Why I Take Cold Showers - Health and Performance Benefits

💧Why I Take Cold Showers💧

The benefits of enduring the cold showers | Health benefits |


As weird as that may sound, I actually do love taking cold showers. I love the way the coldness of the water changes the way I feel; I feel way better when I go take a cold shower.

I'll take a cold shower anytime of the day, but normally in the morning to wake up. The coldness of the water will wake you up, no doubt. But the benefits of taking cold showers is amazing.

Here are the reasons why I like taking Cold showers

1: Wake up Call
If you're extremely tired, or have little-to no energy, try taking a cold shower. The coldness of the water will forsure wake you up, make you alert, it'll get everything going

2: Increased Blood-Flow
This is important for nutrient flow, aiding in muscle-recovery, and overall recovery.

3: Improve Skin Condition
If you have dry skin or skin issues, try cold showers. After some time of taking cold showers, I have noticed my HAIR and Skin Condition has improved a lot since then. My skin is not as dry, my skin looks healthier and better and my hair isn't as dry, it looks better as if my body needed cold water.


4: Improves your CNS (Nervous System)
Enduring the cold water helps me strengthen my nervous system because of the water being so cold that I have to force myself to stay calm and collective therefore, training my cns to become stronger. This WILL also help strengthen your IMMUNE system.

5: Mood and Energy Improvement
Since I've taken cold showers on the daily, I've noticed that my mood and energy has increased in a positive way. I never knew that 'water' can help affect this in a good way. I noticed that hot water makes me relaxed and tired whereas cold water makes me energized, alert, happier mood, and my emotions are in 'check.' Somehow, enduring the cold water helps with my emotions and the way I act, my mood.

Overall, Cold showers are ideal if you want to be woke up, if you want to be more alert, if you want to enhance your mood, if you want more blood flow throughout your body. I find this very beneficial considering how many athletes are taking ice-cold baths, cryotherapy, etc.
The "Cold water" is actually beneficial.
Try it, let me know how it goes, do this for about a week and see the difference in your life.

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