What Foods To "Lose Weight" Understand the importance of Nutrition and how it plays a role on losing Weight

What Foods to Eat to "Lose Weight"

When consuming foods, you have to be aware of it's nutritional properties. The macro's and micronutrients. A lot of people (majority) does not know anything about nutrition or how it plays a role on the body. Those who does not pay attention to the nutritional label are most likely have a harder time to lose weight. Losing weight is not hard, it's simple. You need to be in a calorie deficit to lose the fat.

Along with losing weight, you'll lose muscle as well but not a much as "weight." The weight can be described  "Fat and/or water," once you're depleted from water and/or fat, you'll look leaner and more shredded. There's certain foods that'll help maintain your muscle-mass and prevent muscle loss; a good amount of protein intake will help maintain the muscle and continuing to build mass.
There's so much science backed into nutrition and diet that it's complicated to understand.
Basically, you're wanting to consume healthier options rather than whatever you feel like eating.
Certain foods has certain elements, some elements contain healing properties, fat burning properties, low calorie, high rich nutrient foods. The rich nutrient foods is what you should mainly focus on for a healthy weight-loss plan or having a healthy lifestyle in general. The Fat burning property such as Coffee has a Thermogenic Effect - A "Fat burner" essentially that some foods contain, the thermogenic property. The thermogenic foods are similar to Fat burners; either way, both are ideal for weight-loss. Also, you have to look at fiber intake; Fiber is important - it helps fill you up. I'd recommend implementing some type of fiber into your meal(s) to keep you full, and also it'll help with your bowel movements.
Overall, Foods to eat for weight loss should be researched. There's a lot of misconceptions about foods, and how they affect the body, on weight-loss, muscle loss/prevention, etc. The main thing to look at when it comes to food is the nutrition - is it healthy, is it packed with good nutrients and micronutrients, does it have unnecessary additives or anything to that sort, is it benefiting the body?
A calorie deficit is the key for weight loss promotion along with healthy dieting - you'll notice weight-loss once you've changed your eating habits and lifestyle - eating healthier foods that nourishes the body will give you better results.
Caring for The Body
If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you.
Sometimes it can be the opposite though, some people do not have to eat healthy in order to lose weight, people just eat whatever and tend to lose weight by itself. That's probably because of the calorie intake you're having; is your calorie intake low or high? If low, eating junk and non-nutritional foods will make you "Skinny fat" but healthy foods will make your body appearance much better. A healthy lifestyle is the way to go to feeling good, having a good weight, and it's healthy for the body. Dieting and Exercising is a must to optimize fat/weight loss.
Tracking Macros
To efficiently lose weight, I'd recommend downloading and using a "Calorie/Macro Tracker" App Called, "MyFitnessPal." It'll help ALOT with your journey - losing weight, gaining weight, facts and details about foods, drinks, etc and much more.
Start losing weight today, change your life for the better, feel better and become stronger.

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