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Obtain The Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic Physique is one of those physiques that you have to constantly maintain, manipulate and go through challenges.  Achieving the 'Aesthetic physique' takes tremendously hard work; Your Diet/Nutrition must be on point, day to day tracking, and intense workouts to bring out those muscle definition.

↣ Manipulating Your Body ↢ 
Having an aesthetic appeal is much harder than most think. You have to train body areas that are lacking; Your arms must be equal to each other, your shoulders should have the same thickness and roundness. Symmetry is the key when achieving that Aesthetic Physique.  Also, you have to really focus on nutrition because everyone seems to love the low body fat (shredded physique look) rather than a higher bmi with less muscle definition. A low body fat will reveal much more muscle [definition]. Dropping body fat is not an easy task - you cannot simply drop % of fat quickly; you have to continuously track your macros and adjust to best fit your regime.

↣  As you see pro bodybuilders and athletes, some are shredded than others. Some people have a better body composition than others. Vascularity, thickness, fullness, etc is differed by everyone - its ok if you don't look like someone, we're not all designed the same - of course you're going to look different.

↣  To train for an Aesthetic Physique, you must know what areas of the body give that 'illusion' look that we want for that aesthetic appeal. Normally, to look Aesthetic, we're wanting to taper off our body, or obtain that "V" line from our Shoulders down to our Waistline. (V-taper. Wide shoulders with a small waist are the epitome of bodybuilder aesthetics.)

1) Train Shoulders. Training shoulders is IDEAL for everyone, especially if you're wanting that aesthetic appeal. You're wanting to train all parts of the shoulder, ALL heads. Do not neglect rear delts, and matter of fact, train them more consistently than your other heads of your Shoulder.
Front Deltoid, Side Deltoid, & Rear Deltoid Training

2) Obliques. This will also help taper off that "V" shape we're wanting. Many people do not think or train obliques but it is necessary. I would train obliques during your back workout to efficiently train better (my opinion). 

3) Back.  The Back is a HUGE canvas, filled with many many muscles. Tons of people have problems bring up their back because it has lots of muscles. We're wanting a nice defined back - train your back, upper, middle, lower, obliques. This will help shape your physique, and taper that "V."

4) Arms. A nice Balanced Bicep(s) and Tricep(s) will give you that nice lookin physique while you're standing.

5) ABS. I say this is a must, almost all "Aesthetic Physique" people focus on abs. Abs shows hardwork, determination and victory. I'd train abs 1/2x a week.

7) Chest. Upper and Lower chest must be well-developed.

Leg Training? Don't Neglect

↣  Training for the Aesthetic Physique isn't that all hard. You need to be consistent, work hard and wait for results. There's no Magic or Super Supplement that'll help you with your dreams - everything takes hard hard work - Especially for that Aesthetically Physique Appeal.
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