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"If it Fits your Macros"

Track Macros, Eat Whatever - IIFYM.

Flexible Dieting - Track Macros/Micronutrients/Calories
There's calorie, tracking app called, "MyfitnessPal," which basically helps to track your meals - giving you information and detail about macro's and micronutrients as well as suggestions, recommendations, tips, advice and much more - A Good Way to optimize your diet/weight-loss/weight gain.
The reason why we have calorie tracking APPS are designed for us is to minimize risks and/or take advantage - You can take advantage of eating as long as it fits your macro's. Once you've properly setup your tracking macro app (MyfitnessPal), it'll set a calorie intake quota giving you information based on your input, either be maintaining, be losing, or gaining weight. If you're trying to stay on track on your diet, the maintenance weight(level) is the right option to go with.

Tons of people do not know about nutrition nor dieting; Tracking meals is a huge plus for people who love the "fit lifestyle" because it gives them a flexible way of dieting. Many people indulge in foods, many of that is junk food. An excessive amount of consumption of junk food or non-nutritional value foods will lead to weight gain, no doubt. With the method of tracking calories, we can prevent an excessive amount of caloric intake - IIFYM will tell us when to stop eating to prevent weight changes.

My Story:
Myself had a huge problem when going out to places to eat. With friends, family or girlfriend, it was hard for me to eat out. If I wanted to eat out, I had to skip a meal beforehand so I don't go overboard with my calories/macros. Now, since I have the knowledge about nutrition and I can track my meals/calories, I'm not so worried anymore. I'm just caution on the places I choose to eat at. Now, I'm able to reach my quota, eat more peacefully and socialize while out in public rather than eating pre-made meals or the same meals over and over.
Macro Nutrients and Micronutrient examples

Now since you have the knowledge about flexible dieting, you have no excuse to go out and eat with someone. If you go overboard on eating, you can simply refrain the next day to get back on track.

Don't always sadden yourself over food..Enjoy life, enjoy the creations, the quality of the food, the taste, culture, everything. 

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5 Tips on "How to get lean"

Tips on how to get lean.
1. calorie deficit 2. workouts/diet/nutrition 3. consistency 4. commitment 5. effort in order to get lean, you need to have a good dieting & nutrition within your lifestyle. to maintain lean mass, the intensity is needed when working out, no bs #workout sessions. If you people stay committed to a good diet and nutrition intake n good workout sessions, you dont need to be in a calorie deficit, but it'll help. It's all about being consistent, properly taking care of your body n put all of your effort towards your #goals #bodybuilding #motivation #fitness #bodybuildingmotivation #fitfam #aesthetics


Why Be Stress Free

It's important to realize that stress can be harmful to everyone. Stress is one of those things that we have every day in our lives - whether it's people or situations that stresses us out. There are levels of stress and how it affects you. I run into people who are stressed out every day hoping for a relief - I myself am affected by stress but by managing your stress, you can live a happier life than most. Continue reading to find out how to reduce stress, how to manage and why it's important to eliminate it as much as possible.

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Every day people are doing something, work, school, something. Everyone accumulates stress over time, people use stress sometimes to there advantage, getting work done if and when necessary because the stress is providing them the energy to do so - then you got those people who let the stress affect their state of well-being such as mood, energy and the way they bring themselves upon other people/in life/activities. It's important to realize how much stress is affecting you and determine why you're letting it affect you. YOU should not let stress affect you or your lifestyle because it is a bad thing to experience/to endure.

Tons of people are having symptoms of being over-stressed; headaches, tensed muscles, feeling low and unmotivated, low on energy and overall well-being isn't good; that's probably caused by excessive stress - an increase of stress/an excessive amount of stress affecting your body/brain puts a serious harm on yourself - organs/health is affected and physical/mental state is also affected too. Many people do not know how to reduce/mitigate stress to better themselves, they rather allow the stress affect them and without addressing the problem. First, you must address the problem and determine why it's affecting you. Second, here are some ways to reduce stress:

10 Ways To Reduce Stress 

  1. Breathe - Breathing techniques have been used for years and many many people use breathing techniques for everything - For pain, staying calm, staying steady, reducing anxiety, reducing stress, improving energy, improving mood, etc. A good calm steady state of breathing can help reduce stress as it relieves the stress/tension from your body. Here's a video about that:

  2. Think, Reflect, Act - Determine why you're letting Stress affect you - Why is it affecting you and how bad is it affecting you. Reflect upon your actions and examine what's happening -  Once you found the problem, Act upon it, address the problem n fix it. (Similar to Meditating)
  3. Change Habits - Bad habits or not having any good habits can impact you and the way you live - if you're always stressing about doing things or can't seem to do things or having bad habit/traits, improve that, I guarantee that having a good habit trait can lead to stress-free life improving mood and overall well-being.
  4. Sleep more/Relax More - Many many many people have a hard time relaxing or finding time to sleep, many people have stressful jobs or life and they must take the necessary route in order to improve themselves. Relaxing throughout the day (such as Napping, or just relaxing) can help reduce stress by a whole lot, and napping, if you don't sleep enough can actually improve your well-being and mood because LACK of Sleep/Relaxation can affect your mental and physical state.
  5. Reduce Over-Stimulation - Stimulating your CNS can be exhausting - it's a stressful job to do - the requirements for stimulating something takes a lot of energy - so, if you're always stimulating something (for example - working out heavy/high intense workouts can affect your adrenal gland/affecting you, the stress is consuming you) take it easy for a while, take a deload week (like most pro's do).
  6. Smoke Marijuana - I myself have anxiety and stress in my life - sometimes stress can be so bad that my anxiety kicks in, when that happens, I use Marijuana to cope with my Stress/Anxiety. Very effective treatment in my opinion.
  7. Is it Necessary? - Is whatever the situation might be, is it serious enough to stress over it? Stressing over a situation for a long period of time is draining - that's why I asked, is it necessary? Probably not because people overexaggerate situations; if it's not life-threatening or life serious situation, don't keep stressing about it, think about something else and move on.
  8. Don't Over-think - Similar to #7, but over-thinking situations. For example, not doing your HW or not going to class/work - Don't put yourself down or think too much about it - that's also draining and it can affect the way you feel, letting stress consume you.
  9. Stretch the Tensed Muscles - Having tensed muscles can affect the way you feel - seriously. If you're always tensed up or have muscle knots, I recommend getting a massage to help ease the tension. A relief of tension will provide relief to you, a stress reliever - Massaging the tensed areas will help improve blood flow/circulation resulting in healing which will aid in reducing stress!
  10. Migitate the stress - Some people can use stress to their advantage - For example, getting work done. I myself use stress as an advantage to get work done quickly. Don't let stress consume you, Don't avoid it, Don't neglect it, address the problem NOW. Fixing the problem NOW will make you happier, not worrying about it later. (People who set things off to the side needs to bring them up to the front, and realize it's a top priority to take aware of because stress is affecting YOU!)

Don't let Stress Consume You. I see people everyday stressed out and you can see it on there faces. Stress can really hurt you, physically, mentally, spiritually and with friends/family - it also affects your health and well-being. That's why I advise Everyone to become stress-free as much as possible. Reduce the unnecessary situations that are making you stressed out - address the problem(s) that needs to be addressed in order to reduce stress - take the necessary steps to improve your live(s) such as exercising, having a better diet/nutrition, having better habits, n pay attention to your body. When your body is going through something, you'll notice, signs and messages will pop up and when they do, Listen to the Message, take action and live a better life.

Living a healthier life is the way to go. I am not 100% stress-free but I try every day to reduce my stress as much as possible. Me being stress-free has made me more of a positive person - Everyone now notices my energy is glowing (appealing), and my well-being is good, I feel great, I feel motivated, I feel less depressed.

Sometimes it can be close to impossible being stress-free, but you can always find a way to manage/reduce stress - find a way and use that method to mitigate it. Sometimes people use stress as a source of energy - Getting things done much quicker and efficiently. I know myself use to use stress as an advantage in Highschool - When Projects needed to be done, I would wait till the last minute to do the work, and when it came to the time, I got it done quickly.

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Why People Are Fat - Understand Why | Nutrition & Health Info

Why People Are Fat

"Shredded Physique"
"Food is Abused"

People are overweight simply due to Food Consumption. It's the obvious that food makes you gain weight (so does liquid calories). To much food consumption will lead you in a calorie surplus resulting in fat/weight gain. Fat comes from an excess amount of intake of calories - the calories needs to be "Burned" in order to "Eliminate" calories. Although, you're burning calories just by sitting, breathing and living, but it's not enough to burn fat. Overweight people tend to not exercise enough, so the calories that they consume basically sit there and stores more fat as you can more weight. Overtime, fat accumulates and you develop serious health problems. It's all about matter of choice and discipline - it seems like a ton of people do not care about self-health nor the consequences.

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Intermittent Fasting - Diet Lifestyle Choice 

A. Don't care about diet

I see tons of people looking for help for weight/fat loss. My family, friends and people on social media. There's even TV PROGRAMS showing people losing their weight or weight-loss journey. Crazy how losing weight can be such a hard thing but I believe gaining weight is the hardest. Losing the weight can be easy as gaining the weight, but it all depends on YOU and your GOALS in life.
If you're satisfied with your body and how it reacts/responds and copes with life in general, Live with it, might as well and not stress about it, but there's going to be consequences if you do not pay attention to your health.
Obesity people can develop some serious life-threatening problems - We WANT to Prevent that. Having a healthier-lifestyle diet is the right way to go about health in general :)

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More-so, people don't care about dieting. Food is love, love is food. Food has tons of creativity, it's an amazing feeling to eat foods from different sources. It can also be an addiction - Being addicted to foods. We need to be aware of the foods we consume - we need to moderate the way we eat, the way our body is reacting to the consumption of food and address the problem by fixing up your diet. Fixing up your diet will also help or improve your mood and energy!

"Exercise Is important"

b. Doesn't exercise

People who do not exercise won't burn any calories. Calorie-burning is an result of weight/fat-loss. Also, being in a calorie deficit (Consuming less food than usual) will put you in a fat loss state. Exercise is needed, the body is a machine that we must all maintain, and without maintenance, what happens? When You don't exercise and consume a lot of food throughout time, it'll accumulate resulting in weight-gain. I myself use to indulge in food, and then when I realized I was overweight, I stopped and changed my habits. I began exercising and implemented healthier foods in my diet. The working out has lead to bodybuilding which helps me maintain my lean physique which I love at the moment, I love the way my body is looking, my appearance is what drives me to better myself from dieting, nutrition and overall-health.

Read About: Increase Physical Exercise to Promote Happiness

"Junk Food No Good"

c. Junk food / No nutrition

Nutrition also plays a role on why people are overweight. It's tied in with your diet/eating habits. An excess amount of food consumption especially with poor nutrition can impact you - causing more weight gain and more health problems. Nutrition needs to be payed attention to such as Macro/Micronutrients. Macro/Micronutrients is what provides us the benefits of the foods that we consume; Junk food hardly contain any GOOD nutrition whereas healthy foods contain good nutrients which help the body in many ways. Health is wealth.

Read About: What Foods To "Lose Weight" Understand the importance of Nutrition and how it plays a role on losing Weight

"Portion Control/Distortions"

D. Portions are too much/Too big of a meals / Portion Distortion / Excessive Amounts of Calories / Overeating

Another problem with people have when they excessively eat is that there portions are too big or they snack-eat. Having to big of a meal can lead yourself in a weight gain phase. It can be a distortion as well - Confusing you so you have TO Be Caution how much food you're putting on your plate. Balance your foods. For example, balance your macros (protein, fat, carb) for a healthy balanced meal. People who overeat either have to big of portions or they "snack eat." Snack-eating is basically eating food every so-often (calories are being added quickly - be caution). Just snacking on random food selections. That's unhealthy because you're giving your body junk and that's not efficient for a healthy lifestyle. Having meals is better than snack-eating because you can be more in control of your calorie consumption. Portion control is the key for a good balanced-Calorie meal. Use MyfitnessPal APP (for IOS and Android) to track macro's calories, etc.

"Shopping on a Budget"

E. No Money for Healthy Food

When it comes to food shopping, it can be quite expensive for healthy options for some reason. Cheap foods are usually Junk foods providing little to no nutrition (nutritional value). I recommend when shopping is to not buy the "healthiest" selections - it's okay to choose some selections that aren't 100% beneficial for us, but get something that isn't total "Junk" we want food that has balanced-macro's - not an excess amount of Carbs, and/or fats.. Money is a problem and lot of people cannot seem to be fit/healthy because of the situation - that's False. I myself live in a somewhat poor family - we live off of junk at times and I still manage to lose weight by choosing the right choices/being in control of my diet, - in moderation! -

"The Body/Genetics"

F. Genetics / The Body

Now, There's some science in why people are overweight and that's because of "Genetics." If that's the case, I call bullshit. Gaining weight comes from an excess amount of eating - so if you're eating too much, reduce it. Genetic does play a role on how FAST and slow you can gain/lose weight but it doesn't (the fat) automatically appear on your body, it comes on gradually as you increase your food consumption. On the other note, stress can be a contribution to weight-gain; make sure to reduce stress as much as possible and don't over-do anything.


G: Bad Habits

Bad habits can lead to problems such as weight-gain, social problems (interactions) and much more. Focusing on "fat-gain" bad habits including sitting down all day, playing video games, not doing anything is a bad habit - Dr's advises everyone to be active at least 30+ minutes A DAY which is Not hard to do. So, yes of course if you're overweight and wondering why, perhaps your activity level is really low.

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Aesthetic Physique

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Bodybuilding Tip: Mind to Muscle Connection

Mind to Muscle Connection is important to establish to maximize growth. What I mean by that is that you're thinking of the muscle that you're working out/exercising - You're ONLY focusing on that Muscle performance - the movements, the strain you're putting the muscle on is directly on that muscle only, not using other body parts to assist that body part in work (secondary Muscles but they are still in use but hardly). This'll improve muscle damage!

Why It's Important
This is important to establish because if you're wanting to grow or if you're having troubles gaining mass, establishing the mind to muscle connection is a must. Some people can and cannot establish a connection because it's a lack of memory/knowledge of the muscle that has been used/activated/worked on. Meaning, you must first acknowledge how the muscle works and performs and you must think of the muscle - being the muscle first. Learning the movements can help because you can determine where and how it functions. Then once you understand the muscle, put yourself in the place/position of the muscle and exercise upon it/within it.
People who cannot establish the mind to muscle connection can easily fix that. Here are some tips:

Establishing Mind to Muscle Connection

  1. Posing - Posing with a particular muscle (Example: Bicep Flex) can help establish the mind to muscle connection - once posing, squeeze the muscle, and think about how the muscle flex's in order to be "the muscle" "activating the mind to muscle connection"
  2. Different angles - A lot of people including myself have a hard time activating some body parts such as Lats; Try using alternative exercises or different angles (hand placement, etc) to see if that can establish the connection
  3. Too Light/Heavy of Weight - Everyone's different; if you're using lightweights and cannot feel the muscle being worked, try using heavy weights and vice versa
  4. Isometric Holds - Holding an contracted part of a muscle that is on HOLD or a pause point (squeezing the muscle) in order to have blood rushing to that area/this helps me establish more of a connection
  5. Good Form - I find that using strict form improves the mind to muscle connection; focusing more on the movement rather than just lifting the weight just to lift.

No Establishment of Mind to Muscle Connection

You can really hurt yourself if you don't have a good sense of your body or how it works. Knowing yourself and the exercising can help improve your workouts and for gainz. There's been injuries in my case that I did not pay attention too and got hurt from it - now I only focus on mind to muscle connection to improve myself overall. Over-straining yourself with unnecessary movements, and/power/rage is not recommended - having a strict form and a good sense of mind to muscle connection with high intensity is the key for muscle growth!

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StrengthEvo Articles:


How Breaking Bones Made Me Stronger

--Previous ArticleIncrease Physical Exercise to Promote Happiness

A story by Oi.Strength (@oi.strength)
How Breaking Bones Made Me Stronger

With my condition, osteogenesis imperfecta (Oi) aka brittle bones, my life as a child was hell. Growing up was hard and anxious all the time because I was always worried if i was going to break a bone. Childhood is the worst part for OI people, probably because you're in the non-adult stage and your body is still growing and not as strong til you hit puberty and from that stage, life becomes a tad bit easier to cope with. During my childhood, I did not go outside a lot to play, I stood inside playing video games to consume my time. I was weak and vulnerable to everything. The simplest things I've done broke me. I was beyond my breaking point. After a couple of handful broken bones, approx 90+ broken bones, I did not care if I broke, I mean I did, but it didn't bother me.

To recover from the broken bones, I had to be casted. I have had metal rods inserted in my bones: legs, spine, and arm. The metal rod was inserted to help prevent breaks but I still broke with them inserted. I have had my arm reconstructed and spine reconfigured because of scoliosis. Having a cast on while having a broken bone was the worst part for me because the cast always got itchy for me. I was depressed as well when I broke because I can't do much but lay there and wait til my broken bone heals.

The emotion that comes from being disabled and breaking bones has toughen me, somewhat, but now having the ability to overcome a emotional state.

During the times when I've had broken bones, I had to figure out what to do and how to do it on my own. I always wanted to do everything on my own without help. Since I'm wheelchair bound (not able to walk but able to use legs) it was 10x harder for me. While having a broken arm, I had to push with my elbow to move around, I had to use my legs to push my wheelchair and myself around (not able to stand/walk yet). Going to the bathroom for the toilet was the hardest part, or taking a shower is also on the list. Those required assistance in some way but not fully. I've injured myself during the process of healing, you know, trying to figure out ways to do things on my own without help. Since I was always breaking, I wanted to figure out how to prevent/stop this so I don't have to go through hell and back.

After breaking too many bones throughout my life already, I wanted it to stop. Being in a wheelchair is hard enough, lol. When I hit puberty, life, my body became easier to deal with. I started to break less and I was super stoked/happy about it - Some how, puberty affects your bones. During puberty, I researched on how to improve myself (for strength gainz to prevent breaks) and that was to workout. The Dr always told me to go swimming and i have but that didn't strengthen me. That's not what I wanted, i wanted to prevent breaks and to get stronger. Up until Highschool, I didn't exercise much but that changed after i viewed life differently. I wanted to become stronger, better looking, better mindset, a positive life, etc so i began to force myself to do things that made me hurt or things that I couldn't do so i became better and stronger at it. My exercises has improved my strength, making my bones much stronger than ever before. I have not broken a bone in A WHILE due to me exercising with progressive overload techniques along with good dieting/nutrition.

The bone breaking made me change my perspective of life. Many people end up giving up because its just too hard. I feel ya but you cannot give up, you give up, you give up for everyone and yourself. Life has to many opportunities to take advantage of and you can make the effort to become stronger. When I broke bones, it made me realize who i was and what my worth was; I was living, I wanted to experience life in a positive way, not suffering. I wanted to live life normally, without any complications. Life now is good, I'm stronger than ever before and I'm still growing.

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Increase Physical Exercise to Promote Happiness

Increase Physical Activity to Promote Happiness

Happiness comes from doing things that make you happy right? Correct, but sometimes happiness can come from other sources that we may not be aware of or you probably know - What I'm saying is that being with a close friend you like or a loved one, it makes you happy being with them, right? If so, Yes, then there's other ways of making yourself happy. I learned that Physical Activity can decrease depression.

As I was growing up, I was wheelchair bounded and hardly went out for public interaction - I was depressed like most others, bored, lonely, etc. Then I got out of my comfort zone, started going out to public places and to have public interactions; that really improved myself, my personality and perspective. Anyways, during my time of maturing/growing, I wanted to work out because I read that to decrease depression, Physical activity is one of the cure methods. I started working out and during my workout or after my session, I felt amazing as if no worries were in my mind or I felt as if I gave no fucks and I don't know who or what happens, I'm doing me and me only (not caring for the negatives/not being pressured/etc). My workout improved my thinking, my confidence a WHOLE lot, my energy, my mood, self discipline was introduced - and some of my mental breakdown are decreased such as Depression/Anxiety.

Through physical exercise, I was looking at myself - experiencing self-discipline. I was strict on myself for working out daily and keeping my diet on check. That improved my lifestyle overall and if your lifestyle is overall better, you'll feel better. The discipline I acquired helped me focus on school, work, and just things that I don't like doing but Now, I don't mind it because it's really Mind over Matter and I know i'll be happier at the end if I just Complete the task if needed.

3 Benefits of Physical Exercise - My Experience 

  1. Improved Mood - My personality has improved, the way I speak, the way I present myself; I'm happier, less depressed, feeling myself more*, feeling connected to life.
  2. Improved Confidence - It boosted my ego, my self-esteem, making me wanting to do things that made me scared, it boosted my emotional thoughts/Being in control 
  3. Improved Self-Discipline - A huge Plus - I'm more focused, clear-headed and more determined.

Now, there's science into this. I've read that people who have more physical exercise than most are more happier. This is just one of the methods to help boost your ego, self-esteem, and to gain confidence - a lot of people 'reach for that goal' when they workout. It did for me.
Although you can still develop depression, after a while of working out, you'll lose that "Drive" that "Energy" for a while but you'll gain your senses back - Everyone goes through up's and down's. Even during depression, exercising can help diminish it for the time being (for me at-least). Or perhaps try something new - if you're doing the same routine every time, that gets boring and lame - switch it up, have fun, be creative.


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What Foods To "Lose Weight" Understand the importance of Nutrition and how it plays a role on losing Weight

What Foods to Eat to "Lose Weight"

When consuming foods, you have to be aware of it's nutritional properties. The macro's and micronutrients. A lot of people (majority) does not know anything about nutrition or how it plays a role on the body. Those who does not pay attention to the nutritional label are most likely have a harder time to lose weight. Losing weight is not hard, it's simple. You need to be in a calorie deficit to lose the fat.

Along with losing weight, you'll lose muscle as well but not a much as "weight." The weight can be described  "Fat and/or water," once you're depleted from water and/or fat, you'll look leaner and more shredded. There's certain foods that'll help maintain your muscle-mass and prevent muscle loss; a good amount of protein intake will help maintain the muscle and continuing to build mass.
There's so much science backed into nutrition and diet that it's complicated to understand.
Basically, you're wanting to consume healthier options rather than whatever you feel like eating.
Certain foods has certain elements, some elements contain healing properties, fat burning properties, low calorie, high rich nutrient foods. The rich nutrient foods is what you should mainly focus on for a healthy weight-loss plan or having a healthy lifestyle in general. The Fat burning property such as Coffee has a Thermogenic Effect - A "Fat burner" essentially that some foods contain, the thermogenic property. The thermogenic foods are similar to Fat burners; either way, both are ideal for weight-loss. Also, you have to look at fiber intake; Fiber is important - it helps fill you up. I'd recommend implementing some type of fiber into your meal(s) to keep you full, and also it'll help with your bowel movements.
Overall, Foods to eat for weight loss should be researched. There's a lot of misconceptions about foods, and how they affect the body, on weight-loss, muscle loss/prevention, etc. The main thing to look at when it comes to food is the nutrition - is it healthy, is it packed with good nutrients and micronutrients, does it have unnecessary additives or anything to that sort, is it benefiting the body?
A calorie deficit is the key for weight loss promotion along with healthy dieting - you'll notice weight-loss once you've changed your eating habits and lifestyle - eating healthier foods that nourishes the body will give you better results.
Caring for The Body
If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you.
Sometimes it can be the opposite though, some people do not have to eat healthy in order to lose weight, people just eat whatever and tend to lose weight by itself. That's probably because of the calorie intake you're having; is your calorie intake low or high? If low, eating junk and non-nutritional foods will make you "Skinny fat" but healthy foods will make your body appearance much better. A healthy lifestyle is the way to go to feeling good, having a good weight, and it's healthy for the body. Dieting and Exercising is a must to optimize fat/weight loss.
Tracking Macros
To efficiently lose weight, I'd recommend downloading and using a "Calorie/Macro Tracker" App Called, "MyFitnessPal." It'll help ALOT with your journey - losing weight, gaining weight, facts and details about foods, drinks, etc and much more.
Start losing weight today, change your life for the better, feel better and become stronger.

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A message for those Who Sit All Day - Stretching is Extremely Important - Living Healthy

Why Stretching Is Extremely Important

A message for those Who Sit All Day

--Previous ArticleBest Exercise For Your ABS!

I am a wheelchair user. I've been using a wheelchair since kindergarten. From that time, I haven't "left" my chair, I'm still riding it to get around. Being in a wheelchair may seem cool and less intense work for your legs and feet but that's not true. Sitting all day without using legs or any lower half muscles can affect you.

Staying in a fixed posture can make you imbalanced. Our body is designed to be mobile, flexible and to be put to use but if you're sitting all day, what's happening to your lower half? As you sit for a long periods of time, certain muscle groups and joints will start to degrade or lose function such as mobility, flexibility, Range of motion (ties in w/mobility), and simple exercise and it may limit you from doing activities. The areas that are mostly affected are the glutes, hamstrings, quads, back etc. All of it is affected. Stretching and exercising the immobile body parts can help prevent pain or any issues.

This message is directed towards those who have jobs that require sitting most of the day such as an receptionist, an wheelchair user, a person who doesn't exercise or get out enough (couch potato), truck/bus/taxi/car driver, or just simply sitting all day. I advise you to stretch Daily and once every other hour to prevent any problems.

The exercise I Recommend are:
These "9 Hips/lower back pain relief stretches" are Effective

Without proper care of your mobility or health, you'll start to degrade. You'll notice symptoms such as Tightness, loss of range of motion, limitations, weak, unable to perform activities, pain, soreness, and an uncomfortable-feeling. As time progresses as well, you're going to just suffer - Might as well take care of your body and start living healthy.

Living healthy doesn't mean eating clean, it means you're in a healthy position in life - treating and caring for your body, your health, your personality, your diet, your habits, your actions - everything. Be uplifted, in a good mood, spirit feeling great, you're enjoying and embracing life. Some people experience life opposite from what we experience life (for those who 'live a healthy life.') People who tend to not exercise or not care about health or anything to that sort tend to be a negative person or have negative outcomes in [situations] about decision making, actions, etc. 

Never neglect the body, the body is a whole, everything is connected. If one part of the body is degrading, soon, the whole body will start following the footsteps. You need proper care of the body, if you treat and care for your body, your body will take care of you. You Should Know what body parts aren't being used/being neglected - train it, exercise, and stretch -  Longevity worth is always the key.


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