The Importance Of Muscle Building

The Importance Of Muscle Building


  1. 1) Calorie Intake

    Calories are something that people don't usually pay attention too, or if you are a beginner, you may not know that calories are important for muscle growth. If you're in a calorie deficit and/or not receiving enough (protein/carbs/fats), you won't grow effectively. In order to grow more, you must consume more food (more calories). The more food you consume, muscle mass will start to develop // Don't consume too much food - too much leads to fat gain. Be wise on calorie intake - Get enough of proteins, carbs and fats, nothing to excessive.
  2. 2) Mind to Muscle Connection

    Mind to muscle connection is Crucial to build muscle. The mind to muscle connection is the active thought - the mind is focused on a particular muscle (that you are training), not any other muscles - you are only targeting and working that muscle. Some people have a hard time establishing that mind to muscle connection and when that happens, you're training secondary muscles (aswell as surrounding muscles). We're wanting to Isolate that muscle.
    Essentially - you're feeling that muscle Work rather than other muscles around that muscle you are working (exercising). If you can focus your energy on that muscle, you have Established the Mind to Muscle Connection.
  3. 3) Compound Lifts

    Compound lifts/movements are necessary for muscle growth - It uses all muscle groups for more activation/stimulation - You essentially can use more weight (lbs) which means breaking down the muscle more(which results in more growth). Compound movements require more muscles groups to be used whereas Isolation Exercises only trains "One Muscle."
  4. 4) Progress Overloading

    Progress Overload is the key if you're wanting muscle growth. Without progress overload, I don't think you can grow. Using the same weight, same intensity, same techniques, same routine won't get you anywhere further - You must "SHOCK" your body thinking you're putting the body through more stress. To achieve progress overloading you must:
    1. Increase weight (lbs)
    2. Increase Intensity
    3. Shorter Rest Times
    4: Switch up the Routine
    5: Switch up the Techniques
    6: Try Alternative exercises
Key Notes:
1:Hydration: Important to keep the muscles full, helps transport nutrients, good for the body/mind/brain, vital to muscle and overall health

2: Sleep: Sleep is crucial to pay attention too. Neglecting sleep can hinder your muscle growth. Get plenty of sleep to see muscle growth.
3: Recovery: Recovery is much needed if you're a intense muscle builder - Your muscles need some type of assistance to help recover. You can aid that by: Getting massages, resting more, stretching, foam rolling, etc.
4: Consistency: With being consistent with eating, and working out, you'll notice progress for sure. Without consistency, progression will be slowed, and it'll take much more effort. Stay consistent!

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Do Not Smoke Nicotine 💨💨

Do Not Smoke Nicotine 💨💨
Vaping | Vapes | Nicotine Based | Smoking
Do not Smoke Nicotine

Since I was 15 years old, my friend introduced me to "vaping" lol, it was a cool thing to see, huge amount of smoke being produced by a simple device; that device has "e-liquid" normally containing nicotine or non-nicotine. Vaping was considered to be a 'helpful' thing for those who are trying to quit smoking cigs.
At the time, I did not smoke cigs nor knew about vapes, It looked cool to me, so i wanted to be a part of it. I started vaping with nicotine already in it - I loved the way nicotine made me feel. Nicotine is what makes you feel relaxed, calm, but it's addictive.
over some time of using the vapes, I noticed a lot of changes within myself.

  • 1: I felt sluggish
  • 2: Mind was not clear
  • 3: Tired/Lazy
  • 4: Lack of focus
  • 5: Depending on nicotine to feel calm/relaxed
  • 6: Acne breakout
  • 7: Stomach issues
  • 8: Over-use
Side Effects of Nicotine

These are the issues that I've noticed within 6 years of vaping (started at 15 yrs old / Currently 21 yrs old). I knew what was creating these issues but i didn't bother to address it.
I ignored the issues because the nicotine (perhaps it was a habit too) made me feel good, it was like I needed it in order to operate (sometimes) and sometimes without it, I'd go nuts. If the nicotine made me go through withdrawals (can have withdrawals from anything to be honest), i was overusing the vapes or smoking to much nicotine and not to mention, NICOTINE is an Addictive property (I can see why the U.S is filled with Cig Smokers/ #1 harmful substance?)

I Want To Stop
Vape Tricks

If you are a vaper like me, you know how good it feels to vape. Doing tricks, blowing huge clouds, and just for the nicotine rush. But now realizing that my health is much more important, I want to stop. I want to not feel sluggish, tired, lazy, unmotivated - I wanted to stop the acne breakouts, the stomach issues, etc. I felt like I was dragging myself throughout the day just to "live." It was really bothering me. I had to ignore the pain (the messages the mind/body was telling me) and that's no good. I wake up feeling sluggish and That's a bad feeling because I know I had plenty of sleep, I should not feel like SHIT.

Message to ALL
So, if you are a vaper LIKE ME, I would stop. I'm telling you to stop or reduce the amount of smoking you're doing. Don't be vaping every minute, vape every hour or so - Limit yourself. Nicotine/vaping/smoking will catch up to you - especially for kids - Kids nowadays are getting there hands on pod systems (vapes), easily vaping in school, at the house and out in public; Many people do not know what it is. Although they may or may not be smoking nicotine, they probably end up going to because I have seen it with my own eyes.
Vapes | Pods | Easy for Kids | Nicotine in them

In the serious note, there's going to be consequences if you smoke/vape (nicotine) all day. Stomach issues, throat issues, lung issues; overall Health issues. Your Health is much more crucial and important than feeling good/relaxed. Take things into consideration, examine your life for the good and change things up to make your life easier, better and more enjoyable.

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🍧 Things Making You Fat 🍧

Things Making You Fat

Calories | Macros | Portion Distortion | Nutrition | Diet

When it comes to gaining weight, you have to think about what's actually making [you] gain weight? Weight/Fat doesn't just come out of nowhere, it comes from consuming foods and possibly some other source (like stress, etc). However, the main source is Consumption.
☑ People who are overweight consume more calories than they should because they are not burning the calories throughout the day resulting in fat-gain; If you exercise [intensily] you burn calories; People who are inactive tend to be more overweight - especially, if they are consuming more calories than [needed]. To fix this problem, simply log your food/drinks/snacks/etc, see how much [calories] you are consuming. I'd do this for a week to get a good accurate result. From there, you need to manipulate your calories; The key for fat-loss is to be in a calorie deficit, Exercising is an addition for weight/fat-loss. A good way to track calories/macros is by downloading a mobile app, "MyFitnessPal."
☑ Now, You have understood How people gain weight - that is from consuming a lot of calories. These calories come from food, obviously, but people tend to not pay attention to what they are eating.
☑ Nutrition is important to understand because people are gaining weight without even 'noticing it.' Nutrition is the food that you consume [the choices - such as clean food *veggies/fruits, etc*), the macro/micronutrient - the "Beneficial" Food (i call it); Bad food has poor nutrition - poor nutrition  = Fat-gain or fat-loss, depending on you, as an Individual. Everyone is different, some people react good to "poor nutrition" and some people react bad to "poor nutrition." Majority of the weight gain comes from poor nutrition.
☑ If you want to fix "poor nutrition" you must first examine what you're eating, then change your lifestyle.
Also, what I notice what makes people fat is Portion distortion; Portion distortion is REAL - a plate of food can contain a lot of calories, if you're not measuring your food. If you have a big slab of rice and other carb sources, that'll make you gain weight (from all the Excessive amount of carbs); Be careful of how much you add, it can add up quickly.
(to prevent this, simply track your calories/macros and Scale/measure out your food).

☑ Once you people understood nutrition and dieting lifestyle, you do not have to worry about weight gain because you NOW know how to manipulate your calories - Easily to gain weight/drop weight, you are in Control of your Body, You are the Leader, You know what steps to take to help shred off the fat/or to gain fat/weight. It's simple, you [do not] have to be a scienctist or an expert to understand calories/macro's and portion control. Always be caution of how much food (portion distortion remember), and balance out the macro's to have an ideal body fat (not to much of something/excessive amounts of macros such as Carbs/Fats).

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