How "I Developed My ABS"

Ab training is needed for ab definition, but sometimes, performing certain exercises will help develop abs.
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Developing ABS require HARD Work.
Tons of energy is needed to work out your abs. Your abs are something that most people ignore/neglect; If you're wanting ripped abs, you must train them like any other body part. I, myself, has incorporated AB exercises into my workout routines to help develop and shape my core. After training them for a while, I noticed improvements. But before that, I noticed I had well-developed abs before even getting serious about ab development - my abs were pretty good but it could be better.

Before I began really focusing on my core/abs,
I was working out other body parts besides my abs. My abs were defined already from the start - Diet/Nutrition help carve my physique, but that didn't develop my abs; Doing Overhead Presses did - overhead presses utilizes stabilization - Your CORE is used heavily to keep your body steady resulting in muscle contractions within that area = defining the abs. Mike Rashid also mentioned this in one of his videos.
As I did overhead presses over a long period of time, my core/abs have started to develop, getting stronger, toner and looking more aesthetic.

People who don't like working out their abs directly
should try overhead presses for core gains/ OR something to that sort - You want to utilize the stabilization [muscles] to help strengthen and to develop your core/abs. Don't use machines, I prefer dumbbells or Barbell for the exercise. Try to Stand tall at all times, keep everything tight and perform the exercise. Of course, this won't make huge progress but I wanted to mention how I developed abs over a period of time.
Focusing on your core/abs directly will maximize your gains though.

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