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IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) - Flexible Dieting - Stay On Your Diet - Tracking Calories - Diet Tips

"If it Fits your Macros"Track Macros, Eat Whatever - IIFYM. There's calorie, tracking app called, "MyfitnessPal," which basically helps to track your meals - giving you information and detail about macro's and micronutrients as well as suggestions, recommendations, tips, advice and much more - A Good Way to optimize your diet/weight-loss/weight gain. The reason why we have calorie tracking APPS are designed for us is to minimize risks and/or take advantage - You can take advantage of eating as long as it fits your macro's. Once you've properly setup your tracking macro app (MyfitnessPal), it'll set a calorie intake quota giving you information based on your input, either be maintaining, be losing, or gaining weight. If you're trying to stay on track on your diet, the maintenance weight(level) is the right option to go with.
Tons of people do not know about nutrition nor dieting; Tracking meals is a huge plus for people who love the "fit l…

5 Tips on "How to get lean"

Why Be Stress Free

It's important to realize that stress can be harmful to everyone. Stress is one of those things that we have every day in our lives - whether it's people or situations that stresses us out. There are levels of stress and how it affects you. I run into people who are stressed out every day hoping for a relief - I myself am affected by stress but by managing your stress, you can live a happier life than most. Continue reading to find out how to reduce stress, how to manage and why it's important to eliminate it as much as possible.

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Every day people are doing something, work, school, something. Everyone accumulates stress over time, people use stress sometimes to there advantage, getting work done if and when necessary because the stress is providing them the energy to do so - then you got those people who let the stress affect their state of well-being such as mood, energy and the way they bring themselves upon other people/in…

Why People Are Fat - Understand Why | Nutrition & Health Info

Why People Are Fat
People are overweight simply due to Food Consumption. It's the obvious that food makes you gain weight (so does liquid calories). To much food consumption will lead you in a calorie surplus resulting in fat/weight gain. Fat comes from an excess amount of intake of calories - the calories needs to be "Burned" in order to "Eliminate" calories. Although, you're burning calories just by sitting, breathing and living, but it's not enough to burn fat. Overweight people tend to not exercise enough, so the calories that they consume basically sit there and stores more fat as you can more weight. Overtime, fat accumulates and you develop serious health problems. It's all about matter of choice and discipline - it seems like a ton of people do not care about self-health nor the consequences.

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Intermittent Fasting - Diet Lifestyle Choice 

A. Don't care about diet
I see tons of people looking for help for weight/fat loss. My family…

Bodybuilding Tip: Mind to Muscle Connection

A post shared by Delicate Nutrition (@delicatenutrition) on Jun 17, 2018 at 12:36pm PDT
Mind to Muscle Connection is important to establish to maximize growth. What I mean by that is that you're thinking of the muscle that you're working out/exercising - You're ONLY focusing on that Muscle performance - the movements, the strain you're putting the muscle on is directly on that muscle only, not using other body parts to assist that body part in work (secondary Muscles but they are still in use but hardly). This'll improve muscle damage!

Why It's Important
This is important to establish because if you're wanting to grow or if you're having troubles gaining mass, establishing the mind to muscle connection is a must. Some people can and cannot establish a connection because it's a lack of memory/knowledge of the muscle that has been used/activated/worked on. Meaning, you must first acknowledge how the muscle works and performs and you must think of the mu…

How Breaking Bones Made Me Stronger

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@Delicatenutrition | @oi.strength

With my condition, osteogenesis imperfecta (Oi) aka brittle bones, my life as a child was hell. Growing up was hard and anxious all the time because I was always worried if i was going to break a bone. Childhood is the worst part for OI people, probably because you're in the non-adult stage and your body is still growing and not as strong til you hit puberty and from that stage, life becomes a tad bit easier to cope with. During my childhood, I did not go outside a lot to play, I stood inside playing video games to consume my time. I was weak and vulnerable to everything. The simplest things I've done broke me. I was beyond my breaking point. After a couple of handful broken bones, approx 90+ broken bones, I did not care if I broke, I mean I did, but it didn't bother me.

To recover from the broken bones, I had to be casted. I have had metal rods inserted in my bones: legs, sp…

Increase Physical Exercise to Promote Happiness

Increase Physical Activity to Promote Happiness


Happiness comes from doing things that make you happy right? Correct, but sometimes happiness can come from other sources that we may not be aware of or you probably know - What I'm saying is that being with a close friend you like or a loved one, it makes you happy being with them, right? If so, Yes, then there's other ways of making yourself happy. I learned that Physical Activity can decrease depression.
As I was growing up, I was wheelchair bounded and hardly went out for public interaction - I was depressed like most others, bored, lonely, etc. Then I got out of my comfort zone, started going out to public places and to have public interactions; that really improved myself, my personality and perspective. Anyways, during my time of maturing/growing, I wanted to work out because I read that to decrease depression, Physical activity is one of the cure methods. I started working out and during…

What Foods To "Lose Weight" Understand the importance of Nutrition and how it plays a role on losing Weight

What Foods to Eat to "Lose Weight"@Delicatenutrition | @oi.strength Nutrition When consuming foods, you have to be aware of it's nutritional properties. The macro's and micronutrients. A lot of people (majority) does not know anything about nutrition or how it plays a role on the body. Those who does not pay attention to the nutritional label are most likely have a harder time to lose weight. Losing weight is not hard, it's simple. You need to be in a calorie deficit to lose the fat.

Along with losing weight, you'll lose muscle as well but not a much as "weight." The weight can be described  "Fat and/or water," once you're depleted from water and/or fat, you'll look leaner and more shredded. There's certain foods that'll help maintain your muscle-mass and prevent muscle loss; a good amount of protein intake will help maintain the muscle and continuing to build mass.
There's so much science backed into nutrition and diet …

A message for those Who Sit All Day - Stretching is Extremely Important - Living Healthy

A message for those Who Sit All Day--Previous Article: Best Exercise For Your ABS! @DelicateNutrition
I am a wheelchair user. I've been using a wheelchair since kindergarten. From that time, I haven't "left" my chair, I'm still riding it to get around. Being in a wheelchair may seem cool and less intense work for your legs and feet but that's not true. Sitting all day without using legs or any lower half muscles can affect you.

Staying in a fixed posture can make you imbalanced. Our body is designed to be mobile, flexible and to be put to use but if you're sitting all day, what's happening to your lower half? As you sit for a long periods of time, certain muscle groups and joints will start to degrade or lose function such as mobility, flexibility, Range of motion (ties in w/mobility), and simple exercise and it may limit you from doing activities. The areas that are mostly affected are the glutes, hamstrings, quads, back etc. All of it is affected. Str…