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How Breaking Bones Made Me Stronger

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A story by Oi.Strength (@oi.strength)
How Breaking Bones Made Me Stronger

With my condition, osteogenesis imperfecta (Oi) aka brittle bones, my life as a child was hell. Growing up was hard and anxious all the time because I was always worried if i was going to break a bone. Childhood is the worst part for OI people, probably because you're in the non-adult stage and your body is still growing and not as strong til you hit puberty and from that stage, life becomes a tad bit easier to cope with. During my childhood, I did not go outside a lot to play, I stood inside playing video games to consume my time. I was weak and vulnerable to everything. The simplest things I've done broke me. I was beyond my breaking point. After a couple of handful broken bones, approx 90+ broken bones, I did not care if I broke, I mean I did, but it didn't bother me.

To recover from the broken bones, I had to be casted. I have had metal rods inserted in my bones: legs, spine, and arm. The metal rod was inserted to help prevent breaks but I still broke with them inserted. I have had my arm reconstructed and spine reconfigured because of scoliosis. Having a cast on while having a broken bone was the worst part for me because the cast always got itchy for me. I was depressed as well when I broke because I can't do much but lay there and wait til my broken bone heals.

The emotion that comes from being disabled and breaking bones has toughen me, somewhat, but now having the ability to overcome a emotional state.

During the times when I've had broken bones, I had to figure out what to do and how to do it on my own. I always wanted to do everything on my own without help. Since I'm wheelchair bound (not able to walk but able to use legs) it was 10x harder for me. While having a broken arm, I had to push with my elbow to move around, I had to use my legs to push my wheelchair and myself around (not able to stand/walk yet). Going to the bathroom for the toilet was the hardest part, or taking a shower is also on the list. Those required assistance in some way but not fully. I've injured myself during the process of healing, you know, trying to figure out ways to do things on my own without help. Since I was always breaking, I wanted to figure out how to prevent/stop this so I don't have to go through hell and back.

After breaking too many bones throughout my life already, I wanted it to stop. Being in a wheelchair is hard enough, lol. When I hit puberty, life, my body became easier to deal with. I started to break less and I was super stoked/happy about it - Some how, puberty affects your bones. During puberty, I researched on how to improve myself (for strength gainz to prevent breaks) and that was to workout. The Dr always told me to go swimming and i have but that didn't strengthen me. That's not what I wanted, i wanted to prevent breaks and to get stronger. Up until Highschool, I didn't exercise much but that changed after i viewed life differently. I wanted to become stronger, better looking, better mindset, a positive life, etc so i began to force myself to do things that made me hurt or things that I couldn't do so i became better and stronger at it. My exercises has improved my strength, making my bones much stronger than ever before. I have not broken a bone in A WHILE due to me exercising with progressive overload techniques along with good dieting/nutrition.

The bone breaking made me change my perspective of life. Many people end up giving up because its just too hard. I feel ya but you cannot give up, you give up, you give up for everyone and yourself. Life has to many opportunities to take advantage of and you can make the effort to become stronger. When I broke bones, it made me realize who i was and what my worth was; I was living, I wanted to experience life in a positive way, not suffering. I wanted to live life normally, without any complications. Life now is good, I'm stronger than ever before and I'm still growing.

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