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The Importance Of Muscle Building

The Importance Of Muscle Building08/12/2018

1) Calorie Intake
Calories are something that people don't usually pay attention too, or if you are a beginner, you may not know that calories are important for muscle growth. If you're in a calorie deficit and/or not receiving enough (protein/carbs/fats), you won't grow effectively. In order to grow more, you must consume more food (more calories). The more food you consume, muscle mass will start to develop // Don't consume too much food - too much leads to fat gain. Be wise on calorie intake - Get enough of proteins, carbs and fats, nothing to excessive.2) Mind to Muscle Connection
Mind to muscle connection is Crucial to build muscle. The mind to muscle connection is the active thought - the mind is focused on a particular muscle (that you are training), not any other muscles - you are only targeting and working that muscle. Some people have a hard time establishing that mind to muscle connection and when that happens, you&#…

Do Not Smoke Nicotine 💨💨

Do Not Smoke Nicotine 💨💨 Do not Smoke Nicotine

Since I was 15 years old, my friend introduced me to "vaping" lol, it was a cool thing to see, huge amount of smoke being produced by a simple device; that device has "e-liquid" normally containing nicotine or non-nicotine. Vaping was considered to be a 'helpful' thing for those who are trying to quit smoking cigs.
At the time, I did not smoke cigs nor knew about vapes, It looked cool to me, so i wanted to be a part of it. I started vaping with nicotine already in it - I loved the way nicotine made me feel. Nicotine is what makes you feel relaxed, calm, but it's addictive.
over some time of using the vapes, I noticed a lot of changes within myself.

1: I felt sluggish2: Mind was not clear3: Tired/Lazy4: Lack of focus5: Depending on nicotine to feel calm/relaxed6: Acne breakout7: Stomach issues8: Over-use

These are the issues that I've noticed within 6 years of vaping (started at 15 yrs old / Currently 21 y…

🍧 Things Making You Fat 🍧

Things MakingYou Fat
When it comes to gaining weight, you have to think about what's actually making [you] gain weight? Weight/Fat doesn't just come out of nowhere, it comes from consuming foods and possibly some other source (like stress, etc). However, the main source is Consumption.
☑ People who are overweight consume more calories than they should because they are not burning the calories throughout the day resulting in fat-gain; If you exercise [intensily] you burn calories; People who are inactive tend to be more overweight - especially, if they are consuming more calories than [needed]. To fix this problem, simply log your food/drinks/snacks/etc, see how much [calories] you are consuming. I'd do this for a week to get a good accurate result. From there, you need to manipulate your calories; The key for fat-loss is to be in a calorie deficit, Exercising is an addition for weight/fat-loss. A good way to track calories/macros is by downloading a mobile app, "MyFitne…