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IMPROVE OVERALL STRENGTH - Train like an Athlete

Becoming stronger is always better. Overall strength comes from overall train ethic. You need to train like a REAL athlete should.

Improving your strength is improving yourself. It is beneficial to improve yourself (strength-wise as well) for longevity worth and it's always good to be strong. We don't want a body that is corrupted. A corrupted body will lead to many problems.

To improve strength, you must first determine what body parts/muscles are weak. We're wanting to improve that first - find the weak points and bring them up. That's the best way to overcome injuries - is to train weak body parts. This'll in return give you more strength overall.
Variation training and intensity techniques are the way to go to improve strength. Training in one style all the time will affect your strength gainz and gainz overall.

Finding Weak Points (Weak Body Parts)

There are many if not hundreds of ways to determine what body parts are weak, or weak points. It is as simple as a exercise, determine which side of your body is unbalanced and bring that up. Many people have a weaker side than the other; it's perfectly fine, but bringing that up will improve your physique and strength. When bringing up a lagging body part, you need to progressively overload it, meaning that you must train it more than usual. 3x/4x a week is good enough. Also, train in different ways, variation training is a huge key.
-Recommended: Occlusion Training

Static Contractions
Static contractions is one of those 'exercises' people don't do normally. The purpose of Static Contractions is to Promote [an overload) stimulus to the muscle. This is great exercise to perform because you're overloading the muscle fibers which results in muscle break down. The more tension is on the muscle, the harder it's being worked. To perform Static Contraction's, you can either Hold a Still-Point form with weights or posing hard as you can, contracting all the muscles within your body (or a particular muscle [group] ). Contracting hard as you can promotes a stimulus which can help with strength gains and help lagging body parts.

Eccentric and Concentric Movements

When reppin the weights out, focus on the movement of the weight.The Concentric movement: Lifting phase - Feel the weight as you lift it; understand the weight and feel the muscle as it expands and contracts. The Eccentric movement: "Release" phase - resetting - feel the weight as it goes down, you want as much tension you can provide in that particular area to maximize overload. Pause reps as the eccentric phase is in progress is a good way to up the intensity. 

Here's a photo that represents Eccentric and Concentric movement:
Concentric and Eccentric

The more stimulus you're providing to the muscle, the more growth is going to happen. Overloading your muscles with different variations of exercises will help bring up a lagging body part. The different variety of exercises stimulates more muscle [fibers] which results in more muscle tears resulting in Gains. 

Variation Training
Training in different ways can help with gains. I've read and watch a lot of athletes and bodybuilders train in different way. Variation training is one way to maximize your effort of building muscle and strength. Training with different styles stimulate different muscle fibers. For example, for biceps, regular curls is good, but switching/adding in another variation will help you like, Hammer curls. "Super-sets" "Pyramiding" and "Drop-Sets" are perfect for strength gains.
Super Sets: A superset is when two or more exercises hitting different muscle groups are performed in a row without rest between them
Pyramiding: Exercising with a low weight and increasing in weight as you progress. Example: Bicep training: 20 LB Dumbell Curl x 10. After 10 reps, increase weight 40 LB, repeat, 60 LB, repeat, etc.
Drop-Sets: Similar to Pyramiding but opposite. From your heaviest weight, you gradually go down in weight til you're done.
These techniques are effective for muscle and strength Gainz

Mobility is something we all should focus on. The better mobility we have, the stronger we're going to get. I believe if our mobility is good, we're physically stronger. We can provide more strength. Limited mobility has it's downsides; Injuries occur, limited range of motion, and muscle groups are probably being attacked - overused, underused. Fixing and performing mobility exercises daily will help improve yourself - gaining overall strength!

The food we consume is vital; protein, carbs and fats are all important for strength, energy and endurance. Without proper nutrition, we would suffer from the exercises we go through. Athletes takes their nutrition very seriously. They have the proper knowledge about nutrition to provide there body with the right nutrient that the body needs. They know how to properly feed the body to see results/Gainz.

Sleep is a part of recovery. Recovery is vital for the body to restore itself. During the phase of sleeping, hormones within the body is released; these hormones are sent out to help repair and build the body. As the body sleeps, muscle is being restored and being built bigger. NEVER neglect your sleep. Recovery is one thing many people don't consider. If you're having issues with anything, see the Dr. Longevity is the key. To assist with recovery, there are supplements on the market that can help you. 

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