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Why People Are Fat

"Shredded Physique"
"Food is Abused"

People are overweight simply due to Food Consumption. It's the obvious that food makes you gain weight (so does liquid calories). To much food consumption will lead you in a calorie surplus resulting in fat/weight gain. Fat comes from an excess amount of intake of calories - the calories needs to be "Burned" in order to "Eliminate" calories. Although, you're burning calories just by sitting, breathing and living, but it's not enough to burn fat. Overweight people tend to not exercise enough, so the calories that they consume basically sit there and stores more fat as you can more weight. Overtime, fat accumulates and you develop serious health problems. It's all about matter of choice and discipline - it seems like a ton of people do not care about self-health nor the consequences.

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A. Don't care about diet

I see tons of people looking for help for weight/fat loss. My family, friends and people on social media. There's even TV PROGRAMS showing people losing their weight or weight-loss journey. Crazy how losing weight can be such a hard thing but I believe gaining weight is the hardest. Losing the weight can be easy as gaining the weight, but it all depends on YOU and your GOALS in life.
If you're satisfied with your body and how it reacts/responds and copes with life in general, Live with it, might as well and not stress about it, but there's going to be consequences if you do not pay attention to your health.
Obesity people can develop some serious life-threatening problems - We WANT to Prevent that. Having a healthier-lifestyle diet is the right way to go about health in general :)

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More-so, people don't care about dieting. Food is love, love is food. Food has tons of creativity, it's an amazing feeling to eat foods from different sources. It can also be an addiction - Being addicted to foods. We need to be aware of the foods we consume - we need to moderate the way we eat, the way our body is reacting to the consumption of food and address the problem by fixing up your diet. Fixing up your diet will also help or improve your mood and energy!

"Exercise Is important"

b. Doesn't exercise

People who do not exercise won't burn any calories. Calorie-burning is an result of weight/fat-loss. Also, being in a calorie deficit (Consuming less food than usual) will put you in a fat loss state. Exercise is needed, the body is a machine that we must all maintain, and without maintenance, what happens? When You don't exercise and consume a lot of food throughout time, it'll accumulate resulting in weight-gain. I myself use to indulge in food, and then when I realized I was overweight, I stopped and changed my habits. I began exercising and implemented healthier foods in my diet. The working out has lead to bodybuilding which helps me maintain my lean physique which I love at the moment, I love the way my body is looking, my appearance is what drives me to better myself from dieting, nutrition and overall-health.

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"Junk Food No Good"

c. Junk food / No nutrition

Nutrition also plays a role on why people are overweight. It's tied in with your diet/eating habits. An excess amount of food consumption especially with poor nutrition can impact you - causing more weight gain and more health problems. Nutrition needs to be payed attention to such as Macro/Micronutrients. Macro/Micronutrients is what provides us the benefits of the foods that we consume; Junk food hardly contain any GOOD nutrition whereas healthy foods contain good nutrients which help the body in many ways. Health is wealth.

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"Portion Control/Distortions"

D. Portions are too much/Too big of a meals / Portion Distortion / Excessive Amounts of Calories / Overeating

Another problem with people have when they excessively eat is that there portions are too big or they snack-eat. Having to big of a meal can lead yourself in a weight gain phase. It can be a distortion as well - Confusing you so you have TO Be Caution how much food you're putting on your plate. Balance your foods. For example, balance your macros (protein, fat, carb) for a healthy balanced meal. People who overeat either have to big of portions or they "snack eat." Snack-eating is basically eating food every so-often (calories are being added quickly - be caution). Just snacking on random food selections. That's unhealthy because you're giving your body junk and that's not efficient for a healthy lifestyle. Having meals is better than snack-eating because you can be more in control of your calorie consumption. Portion control is the key for a good balanced-Calorie meal. Use MyfitnessPal APP (for IOS and Android) to track macro's calories, etc.

"Shopping on a Budget"

E. No Money for Healthy Food

When it comes to food shopping, it can be quite expensive for healthy options for some reason. Cheap foods are usually Junk foods providing little to no nutrition (nutritional value). I recommend when shopping is to not buy the "healthiest" selections - it's okay to choose some selections that aren't 100% beneficial for us, but get something that isn't total "Junk" we want food that has balanced-macro's - not an excess amount of Carbs, and/or fats.. Money is a problem and lot of people cannot seem to be fit/healthy because of the situation - that's False. I myself live in a somewhat poor family - we live off of junk at times and I still manage to lose weight by choosing the right choices/being in control of my diet, - in moderation! -

"The Body/Genetics"

F. Genetics / The Body

Now, There's some science in why people are overweight and that's because of "Genetics." If that's the case, I call bullshit. Gaining weight comes from an excess amount of eating - so if you're eating too much, reduce it. Genetic does play a role on how FAST and slow you can gain/lose weight but it doesn't (the fat) automatically appear on your body, it comes on gradually as you increase your food consumption. On the other note, stress can be a contribution to weight-gain; make sure to reduce stress as much as possible and don't over-do anything.


G: Bad Habits

Bad habits can lead to problems such as weight-gain, social problems (interactions) and much more. Focusing on "fat-gain" bad habits including sitting down all day, playing video games, not doing anything is a bad habit - Dr's advises everyone to be active at least 30+ minutes A DAY which is Not hard to do. So, yes of course if you're overweight and wondering why, perhaps your activity level is really low.

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