Best Way To Tone Your Core/ABS

🔹️ Stomach Vacuums 🔹️ 

Best way to Tighten your ABS

One of the best ways to TIGHTEN your stomach is to perform Stomach Vacuums.

 Stomach Vacuums (image above) is when you train your ab muscles to stay tight - defining and developing those ABS. This Exercise is used by ALL pro-bodybuilders to reduce their stomach size and to tighten their core - It is simple to perform and it's very Effective.

Benefits Of Stomach Vacuum's!

-🔸️One of the best [exercise] for your core. It helps 'Flatten' your Ab Wall.
-🔸️This trains/exercises the abdominal wall (muscles)
-🔸️Performing this exercise will TIGHTEN your Abs. Having a nice tucked, toned abdominal muscle. 
-🔸️To perform: Look at the video. See how he sucks in his stomach? You're wanting to suck in your stomach/gut hard as you can and hold the contraction til it BURNS.
-🔸️Exercise your ab muscles with vacuums in the morning and at night before bed to see results.
- You can also practice engaging your ab muscles when you sit. Simply pull in your belly button towards your spine and hold. Release it and then repeat. You can do this all day.

Why Perform Stomach Vacuums

Bubble GUT?
- As you people may or may not know, having a gut in this day in age is considered a bad thing, a flaw - something that people really despite because it shows lack of dedication/commitment - (for not training your abs right or nutrition is poor). Let's take Phil Heath For example (not bashing). He has a extended guy aka Bubble gut. Many athletes and viewers Do not like this look - many people prefer the "Aesthetic" physique - Lean body mass, defined abs, good conditioning. Although Mr. Heath DOES HAVE ABS (When he poses) but when he's relaxed, his gut extends as shown.

Arnold has been using/performing stomach vacuums to tighten/flatten his stomach. Many pro-athletes use this method to SHRINK their Waist. I myself perform this exercise to tighten my core. Adding other ab muscle workout will help increase the tone of your abs.
Classic Posing - "Stomach Vacuums"

Here's a VIDEO performing the Stomach Vacuum


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