Bedroom Workout - Tips - Purpose - Build Muscle and Strength - Home Workout

Easy Bedroom Exercises! Triceps and Chest Workout

The purpose of this routine is to develop arm and chest strength and muscle growth. Anyone can perform these exercises. You can build muscle at home. In fact, you can build muscle anywhere - the beach, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, backyard, in a coffin. I seen it all.
With these bedroom exercises; You'll gain mass in no time.
Like with all exercise routine; Make sure your intensity is UP!

Accessories Needed (Can be found within home)
  1. Chairs/Box (Both)
  2. Recommended: Occlusion Bands - Increase workout intensity 

Staple: Push Ups. (Include variation push up styles)
- Trains: Chest, Tricep. (can be used w/Occlusion Bands)
- Sets/Reps: Until Failure
- Variation of Push Ups: Incline push ups, Diamond push ups, Clap push ups, Higher Decline Push ups, Plank taps (Shoulder-taps), Hold Push ups, Pike push up, wide/close grip, Reverse, one arm. Spider crawls as well.
~ Variation training helps improve weak points, breaks down more muscle fiber and resulting in strength gainz.
~ Choose [any] of the variation training styles to amp up your workout routine.

Staple #2: Dips (W/Chair or Box)
- Trains: Chest, Triceps* (can be used w/occlusion bands)
- Sets/Reps: Until Failure
- Info: Dips can be used for chest and/or tricep training. It all depends on the body position, the more you lean IN, the more chest, the more you lean outwards, the more tricep activation. ALSO can add weight for more tension - Simply wear a backpack with weights/books in the bag, making the bag heavier to carry resulting in more tension = muscle breakdown.
~ Variation Training Styles Dips: Added weight, pause reps, slow movements, half reps. Not much of different styles of dips.

Occlusion bands

are helpful in aiding arms (Biceps and Triceps). It restricts blood flow to the area that you're training resulting in more gainz.

Home workouts aren't difficult to do, all you need is an imagination and the determination to workout - All you need is a chair essentially. 
There's many ways to train your body without weights, it may be harder to isolate certain muscles but the overall objective is to gain strength and muscle.
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