7 Things I do To Stay Shredded

7 Things I do To Stay Shredded

Calories and Macros are important to pay attention too if you're wanting to keep your body fat low.

Here are the 7 things I do to stay shredded:
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1: Track Calories and macros
The easiest way to manipulate your body fat % is by tracking your calories n macros. Macros and calories is what gives your body the nutrients, it's the food that you're consuming. You must be wise on what you're eating - typically low carb will help reduce body %. Overall, tracking calories n macros and manipulating it will help you get into shape, either that's gaining or dropping weight. Download an app called, 'myfitnesspal' to get started. It's free.

2: Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated has many many benefits. One of it is keeping yourself full. Many people do not drink enough water, so they think when they are hungry, they indulge in bad foods which leads to weight-gain. Drinking water throughout the day will keep your body functioning right but will also keep you full and will get rid of those unnecessary munchies

3: Eat Clean Foods
Eating clean foods should be known that it'll help with health such as weight/fat-loss, better for your body overall and it's cleaner. Clean foods are tedious to enjoy because it's not sweet or salty, but not all foods has to be bland; you can be creative but don't over do it with the unnecessary bullshit. That's how people end up getting fat and losing their hopes.

4: Exercise Daily - Intensity 
Daily exercises is much much needed. Intensity must be focused on if you're wanting to bring out those definition within your muscles - the aesthetic look. Consistency is the key if you're wanting to stay shredded. If you don't stay consistent, staying or getting shredded will be very very hard.

5: Drink Coffee
Personal preference but I believe coffee helps with weight/fat-loss, it acts like a fat-burner (thermogenic), and it is an appetite suppressant - One of the main things we need to kinda focus on if you have a hard time trying to not eat, try drinking coffee, it'll curb your hunger.

6: Intermittent Fasting
Personal preference but I believe Fasting can be very beneficial for weight/fat-loss, it helps reduce eating and can make you stay on track within your diet/nutrition part.

7: Take care of the body
Overall, the body must be taken care of, and if not, it'll look like complete shit. I mean, look at those people who are unhealthy - they LOOK LIKE SHIT. Straight up. Don't look sloppy, listen to your body, give it what it needs, and start feeling better. You'll perform better, you'll think and act better, n it'll give out good energy.

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