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Tone Arms | Build Lagging Arms or Legs | Increase Bicep, Tricep, calves, legs, etc! | BFR (Occlusion Training)

Increase SIZE and Tone Arms & LEGS
Occlusion Training @ Bradley Martyn

Blood Flow Restriction or Occlusion training helps bring up lagging body part or can be used as a method to increase size and perhaps strength. I discovered this method a while back from a Fitness Idol (IG/YT) Bradley Martyn, he was explaining that it is beneficial to use for certain body parts such as arms and legs, to help build up size if you're lacking in symmetry or if you're wanting to maximize growth -
 This method helps increase size.
I now use this method to help tone and to bring up size on my arms.

↳What this does: Occlusion training refers to a 'band' being tied to a limb to restrict blood flow, not 100%, just enough to restrict a bit of blood flow to the area that you're wanting to train (For example; Bicep, you can tie a occlusion band around your arm *above bicep* to restrict blood flow).

Occlusion Training Chart (For Body Parts)

Here are some Occlusion Training Videos:



When Occlusion training, be wise on how you train; Don't over do it, you may cause injury due to the lack of blood flow to that area. The point of occlusion training is to get a good pump, that's it, nothing more or less. I'd recommend to take off the band if you're wanting to lift heavy. I would SUGGEST when occlusion training you train with moderate weight.
>  You can make custom occlusion bands at home, simply using a rope, string, etc.
> Don't cut off your circulation!
> Simply tighten it to the point where you feel it, not squeezing your shit.
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