Increase Physical Exercise to Promote Happiness

Increase Physical Activity to Promote Happiness

Happiness comes from doing things that make you happy right? Correct, but sometimes happiness can come from other sources that we may not be aware of or you probably know - What I'm saying is that being with a close friend you like or a loved one, it makes you happy being with them, right? If so, Yes, then there's other ways of making yourself happy. I learned that Physical Activity can decrease depression.

As I was growing up, I was wheelchair bounded and hardly went out for public interaction - I was depressed like most others, bored, lonely, etc. Then I got out of my comfort zone, started going out to public places and to have public interactions; that really improved myself, my personality and perspective. Anyways, during my time of maturing/growing, I wanted to work out because I read that to decrease depression, Physical activity is one of the cure methods. I started working out and during my workout or after my session, I felt amazing as if no worries were in my mind or I felt as if I gave no fucks and I don't know who or what happens, I'm doing me and me only (not caring for the negatives/not being pressured/etc). My workout improved my thinking, my confidence a WHOLE lot, my energy, my mood, self discipline was introduced - and some of my mental breakdown are decreased such as Depression/Anxiety.

Through physical exercise, I was looking at myself - experiencing self-discipline. I was strict on myself for working out daily and keeping my diet on check. That improved my lifestyle overall and if your lifestyle is overall better, you'll feel better. The discipline I acquired helped me focus on school, work, and just things that I don't like doing but Now, I don't mind it because it's really Mind over Matter and I know i'll be happier at the end if I just Complete the task if needed.

3 Benefits of Physical Exercise - My Experience 

  1. Improved Mood - My personality has improved, the way I speak, the way I present myself; I'm happier, less depressed, feeling myself more*, feeling connected to life.
  2. Improved Confidence - It boosted my ego, my self-esteem, making me wanting to do things that made me scared, it boosted my emotional thoughts/Being in control 
  3. Improved Self-Discipline - A huge Plus - I'm more focused, clear-headed and more determined.

Now, there's science into this. I've read that people who have more physical exercise than most are more happier. This is just one of the methods to help boost your ego, self-esteem, and to gain confidence - a lot of people 'reach for that goal' when they workout. It did for me.
Although you can still develop depression, after a while of working out, you'll lose that "Drive" that "Energy" for a while but you'll gain your senses back - Everyone goes through up's and down's. Even during depression, exercising can help diminish it for the time being (for me at-least). Or perhaps try something new - if you're doing the same routine every time, that gets boring and lame - switch it up, have fun, be creative.


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