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My Scoliosis Experience (Curving of the spine) | Story + Surgery + Tips

My Experience with Scoliosis.

was born with a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta aka Brittle-bones. It affects the bones, muscles, joints, a bit of everything is affected greatly. (bone-loss/deformation progresses much more in Oi-patients)
When I was a teenager, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. At first I did not know what it was nor I did not even noticed it - in fact, my mom noticed it. When my mom noticed my back developing 'lump' she was concerned and asked if my back was hurting and why it looked abnormal - I said I was fine, nothing hurts. I left it alone for some time but eventually my back started to hurt (as time went on). I questioned my mom about it and she called the Dr. The Dr was aware of what was going on and he asked to see me asap. Once I visited my Dr, he took some xrays and determined that I have scoliosis. I was around the age of 11 approx when everything was going on. He said that there's ways to treat it but surgery is the most effective way to h…

Reduce Fatigue Gain Energy Improve Concentration

Stress, Nutrition, Exercise, Healing/Recovering:
Those are the importance that you must take into account on the daily.
People who tend to feel unmotivated, loss of energy, fatigued, etc usually neglects one of those, if not all of'em. It can also lead to more issues.
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Dealing with your body can be hard because it's so complex, you [people] don't know what to do. When it comes to reducing fatigue, gaining energy and improving concentration, you have to focus on self-health. The way you handle your self; your eating habits, sleeping habits, recovering habits, dealing with life habits, etc.. There's countless of things to consider when it comes to this. You have to be aware of what's going on, what's causing problems and you need to know how to fix it.

People are tired all the time because they do not properly take care of themselves. I mean, think about it. If you take care of yourself, do thing…

How to Build Muscle

How to Build Muscle @Oi.Strength Join me on Facebook!
Training is easy, it's the amount of strenuous exercises you're going thru that hurts the most;
You have to undergo pain to grow.

To build muscle effectively, you must know the basics:
1: Exercise 
2: Diet/Nutrition
3: Recovery

Intense exercises to break the muscle fibers down is required to build muscle. Along with that you must have a good diet/nutrition plan - not enough of macro's (protein/fat/carbs) you won't grow. So make sure you get enough macros in. Protein is needed the most to help repair and build muscles and fats n carbs, they are there to help you grow too, but understand it wisely as you can manipulate your macro's to lose fat/gain fat/etc.

When training comes, people just do the basic workouts, simple and sometimes ineffective workouts. Workouts needs to be serious and focused on. If you're not focused or determined, you're wasting your time.
You have to train with different variation of exerci…

Is "Bodybuilding" Worth it?

Is "Bodybuilding" Worth it?@Oi.Strength Join me on Facebook! a sport involving strenuous physical exercise in order to strengthen and enlarge the muscles of the body.
Bodybuilding is a sport that requires a tough, discipline mindset. You have to endure a lot of tedious things such as the pain you go through to grow, the constant eating, the consistency it requires. Bodybuilding is a personal objective; creating and sculpting your body to a certain physique that you have in mind. This is hard to achieve because how long it takes to build up your body.

Eating, sleeping, recovering, working out is all you need in order to "build your body." It seems simple but very demanding. It is very demanding because a lot of people end up falling off the tracks and not sticking with their routine. You must be consistent if you're wanting to grow, lose weight, build muscle, etc.
Without proper nutrition, sleep, recovery, all of that, building up your body will be very difficult.



Read up if you're having troubles losing fat off your body.

@Oi.Strength Join me on Facebook! WHAT IT ACTUALLY TAKES TO LOSE FAT

❗1: Starving

❗2: Calorie Deficit

❗3: Elimination of foods / Smart food choices

❗4: Determination and Commitment 

❗5: Consistency

🔼 I have to be honest here, and for some who achieve the lean physique or obtaining the shredded look, you do have to starve yourself, somewhat though. To really lose body fat, you must look at your nutrition. You need to eliminate/reduce macro's in order to achieve a certain body fat %, and sometimes it requires not eating at all. Therefore, you are losing fat in the process. I have endured not eating for a while to see what will happen, The results were that I loss a good amount of body fat and I looked Lean as hell. I liked it, but it was a mental challenge. Now, of course you do not want to starve yourself to lose fat, but depending on your goals, achieving low low body fat % is extremely hard to obtain, starving is one method…

How I Control My DIET

🍲😋🥘How I Control My DIET🍕🍞🍇

Here are the methods I use to stay on track

1: Drink A lot of Water
Drinking a lot of water is quite beneficial - It KEEPS YOU FULL between meals and because many people do not drink enough water. Sometimes we're not even hungry, we just like to eat. Drinking water before meals and eating snacks will make you think twice before.
Also Sparkling water is good, I find it useful when I go out to restaurants. (If you like to burp, I'd go with sparkling water.)

2: Chewing Gum
I find that chewing gum helps curb my food cravings, I find also that my "food cravings" are mostly 'emotional eating' rather. I rather eat for fuel, energy and to improve my physique than stuffing my gut.

3: Drinking Coffee
Main appetite suppressant that I use/consume on the daily. I drink coffee when I'm fasting, it controls my appetite.

4: Big Meals, less Snacks
I like big meals, meals in fact keep me full(er) throughout the day. When I eat small meals, I te…