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Why I Take Cold Showers - Health and Performance Benefits

💧Why I Take Cold Showers💧


As weird as that may sound, I actually do love taking cold showers. I love the way the coldness of the water changes the way I feel; I feel way better when I go take a cold shower.

I'll take a cold shower anytime of the day, but normally in the morning to wake up. The coldness of the water will wake you up, no doubt. But the benefits of taking cold showers is amazing.

Here are the reasons why I like taking Cold showers

1: Wake up Call
If you're extremely tired, or have little-to no energy, try taking a cold shower. The coldness of the water will forsure wake you up, make you alert, it'll get everything going

2: Increased Blood-Flow
This is important for nutrient flow, aiding in muscle-recovery, and overall recovery.

3: Improve Skin Condition
If you have dry skin or skin issues, try cold showers. After some time of taking cold showers, I have noticed my HAIR and Skin Condition has improved a lot since then. My skin is n…

Improve Osteogenesis Imperfecta Condition

Improve Osteogenesis Imperfecta Condition

What's up guys and girls.
I have type 3 Oi, I was born with this disease obviously. Throughout my childhood, I've broken Hundreds of bones, had countless of surgical procedures, and all that sadness stuff. I gotta admit, my life was hell, it was not fun, or at least as enjoyable as others, but it got better.

Growing up, I was learning how to cope with my body, essentially understanding everything about myself, i had to be aware of everything. i was consciously thinking about every step, move, etc. it was tedious but i had to do in order to help myself to not get hurt.

When I hit middle school, my whole process of thinking of life changed, I understood who I was.
From that, i had to think what could i do to improve myself such as strength, muscle, appearance, etc. I wanted to walk, i wanted to get stronger, and have bigger muscles. To obtain that i needed to know how to do it - that is by exercising.

Exercising is the key along with…

Arm Workout @Oi.Strength (Brittle Bone Disease)

! Look at the Definition within my arms; The separation,the detail of the biceps and triceps, the mass, the thickness. That's what I called Arm Gainz.
I have a rare disease called osteogenesis imperfecta, born with this. Anyone can improve themselves, stop being lazy, work for it!

7 Things I do To Stay Shredded

7 Things I do To Stay Shredded
Calories and Macros are important to pay attention too if you're wanting to keep your body fat low.

Here are the 7 things I do to stay shredded:
↳- Previous Article: The Easiest Way To Get Shredded

1: Track Calories and macros
The easiest way to manipulate your body fat % is by tracking your calories n macros. Macros and calories is what gives your body the nutrients, it's the food that you're consuming. You must be wise on what you're eating - typically low carb will help reduce body %. Overall, tracking calories n macros and manipulating it will help you get into shape, either that's gaining or dropping weight. Download an app called, 'myfitnesspal' to get started. It's free.

2: Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated has many many benefits. One of it is keeping yourself full. Many people do not drink enough water, so they think when they are hungry, they indulge in bad foods which leads to weight-gain. Drinking water throughout the…

The Easiest Way to Get Shredded

The Easiest Way to Get Shredded@oi.strength
To getshredded, it takes some serious commitment, I mean serious commitment . I have gone through some gruesome experience trying to achieve that shredded look/physique.
It's no fun, ask anyone, unless they love to endure pain all day, everyday.
The shredded physique is one that has absolutely no fat, or hardly ANY fat, revealing all of your Aesthetic Muscles. This shows hard work, progress, and just to show off.
I'd recommend to everyone who wants to achieve any type of physique, you must know the in's and out's of Dieting n Nutrition, if you don't, it'll be very complicated and tedious.

To get ripped, you need to
1) Understand Calories and Macros.
Must be able to Manipulate calories/macros in order to progress further.
- Macros such as fats, carbs and proteins needs to be heavily looked at if you're wanting to be shredded!
Normally people with low body fat has low carbs.
2) Must be Committed, ! Be patience 
- Body fat…

Tone Arms | Build Lagging Arms or Legs | Increase Bicep, Tricep, calves, legs, etc! | BFR (Occlusion Training)

Blood Flow Restriction or Occlusion traininghelps bring up lagging body part or can be used as a method to increase size and perhaps strength. I discovered this method a while back from a Fitness Idol (IG/YT)Bradley Martyn, he was explaining that it is beneficial to use for certain body parts such as arms and legs, to help build up size if you're lacking in symmetry or if you're wanting to maximize growth -
 This method helps increase size.
I now use this method to help tone and to bring up size on my arms.

↳What this does: Occlusion training refers to a 'band' being tied to a limb to restrict blood flow, not 100%, just enough to restrict a bit of blood flow to the area that you're wanting to train (For example; Bicep, you can tie a occlusion band around your arm *above bicep* to restrict blood flow).

Occlusion Training Chart (For Body Parts)

Here are some Occlusion Training Videos:

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