🍧 Things Making You Fat 🍧

Things Making You Fat

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When it comes to gaining weight, you have to think about what's actually making [you] gain weight? Weight/Fat doesn't just come out of nowhere, it comes from consuming foods and possibly some other source (like stress, etc). However, the main source is Consumption.
☑ People who are overweight consume more calories than they should because they are not burning the calories throughout the day resulting in fat-gain; If you exercise [intensily] you burn calories; People who are inactive tend to be more overweight - especially, if they are consuming more calories than [needed]. To fix this problem, simply log your food/drinks/snacks/etc, see how much [calories] you are consuming. I'd do this for a week to get a good accurate result. From there, you need to manipulate your calories; The key for fat-loss is to be in a calorie deficit, Exercising is an addition for weight/fat-loss. A good way to track calories/macros is by downloading a mobile app, "MyFitnessPal."
☑ Now, You have understood How people gain weight - that is from consuming a lot of calories. These calories come from food, obviously, but people tend to not pay attention to what they are eating.
☑ Nutrition is important to understand because people are gaining weight without even 'noticing it.' Nutrition is the food that you consume [the choices - such as clean food *veggies/fruits, etc*), the macro/micronutrient - the "Beneficial" Food (i call it); Bad food has poor nutrition - poor nutrition  = Fat-gain or fat-loss, depending on you, as an Individual. Everyone is different, some people react good to "poor nutrition" and some people react bad to "poor nutrition." Majority of the weight gain comes from poor nutrition.
☑ If you want to fix "poor nutrition" you must first examine what you're eating, then change your lifestyle.
Also, what I notice what makes people fat is Portion distortion; Portion distortion is REAL - a plate of food can contain a lot of calories, if you're not measuring your food. If you have a big slab of rice and other carb sources, that'll make you gain weight (from all the Excessive amount of carbs); Be careful of how much you add, it can add up quickly.
(to prevent this, simply track your calories/macros and Scale/measure out your food).

☑ Once you people understood nutrition and dieting lifestyle, you do not have to worry about weight gain because you NOW know how to manipulate your calories - Easily to gain weight/drop weight, you are in Control of your Body, You are the Leader, You know what steps to take to help shred off the fat/or to gain fat/weight. It's simple, you [do not] have to be a scienctist or an expert to understand calories/macro's and portion control. Always be caution of how much food (portion distortion remember), and balance out the macro's to have an ideal body fat (not to much of something/excessive amounts of macros such as Carbs/Fats).

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