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Read up if you're having troubles losing fat off your body.


❗1: Starving

❗2: Calorie Deficit

❗3: Elimination of foods / Smart food choices

❗4: Determination and Commitment 

❗5: Consistency

🔼 I have to be honest here, and for some who achieve the lean physique or obtaining the shredded look, you do have to starve yourself, somewhat though. To really lose body fat, you must look at your nutrition. You need to eliminate/reduce macro's in order to achieve a certain body fat %, and sometimes it requires not eating at all. Therefore, you are losing fat in the process. I have endured not eating for a while to see what will happen, The results were that I loss a good amount of body fat and I looked Lean as hell. I liked it, but it was a mental challenge. Now, of course you do not want to starve yourself to lose fat, but depending on your goals, achieving low low body fat % is extremely hard to obtain, starving is one method to get to that point. In serious note, calorie/macro manipulation is the way to go for fat-loss (in the long run i'd recommend).

🔼 Same goes for #1, You Have to Be in a Calorie Deficit if you want to have low body fat or wanting to LOSE BODY FAT. Exercise along with being in a calorie deficit will drop body fat quick. Do not place yourself in a very low calorie setting, be smart and wise about it.

🔼 Exercise is not really "Required" to lose fat/weight, it will help aid in fat-loss more easily, but eating right and being in a calorie deficit will result in fat-loss. I highly recommend exercising though to increase fat-loss. HIIT Exercises are ideal for weight-loss.

🔼 If you are smart and wise about your food choices, I highly doubt you are concerned about your body fat %, or losing fat. But if you still want to lose fat, be smart about your food choices and the foods you consume. Read the Nutrition label to get a clear understanding of what you are consuming. Have a well-balanced meals and snacks every week. Do not indulge in junk food, know what is BENEFICIAL FOR THE BODY.

🔼 You got to be determined to lose fat/weight. If not, progress will be difficult. You have to be committed to the project you are going through, it is a process. One Week, Two Weeks, Three Weeks, A Month is not enough to achieve what you want, it takes MONTHS, and possibly Years. It's a lifestyle choice, not a chore.

🔼 Losing fat requires consistency; Anything requires consistency. Without it, your progression won't go anywhere - You have to be consistent on the daily basis (no month breaks, no two week breaks) enjoy the process, do not be so demanding on yourself.

🔼 When it comes to Dieting,  All Diets are essentially the same, they either eliminate certain food items, reduce the amount you should consume or just strictly eating certain foods..We should not be limited to eating certain foods..There's a lot to explore, to taste, to enjoy, to understand different food cultures, etc.
Diet's are the "Easy way" but it's not a good way of a lifestyle choice - Just be smart about your food choices, be wise on how you eat, understand the nutrition of everything.

❗ People think that you need to constantly workout, eat super clean such as veggies, and have good supplementation. That's wrong. Now of course that will help, aid in fat-loss but fat loss comes from being in a calorie deficit.
❗ When in a Calorie Deficit, your body is using ESSENTIAL Body Resources in order to provide you (the body) energy; Your body is going through much more stress to provide you the energy you need resulting in weight-loss/fat-loss.
❗ Also remember that, your body will adapt to any condition that you have placed it in. So that means that you must trick/confuse your body to progress a little bit more, weird to understand, and it's weird to understand your own-self (body) but yes, you must shock the body to progress if you have hit a plateau.
❗ YOU CANNOT TARGET CERTAIN BODY PARTS TO LOSE FAT FROM: Losing fat from your abs, legs, or arms, you cannot simply pinpoint that body part and try to lose fat from there, it does not work like that. Now, it will tone that body area and you will lose 'fat' but you are losing fat everywhere throughout your body.

Things I'd Look for to help with Fat-loss

  • Track Carbs: Reducing carbs (as much as possible) will definitely make you lean (aiding in fat-loss). If you have to much carbs, that will lead to fat-gain.
  • Only Drink water, Tea, Coffee and other Natural Beverages.
  • Remember how much of sugar, creamer, snacks you're consuming/adding in - they may be small and not looking harmful, but they can be - they add up quick as in calories. That will lead to weight-gain.
  • Cardio IS not the only Option for weight-loss/fat loss - Weightlifting can aid in fat-loss, anything that requires a lot of produced energy will result in fat-loss.
  • Use appetite suppressants to help curb hunger (e.g. Coffee)

Use everything in Moderation:
If you are smart with your lifestyle habits, you can enjoy it peacefully. Everything should be used in moderation, this allows you to have room to cheat if you want to at times, and gives you an opportunity to try other things.

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