Why Be Stress Free

It's important to realize that stress can be harmful to everyone. Stress is one of those things that we have every day in our lives - whether it's people or situations that stresses us out. There are levels of stress and how it affects you. I run into people who are stressed out every day hoping for a relief - I myself am affected by stress but by managing your stress, you can live a happier life than most. Continue reading to find out how to reduce stress, how to manage and why it's important to eliminate it as much as possible.

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Every day people are doing something, work, school, something. Everyone accumulates stress over time, people use stress sometimes to there advantage, getting work done if and when necessary because the stress is providing them the energy to do so - then you got those people who let the stress affect their state of well-being such as mood, energy and the way they bring themselves upon other people/in life/activities. It's important to realize how much stress is affecting you and determine why you're letting it affect you. YOU should not let stress affect you or your lifestyle because it is a bad thing to experience/to endure.

Tons of people are having symptoms of being over-stressed; headaches, tensed muscles, feeling low and unmotivated, low on energy and overall well-being isn't good; that's probably caused by excessive stress - an increase of stress/an excessive amount of stress affecting your body/brain puts a serious harm on yourself - organs/health is affected and physical/mental state is also affected too. Many people do not know how to reduce/mitigate stress to better themselves, they rather allow the stress affect them and without addressing the problem. First, you must address the problem and determine why it's affecting you. Second, here are some ways to reduce stress:

10 Ways To Reduce Stress 

  1. Breathe - Breathing techniques have been used for years and many many people use breathing techniques for everything - For pain, staying calm, staying steady, reducing anxiety, reducing stress, improving energy, improving mood, etc. A good calm steady state of breathing can help reduce stress as it relieves the stress/tension from your body. Here's a video about that:

  2. Think, Reflect, Act - Determine why you're letting Stress affect you - Why is it affecting you and how bad is it affecting you. Reflect upon your actions and examine what's happening -  Once you found the problem, Act upon it, address the problem n fix it. (Similar to Meditating)
  3. Change Habits - Bad habits or not having any good habits can impact you and the way you live - if you're always stressing about doing things or can't seem to do things or having bad habit/traits, improve that, I guarantee that having a good habit trait can lead to stress-free life improving mood and overall well-being.
  4. Sleep more/Relax More - Many many many people have a hard time relaxing or finding time to sleep, many people have stressful jobs or life and they must take the necessary route in order to improve themselves. Relaxing throughout the day (such as Napping, or just relaxing) can help reduce stress by a whole lot, and napping, if you don't sleep enough can actually improve your well-being and mood because LACK of Sleep/Relaxation can affect your mental and physical state.
  5. Reduce Over-Stimulation - Stimulating your CNS can be exhausting - it's a stressful job to do - the requirements for stimulating something takes a lot of energy - so, if you're always stimulating something (for example - working out heavy/high intense workouts can affect your adrenal gland/affecting you, the stress is consuming you) take it easy for a while, take a deload week (like most pro's do).
  6. Smoke Marijuana - I myself have anxiety and stress in my life - sometimes stress can be so bad that my anxiety kicks in, when that happens, I use Marijuana to cope with my Stress/Anxiety. Very effective treatment in my opinion.
  7. Is it Necessary? - Is whatever the situation might be, is it serious enough to stress over it? Stressing over a situation for a long period of time is draining - that's why I asked, is it necessary? Probably not because people overexaggerate situations; if it's not life-threatening or life serious situation, don't keep stressing about it, think about something else and move on.
  8. Don't Over-think - Similar to #7, but over-thinking situations. For example, not doing your HW or not going to class/work - Don't put yourself down or think too much about it - that's also draining and it can affect the way you feel, letting stress consume you.
  9. Stretch the Tensed Muscles - Having tensed muscles can affect the way you feel - seriously. If you're always tensed up or have muscle knots, I recommend getting a massage to help ease the tension. A relief of tension will provide relief to you, a stress reliever - Massaging the tensed areas will help improve blood flow/circulation resulting in healing which will aid in reducing stress!
  10. Migitate the stress - Some people can use stress to their advantage - For example, getting work done. I myself use stress as an advantage to get work done quickly. Don't let stress consume you, Don't avoid it, Don't neglect it, address the problem NOW. Fixing the problem NOW will make you happier, not worrying about it later. (People who set things off to the side needs to bring them up to the front, and realize it's a top priority to take aware of because stress is affecting YOU!)

Don't let Stress Consume You. I see people everyday stressed out and you can see it on there faces. Stress can really hurt you, physically, mentally, spiritually and with friends/family - it also affects your health and well-being. That's why I advise Everyone to become stress-free as much as possible. Reduce the unnecessary situations that are making you stressed out - address the problem(s) that needs to be addressed in order to reduce stress - take the necessary steps to improve your live(s) such as exercising, having a better diet/nutrition, having better habits, n pay attention to your body. When your body is going through something, you'll notice, signs and messages will pop up and when they do, Listen to the Message, take action and live a better life.

Living a healthier life is the way to go. I am not 100% stress-free but I try every day to reduce my stress as much as possible. Me being stress-free has made me more of a positive person - Everyone now notices my energy is glowing (appealing), and my well-being is good, I feel great, I feel motivated, I feel less depressed.

Sometimes it can be close to impossible being stress-free, but you can always find a way to manage/reduce stress - find a way and use that method to mitigate it. Sometimes people use stress as a source of energy - Getting things done much quicker and efficiently. I know myself use to use stress as an advantage in Highschool - When Projects needed to be done, I would wait till the last minute to do the work, and when it came to the time, I got it done quickly.

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