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Improve Osteogenesis Imperfecta Condition

Improve Osteogenesis Imperfecta Condition

@Oi.Strength | Type 3 Oi | Fitness Enthusiast |

What's up guys and girls.
I have type 3 Oi, I was born with this disease obviously. Throughout my childhood, I've broken Hundreds of bones, had countless of surgical procedures, and all that sadness stuff. I gotta admit, my life was hell, it was not fun, or at least as enjoyable as others, but it got better.

Growing up, I was learning how to cope with my body, essentially understanding everything about myself, i had to be aware of everything. i was consciously thinking about every step, move, etc. it was tedious but i had to do in order to help myself to not get hurt.

When I hit middle school, my whole process of thinking of life changed, I understood who I was.
From that, i had to think what could i do to improve myself such as strength, muscle, appearance, etc. I wanted to walk, i wanted to get stronger, and have bigger muscles. To obtain that i needed to know how to do it - that is by exercising.

Exercising is the key along with being Consistent. A lot of people end up working out for couple weeks and call it quits, you cannot simply quit, you quit, your progress, your progression isn't going anywhere. it's a habit choice rather than a 'chore.' if you're not having fun while working out, make it fun, do things make make it interesting, switch it up, make it cool to you, don't simply follow people's routines, etc.

Since I've begun my fitness journey, my fractures reduced a shit ton. I know I've gained strength and muscle because I've fallen multiple times off my chair and usually when I fall, I end up being injured, but the times that I fallen recently, I did not get injured. My first intentions were when I fell was that I'm injured, I was upset, but when I got up, I was surprised, I wasn't injured and instantly I gain confidence knowing that I'm doing something right. Training is crucial for healthy body.

Our bodies aren't as strong as 'normal' people, therefore we must take exercising into account. We must train our bodies to become stronger; We cannot be vulnerable to falls, etc. We must build up the weak points.

My fitness journey was hard to go about. I did not know what to do or where to start. I began to research how exercising helps the body - it helps strengthen the bones, muscles and joints; Weightlifting fell into my life and bodyweight training. Weightlifting with low pound weights (e.g. 10lbs), was ideal for me, not everyone needs heavy weights in order to gain strength or muscle, but it does for sure help build much more strength n muscle. Bodyweight training help me gain strength and muscle, it was an easier thing to do than weightlifting because weightlifting can be dangerous at times. I lifted non-heavy weights to train the weak parts of my body. I've tried 'heavy weights' and end up being injured. I train what's weak within my body, improve upon it, find another weak point, improve upon it, repeat. (same goes for bodyweight training)

It's not that hard to go about, it's more of a life-choice, a habit. You got to be consistent. You'll see results, gains, trust me, do it.

My Routine
Everyone's Routine should be different. Not everyone should use the same things because everyone's different. Find what works for you but here are the things that I use on the daily

1: Foam Roller
Foam roller's are great to have to help relieve those tight muscles and joints. Helps with mobility of the spine, helps gets rid of those muscle knots anywhere.

2: Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are very beneficial when it comes to fitness. It's lightweight, easy to carry, convenient, and efficient. You can workout anywhere using bands, you have no excuse, and you can train any body part. Cheap and inexpensive that I use on the daily. Can be used for stretching, mobility work, etc.

3: Weights
Dumbbells, obviously for building muscle
(kettle-bells are ideal)

4:  Supplementation
A great way to incorporate more of those Nutrients that you may be lacking in, good for the body, essential for health. 


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