Increasing weights, reps, pause reps, increase Intensity. Having a progressive overload program is very helpful to build strength and muscle quick and efficiently To see strength and muscle gains, you need to progressively overload every week. Don't go too hard on the weights, you'll hurt your performance. Follow a well-written guide on progressively overloading with weights.
  3. 💪 Not tracking volume: If you're not working harder than the last day, you're not going to maximize your effort of building Muscle. Everyday is a different day; lifting the same reps and weight for months on end will slowly progress your muscle growth; You need to increase volume overall to increase muscle (Progressive overloading). A deload week is preferred when going through progressive overload stimulation.
  4. 👊 Training Program: A lot of people suffer from going to the gym because they simply don't have a routine or program to go along with. Not having a thought of what you're going to train or how to train is going to hurt your progress; you need to understand the exercises, learn muscle mind connection, and have a well-rounded training program to efficiently build Muscle. There are countless of [free] training programs online. Check out my personal favorite Youtuber - "Buff Dudes" Youtube Channel; They have free workout routines n videos. There "Best Beginner's Workout Routine
  5. 💊 Have too much fat? -Being in a calorie surplus, you'll gain fat. Fat covers muscle, and that'll show less of your muscle definition. The less fat you have, the more muscle definition you'll show. Although you have muscle underneath your fat. Simply lose the fat to reveal your definition. Check out My Keto Article!
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