Is "Bodybuilding" Worth it?

Is "Bodybuilding" Worth it?

a sport involving strenuous physical exercise in order to strengthen and enlarge the muscles of the body.

Bodybuilding is a sport that requires a tough, discipline mindset. You have to endure a lot of tedious things such as the pain you go through to grow, the constant eating, the consistency it requires. Bodybuilding is a personal objective; creating and sculpting your body to a certain physique that you have in mind. This is hard to achieve because how long it takes to build up your body.

Eating, sleeping, recovering, working out is all you need in order to "build your body." It seems simple but very demanding. It is very demanding because a lot of people end up falling off the tracks and not sticking with their routine. You must be consistent if you're wanting to grow, lose weight, build muscle, etc.
Without proper nutrition, sleep, recovery, all of that, building up your body will be very difficult.

The reason why I'm "bodybuilding"
Since High school, I wanted big muscles, like those athletes that everyone loves (lol), I wanted to look strong and to have a good looking physique. All of that required Work. Work that must be addressed and must be focused on. I started lifting weights, began to change my ways of eating, and changed the way I treated my body (in a positive way). From that, I've noticed gainz; Gainz were coming in. Muscles were being built, my physique was looking better, everyone was admiring what I was doing. Everyone called me a hard worker.

When I saw people who has big muscles, looked hella ripped, I always have respect for them. It takes serious commitment, dedication, blood, sweat and tears to achieve all of that. I've endured pain to get where I'm at today and I'm still not "fully satisfied" with my physique.

If you people are wondering if "Bodybuilding" worth it? You have to ask yourself, What is your goal? What's the objective you're trying to achieve?
If you want to "Transform" your whole body (physique) such as getting bigger arms, legs, back, chest, etc, that's considered bodybuilding. If you want to tone your body, looked like you workout, simple workouts will do the trick.

If you're wanting to body build, you must be aware and have knowledge about how to build muscle, you must be knowledgeable with how Nutrition n Diet works, and you have to be on top of your game to take care of yourself (your body) Bodybuilding is very taxing on the BODY AND MIND.
A lot of people cannot endure the bodybuilding sport due to the strict and discipline mindset you must have.
You must sacrifice a lot to achieve/obtain what you want - That includes food, going out, and doing certain things. You must focus and have your priorities straight and on track if you want to grow efficiently. If not, it'll be hard to grow the way you want.

You can have fun bodybuilding, it all depends on how you take it. Don't overwork yourself, train smart, get stronger and bigger

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