How I Control My DIET

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Here are the methods I use to stay on track

1: Drink A lot of Water
Drinking a lot of water is quite beneficial - It KEEPS YOU FULL between meals and because many people do not drink enough water. Sometimes we're not even hungry, we just like to eat. Drinking water before meals and eating snacks will make you think twice before.
Also Sparkling water is good, I find it useful when I go out to restaurants. (If you like to burp, I'd go with sparkling water.)

2: Chewing Gum
I find that chewing gum helps curb my food cravings, I find also that my "food cravings" are mostly 'emotional eating' rather. I rather eat for fuel, energy and to improve my physique than stuffing my gut.

3: Drinking Coffee
Main appetite suppressant that I use/consume on the daily. I drink coffee when I'm fasting, it controls my appetite.

4: Big Meals, less Snacks
I like big meals, meals in fact keep me full(er) throughout the day. When I eat small meals, I tend to snack a lot and when I do, the calories adds up. When calories add up, you're essentially gaining weight. I like to control my eating habits and use it efficiently. MEALS that are well-balanced keep me energized, full, and intact with my diet.

5: Fasting
Sometimes, we people indulge in food a tad bit much. Well at least I think considering the obese population within America is out of this world...
Fasting in my opinion is helpful in many ways; In my experience it has helped me determine whether if I should eat that or not, if it's really truly needed to be consumed. I consume food for fuel, for energy, for my physique and sometimes for fun, but have to be in control of how much 'tasty' foods you're consuming. I'm more strict of my food choices (nutrition wise).
It has helped me determine whether i'm hungry or not.
It has helped me slimmed down, reduced my cravings for junk foods, sweet foods, sodas, etc.
It has changed my ways of thinking when I go out and eat.

6: Be Smart When To Eat
I find it useful when I'm smart about eating. What I mean is that If you're wanting to consume something that is calorie dense meal (but if you're on a diet), and if you exercise BEFORE you consume the meal, it'll be beneficial to consume the meal AFTER you've exercise because that MEAL is going to nourish your body with the nutrients that the food contains, therefore you're gaining gainz.
(same goes for snacks per se, etc).

7: Tracking Calories
The best and easiest way to maintain your diet is to track it. It can be annoying because you have to input every food (snacks, meals, drinks, etc) you've consumed into the app to track your calories. It'll say how much calories are remaining you can eat within that day.
Download APP: http://www.myfitnesspal.com

People always Ask:
How do I stay lean (low body fat), how do I lose weight, How do I...
These ARE the ways I follow to stay on track; there's no pill, nothing just pure willpower. If you don't have the willpower to stay strict on yourself, you're not made to do this.

A diet shouldn't be based on low-carbs, low fat, or whatever crazy diet programs there is out there. I'd follow a well-balanced nutrition plan, don't indulge in junk food, be smart about your food choices, eat when it's right.

I have not yet lost my ab (definition); I'm lean year-round. Staying lean is hard, if you don't know what you're doing. IT IS EASY if you're knowing what you're doing.
It'll become a lifestyle habit once you've adapted to the routine.

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