The Easiest Way to Get Shredded

The Easiest Way to Get Shredded

To get shredded, it takes some serious commitment, I mean serious commitment . I have gone through some gruesome experience trying to achieve that shredded look/physique.
It's no fun, ask anyone, unless they love to endure pain all day, everyday.
The shredded physique is one that has absolutely no fat, or hardly ANY fat, revealing all of your Aesthetic Muscles. This shows hard work, progress, and just to show off.
I'd recommend to everyone who wants to achieve any type of physique, you must know the in's and out's of Dieting n Nutrition, if you don't, it'll be very complicated and tedious.

To get ripped, you need to
1) Understand Calories and Macros.
Must be able to Manipulate calories/macros in order to progress further.
- Macros such as fats, carbs and proteins needs to be heavily looked at if you're wanting to be shredded!
Normally people with low body fat has low carbs.
2) Must be Committed, ! Be patience 
- Body fat doesn't dramatically reduce over night, give it some time.
3) Consistency
- Must be consistent with your diet, nutrition, workout and manipulation. Your body adapts to the condition you put it in over time, so, you must manipulate calories/macros in order to shock the body.
4) Clean Foods must be Eaten
- No Doubt, this tags along with the Nutrition Side.

Workouts / Routine / Background info- Getting ripped requires working out, and having a good diet. The main primary thing to focus on when achieving the ripped look is to have a diet that is on point (nutrition is good!). The workouts complement the diet that you're undergoing - so, when you're in the low body fat %, the workouts will bring out the muscle 'aesthetics.' Serious cardio isn't needed, draining yourself from water isn't needed, don't deplete yourself completely; your body NEEDS it. 

It IS easy to get Ripped, it's a Mental thing. If you can endure mental pain, you can easily achieve the ripped/shredded look.

My experience: When I was dieting very hard to obtain this aesthetic physique (back when that was my goal), it drained the FUCK out of me. I was constantly tired and Irritable. My mood was constantly changing, I was constantly hungry and I had to sacrifice a lot of things such as foods and going out because I wanted to stay on track to reach my goal.
I fasted to help with fat-loss, I drank a shit ton of coffee to help pee, lose water weight, etc.
I was constantly tracking calories and macros, trying to be on point.
Then I realized how poor my health was due to the lack of consumption of certain nutrients (like fats and carbs), I was probably deficient in a lot of things. My goal somewhat consumed my life, on the daily. I didn't want to ruin my goal or have obstacles in the way, so I had to really focus on what I wanted to achieve.
People who end up getting ripped doesn't always stay ripped. or for at least a long time. Your body doesn't like when you're in the low body fat %, so battling that is a constantly mental thing.

Getting ripped does not require drugs, supplements, or any of that. It requires hard work, consistency, and time.

If you've been eating clean and still not shredded, something is wrong with your nutrition/diet or you may not exercise enough.
-Leave me a comment if you need help.

People who stay shredded have to constantly track Macros and calories in order to sustain their aesthetic physique.

If you're undergoing this type of change, you may feel moody, reduced energy, groggy, irritable, tired, etc. This is due to the lack of Fats/Carbs (or whatever you have reduced and/or eliminated from your diet).

Being in a low fat state (low-body fat) has it's disadvantages. Many people who stay at a low body fat end up taking supplements to help with their goals/body. 

Staying shredded is very tedious, repetitive and draining, some people love this type of challenge!

Stay Safe, Stay Hydrated, Do not go overboard.


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