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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

How to Build Muscle

How to Build Muscle


Training is easy, it's the amount of strenuous exercises you're going thru that hurts the most;
You have to undergo pain to grow.

To build muscle effectively, you must know the basics:
1: Exercise 
2: Diet/Nutrition
3: Recovery

Intense exercises to break the muscle fibers down is required to build muscle. Along with that you must have a good diet/nutrition plan - not enough of macro's (protein/fat/carbs) you won't grow. So make sure you get enough macros in. Protein is needed the most to help repair and build muscles and fats n carbs, they are there to help you grow too, but understand it wisely as you can manipulate your macro's to lose fat/gain fat/etc.

When training comes, people just do the basic workouts, simple and sometimes ineffective workouts. Workouts needs to be serious and focused on. If you're not focused or determined, you're wasting your time.
You have to train with different variation of exercises, and also add in some [intensity] techniques to help break down that muscle.

Training intensity techniques are:
tempo focus, lighter weight more reps, heavier weights, less reps, drop sets, super sets, pyramid. These will allow you to work more, allowing the muscle to be broken down more. The more it's being used (under tension), the more growth you'll see (if your diet/nutrition is good)

Diet/Nutrition Plan:
There's many many many ways to go about this - everyone's different, find what works for you and stick with it. Change it overtime to shock your body. Make sure you get enough protein intake in (for muscle-gainz and to prevent muscle-loss). Tracking your calories using Myfitnesspal App is beneficial to help focus on muscle-building (it'll help you to keep on track to reach your quota intake).

That's basically it. There's not much to understand about bodybuilding or building muscle. What it comes down to is: How good is your workout sessions are (making sure you're putting in all of your effort and targeting the muscle properly), and if you're eating and recovering right. If you're not seeing good results, somewhere within your prep (workout routine or diet/nutrition plan) is not going right.

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