Build Up Your Weak Points To Become Stronger

Weak Links | Building More Strength n Muscle

🔗 Weak Points 🔗

🔗 Weak Points 🔗
Bring up those weak points to become a stronger person.

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Posted by Oi.Strength on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

When I began
"Bodybuilding" or [weightlifting], I was just Lifting weights, trying to increase the size on my arms and my whole body. In my training, I noticed I was weak in some parts of lifting and that I thought I was capable of handling it, resulting in injury(ies). I have had multiple injuries due to "Ego-Lifting" in a way, but it was also due to the weakness of my body, a vulnerable muscle that must be strengthened in order to prevent any injury. When "Ego-Lifting" You're essentially using all muscle groups in order to keep going, lifting heavy ass weights, or whatever the case might be, and in my theory, I believe every muscle group must be strengthened in order to sustain that type of impact/damage n to prevent injuries.
When my injuries occurred, I had to think about what I had done to get injured and How I can prevent it (Also I have to take my "condition" little more serious). It was obvious that I had 'neglected' some muscle groups that I have not trained; SO, I began examining what areas of my body are weak.

I noticed my back, due to multiple injuries it must be improved, my shoulders; they have improved a lot since I began weightlifting but it could always be better, Core; Core was a favorite of mine but I neglected it after a while, I'm back on my grindmode to create my masterpiece, Legs; Always a weak link to my body, in a current phase of training'em at the moment, Seeing awesome gainz, Arms; Always a good part.
After some time of improving my weak links, I noticed a huge improvement of my physique (a huge plus), my strengthen and my muscle thickness has improved, stronger bones, Have not been injured in a while, Feeling Much Stronger, and Better - more athletic. Overall it is much better to train every body part, never neglect any muscle group if you are a true athletic person/bodybuilder.
When I mention "Bodybuilder" Don't think of Phil Heath, I mention bodybuilder because I want to bring up lagging body parts so I can become better and stronger for MYSELF. I want to WALK in my life, I don't want to use a wheelchair all my life; I want to able to carry things, I Do not want to have any More Fractures In my Life; Bodybuilding is about training your body in a way to improve yourself, not just getting huge; Everyone has different goals.
Weak points within your body must be brought up - It must be trained; If you notice a weak link within your body, I recommend training it 3x a week, really focus on breaking down the muscle to improve it. Train with variety and with Intensity.
Become stronger and better today!

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