OMAD Conclusion (One Meal A Day)

My Conclusion on OMAD (One Meal A Day)

Eating ONE Meal A Day Benefits

Before I started OMAD, I had to think of why I was doing it. People saw benefits from eating once a day and I wanted to see results from it. OMAD is a 23:1 Ratio, meaning you only eat ONCE Per day. There's countless of benefits or reasons why people eat once a day. Some reasons are health benefits, eating restrictions, dieting, improving body fat burn (FAT LOSS) and much more. I wanted to perform OMAD to see if thus was true.

Mike Rashid Actually
Inspired me to Do the OMAD [lifestyle]
"There’s high level athletes like Rhonda Rousey, and Herschel Walker that has been eating this way for years. We eat a lot more than what we need in this country.. I’ve been training and eating this way for some time, and I promise, I feel so much better eating this way.. And my mind thinks a lot more clear."
Here's a Video that got me thinking

After couple of weeks eating once per day, I noticed changes, a lot of changes. My energy has increased, my body fat is reduced dramatically (I'm more leaner), I save money, I focus more on nutritional foods rather than eating junk foods with no nutrition  value, it increased my discipline (a huge bonus), helped me stay on track with my diet and overall my health, skin, and mood has improved. Beforehand when I USE to eat junk food a lot, I noticed that I would feel groggy, less focused, mind is jogged, and somewhat depressed and no motivation what so ever. When I changed my eating habits, everything changed as I mentioned. BUT that's not due to OMAD, I just learned from when I was doing OMAD, from a healthy perspective, that nutrition is more important, quality is surely the key.

👀 8 Benefits Of OMAD (Eating One Meal A Day) - "What I noticed"👀

  1. Improved Digestion (A Plus)
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Restricted Junk/Cravings
  4. Increased Mood
  5. Increased Energy
  6. Increased Clarity/Focus
  7. Decreased My Inflammation
  8. Improved My Discipline (A HUGE PLUS) 
The Diet
The diet/nutrition should be focused on, having a clean diet but it's really up to you. Remember, you're only consuming ONE Meal (may be several food selections..) but that's it. So say, if you eat nothing but JUNK, at the end of the day, you may gain weight, feel like crap, and for sure, your health is going to be impact due to not having a good "Nutritional Value" Foods. So, What I recommend is to When using OMAD, have a balanced, huge meal. A good source of carbs, fats, protein, and micronutritents, and that can be obtained from greens. I highly suggest consuming greens when using OMAD or in life (Diet) period. Greens is the way to have a healthy life :)

The Key To A Healthy Living is moderation n the goal yo set yourself up for. OMAD was designed to help people restrict or change there habits and/or perspective on overall life. All diets has its purpose; All must be in control, consistent and done correctly. OMAD isn't the cure, some may be against it and have negative comments/info about it. Everyone has their opinions.

OMAD Was A Good Experience but a long use of OMAD had me going nuts. I would be angry, easier to piss off, and my mood wasn't "Positive." It was probably due to me starving at times n letting it affect me but using coffee to suppress my appetite was always in my favor. It wasn't like this everyday though, just some days - You know, everyone has there days..


  1. Stay Hydrated - Important
  2. Incorporate healthy foods!!
  3. Don't eat JUNK FOOD (Be aware!)
  4. Listen to your Body

If you're wondering if I should EAT ONCE A DAY, think to yourself, is it useful?
During the times of OMAD, I had to EAT A LOT to get enough Calories IN. Think about it, we people eat, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to reach our calorie goal (for those who tracks) to sufficiently build/maintain muscle and mass. If you don't reach your calorie goal, you'll be underfed. Being underfed will led to weight loss, muscle loss and more depressing symptoms. If you know how to track your meals, you can easily do OMAD or just eat til you're satisfied (not optimal). The health benefits are what people do it for mainly and I must say, my overall well-being feels much better but sometimes the hunger can get to me.

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