Build Up Your Weak Points To Become Stronger

Weak Links | Building More Strength n Muscle

🔗 Weak Points 🔗

🔗 Weak Points 🔗
Bring up those weak points to become a stronger person.

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Posted by Oi.Strength on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

When I began
"Bodybuilding" or [weightlifting], I was just Lifting weights, trying to increase the size on my arms and my whole body. In my training, I noticed I was weak in some parts of lifting and that I thought I was capable of handling it, resulting in injury(ies). I have had multiple injuries due to "Ego-Lifting" in a way, but it was also due to the weakness of my body, a vulnerable muscle that must be strengthened in order to prevent any injury. When "Ego-Lifting" You're essentially using all muscle groups in order to keep going, lifting heavy ass weights, or whatever the case might be, and in my theory, I believe every muscle group must be strengthened in order to sustain that type of impact/damage n to prevent injuries.
When my injuries occurred, I had to think about what I had done to get injured and How I can prevent it (Also I have to take my "condition" little more serious). It was obvious that I had 'neglected' some muscle groups that I have not trained; SO, I began examining what areas of my body are weak.

I noticed my back, due to multiple injuries it must be improved, my shoulders; they have improved a lot since I began weightlifting but it could always be better, Core; Core was a favorite of mine but I neglected it after a while, I'm back on my grindmode to create my masterpiece, Legs; Always a weak link to my body, in a current phase of training'em at the moment, Seeing awesome gainz, Arms; Always a good part.
After some time of improving my weak links, I noticed a huge improvement of my physique (a huge plus), my strengthen and my muscle thickness has improved, stronger bones, Have not been injured in a while, Feeling Much Stronger, and Better - more athletic. Overall it is much better to train every body part, never neglect any muscle group if you are a true athletic person/bodybuilder.
When I mention "Bodybuilder" Don't think of Phil Heath, I mention bodybuilder because I want to bring up lagging body parts so I can become better and stronger for MYSELF. I want to WALK in my life, I don't want to use a wheelchair all my life; I want to able to carry things, I Do not want to have any More Fractures In my Life; Bodybuilding is about training your body in a way to improve yourself, not just getting huge; Everyone has different goals.
Weak points within your body must be brought up - It must be trained; If you notice a weak link within your body, I recommend training it 3x a week, really focus on breaking down the muscle to improve it. Train with variety and with Intensity.
Become stronger and better today!

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Positioning (Hand Placement, Feet Placement, Body Placement) | Angles - Bodybuilding Tips

When it comes to training a muscle, you can train it in many ways - BREAK DOWN THE MUSCLE

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Bodybuilding Tips

Using different ways to exercise/train the muscle will put more strain on the muscle you're targeting causing more muscle breakdown (resulting in more Gainz); I utilize this method to increase intensity n to promote growth.
Placing your body in different positions can be beneficial. It's beneficial because it target different muscle fibers, recruiting more fibers means more activation, which results in more muscle breakdown overall. I'd say, (Recommended),  You must take notice of placing yourself in different positions to promote more of a growth/stimulus. Don't repeat the same exercise/routine, switch it up, amp up the intensity, break the muscle fibers down and develop your body better.
I've seen on youtube so many bodybuilders and fitness people sharing knowledge when it comes to building muscle. The key is intensity, adding in different ways to attack the muscle. Performing the same exercise on the muscle will promote growth, but not as effectively. This way is much more intense, you can bang out a workout within 30 minutes to an hour. 
Using different hand placements and placing yourself in different positions will build more muscle as it target different muscle fibers.

Utilizing Body (Hands/Feet/BODY) Placements will dramatically improve your Gainz:
Hand Placements: If you're using a barbell, try to bring your arms closer, elbows tucked in, and curl for a bicep activation/training, and you'll feel it work on the bicep little bit differently.
Placing your hands in different positions is effective for ALL BODY PARTS
For example Legs: Squats: Performing this can target many muscle groups. It's all about your feet placement. Another Example is Back training; Using different handles and grip methods can make you feel a better mind-to-muscle connection.

Everyone wants to achieve that mind to muscle connections to ensure maximum muscle breakdown. Sometimes not everyone can get that connection. Sometimes it's due to the grip, the handle or simply the placement of hands/feet/body. Try using a different handle to see if you can feel a better muscle activation (mind to muscle connection). 

Training with different styles such as placement, positions, etc can make you stronger. 
For me at least, it as made me much stronger. After discovering this way of training, my strength and muscle definition has improved greatly.

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How "I Developed My ABS"

Ab training is needed for ab definition, but sometimes, performing certain exercises will help develop abs.
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Developing ABS require HARD Work.
Tons of energy is needed to work out your abs. Your abs are something that most people ignore/neglect; If you're wanting ripped abs, you must train them like any other body part. I, myself, has incorporated AB exercises into my workout routines to help develop and shape my core. After training them for a while, I noticed improvements. But before that, I noticed I had well-developed abs before even getting serious about ab development - my abs were pretty good but it could be better.

Before I began really focusing on my core/abs,
I was working out other body parts besides my abs. My abs were defined already from the start - Diet/Nutrition help carve my physique, but that didn't develop my abs; Doing Overhead Presses did - overhead presses utilizes stabilization - Your CORE is used heavily to keep your body steady resulting in muscle contractions within that area = defining the abs. Mike Rashid also mentioned this in one of his videos.
As I did overhead presses over a long period of time, my core/abs have started to develop, getting stronger, toner and looking more aesthetic.

People who don't like working out their abs directly
should try overhead presses for core gains/ OR something to that sort - You want to utilize the stabilization [muscles] to help strengthen and to develop your core/abs. Don't use machines, I prefer dumbbells or Barbell for the exercise. Try to Stand tall at all times, keep everything tight and perform the exercise. Of course, this won't make huge progress but I wanted to mention how I developed abs over a period of time.
Focusing on your core/abs directly will maximize your gains though.

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