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Beginner: Fit Life [Workouts, Program, Diet, Progress - Basic]

Getting Fit

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It's like a job, repetitive movements, same old shit, different day. Fitness can be boring or fun, or both. People see fitness as a boring repetitive movements, having no interest in it. If you're not interested, why even do it right?

Well, in my opinion, if you want to change your body, Fitness will be Fun for you. Everyone loves an challenge, but a fun challenge. For example, playing video games, solving puzzles/riddles; Once you've solved the riddle, you continue with the game, giving you that satisfaction you wanted. Working out your body to achieve a certain physique goes the same way, you're working hard on yourself to sculpt and define your muscles. It also takes knowledge, and willpower to do so.

@oi.strength | @delicatenutritionI started my fitness journey somewhat late. I changed my life for the better. As a child and through childhood, I never really cared for food, nutritionally wise. Everyone said to eat greens which I never did. I didn't understand the Concept of healthy foods or nutritionally meals. As I got fat, I was somewhat displeased with my physique. I wanted to get attention and be attractive. That's when I changed my life. I began to study what is it that makes people attractive lol. I wasn't super overweight but just a bit chubby. After a while of learning how to lose fat, and get toned, I wanted to start being athletic/toned. To begin, I examined and changed my lifestyle habits, gained knowledge about nutrition, dieting methods, exercising programs, and continuously learning about the human body, muscle growth, etc. Once I thought I can put my skills/knowledge to the test, I did. I began an experiment with myself; began to fast, began to exercise, began to eliminate unhealthy foods and incorporate more satisfying foods for my body (healthy alts) and changed my habits. When everything was in lock, my life began to change. I noticed patterns changing, my body changing most importantly, and everything around me was changing - in a positive way. My fitness journey is still going, i'm still growing. Anyone can do it, any time, anywhere.
To dive into fitness/working out, I recommend learning about the basicsNutritioneating habits (diet)working out methodssupplements, and progression. Once you're knowledgeable enough, put that skill you've developed into use.

Getting Started
Diet (Nutrition) plays a role on the human body. Food, and certain macro's are important for health; muscle building, recovery, and energy - it also affects the way you feel. It is Vital to have proper nutrition in your diet. A bad diet can lead to health problems and recovery issues. Always eat your best. Cheat meals or cheat days are helpful methods to stay on track within your diet. Proper macro's are important - Protein, Carbs and Fats -  They have different ways of giving the body what it needs. For example, Protein is needed for protein synthesis (muscle-repair/building), carbs for energy, fats for energy, etc. It's more complex, but that's just an overall view of macros.

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When beginning working out, Don't dive into heavy weights right away unless you're well condition. Diving into heavy weights can impact you - Your Strength, injury-prone and CNS (Central Nervous system). Too much stress on your Central Nervous System can cause fatigue. Fatigue needs to be addressed once you realize it. Lifting heavy weights as a beginner could lead to injuries because you don't have the established mind to muscle connection nor the strength to sustain the weight; you can easily tear a muscle and/or breaking a bone. A lot of people think they need to lift heavy in order to see results...Wrong. Training/exercising with low weights can be ideal for bodybuilding, and strength gainz.

Start off with light weights, with low intensity. You don't want to overwhelm yourself, go easy. Your muscles has to learn the movements you're putting it in, and the stress you're giving it.  But before even lifting weights, you must first establish a mind to muscle connection: the feeling of the muscle, being worked on, flexing, contracting, all the motion. If you can achieve the mind to muscle connection/feeling, it is much easier to build muscle and strength. When you've think your muscles has learned what stress is, you can overload it with more and more weight as time goes on [progressive overload].

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Be consistent on yourself, progression is time. Give it time, give it time. Always think that. If you're not consistent, progression isn't there. You're wasting your time. Nothing happens over night.

Get Plenty of REST. The body needs a break after a while of exercising and training. You need to recover in order to see results. Recovery is one of the keys to build muscle, feel good, restore health, and reset. Without proper recovery, we'd suffer from the intensive exercises we put our bodies through. There are tons of ways to improve recovery; first off is Sleep. Sleep is part of recovery - You need to have a good sleep routine [and sleeping enough] to benefit the body. Not sleeping well will impact the way you feel and seeing results.
Another form of recovery is Stretching. Stretching allows your muscles to relax, loosen up those tight muscles and prevent any mobility/body issues. Having  will affect your body's performance [mobility, strength, flexibility, etc]. Proper care of your body will improve your recovery. And Nutrition. Having a good well nutrition plan/diet is very beneficial; this will aid in recovery and gainz.

Supplements: Supplements are a great way to assist with your needs - Nutritionally wise. Supplementing macro's or just for a meal can be beneficial; if you can't reach your daily quota, supplement's are ideal for that situation. If you're trying to "massgain," there's supplements for that.
You can also supplement vitamins and minerals; if you're deficient in certain vitamins/minerals or macro's, you can simply supplement it.
I wouldn't advise to supplement everything, only supplement certain things when/if necessary. You should eat whole foods (non-supplemental) instead of using supplements to get your daily intake of macro's and vitamins/minerals. Whole foods contains more nutrient.

Gaining muscles is hard enough, but it takes patience. Results will show. Learn to manipulate, overcome and go through pain. 

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