Wheelchair Weight Loss Tips  

How to Lose Weight in a Wheelchair

From a Chubby Boy to Being a Shredded, 6 pack Abs, in A Wheelchair
♿I was born with a disease that put me in a wheelchair. Being a wheelchair user is hard to go about losing weight because we are limited, meaning, it is harder for us to get some type of physical exercise in depending on your condition. Physical exercise is one of the requirements in order to lose weight. Personally, depending on your situation, that should not be an excuse to be overweight or underweight; You must be disciplined and committed if you are serious about losing weight and staying lean!

During my childhood, I was kinda fat, I'd say. Everyone was grabbing my cheeks, just like you see it everywhere with babies (and kids with chubby cheeks 😋), I wasn't annoyed by it at all until I realized I am [overweight]. I saw that I had a fat pack under my chin/my neck area, my stomach was bulged out, and I knew my body was not liking it. I did not care about Nutrition nor my looks when I was a child, (You should not anyways, have fun, enjoy the childhood ) but when I reached middle school, I wanted to look better for myself and for the girls (😅). So I began to examine what made me fat and how could I go about it to make sure this does not happen again. I started to research about nutrition, I wanted to know the basics of the understanding of how you gain fat [weight], and how to lose fat & to stay lean/toned.
It required two simple things to lose FAT/Weight:

  1. Better Nutrition - Less junk food, healthier options, Not indulging in a huge amount of calories
  2. Exercise
How I Became Overweight
I became overweight due to simple things; Diet/Nutrition & Lack of Exercise.
Diet, nutrition, and exercise were not in my favor. In fact, I hated to exercise, I did not want to move. Since I was wheelchair user since day #1, I did not think of anything really when it came to my health. I did not care about improving my strength, being active and eating healthy. Yet I enjoyed life. As time went on, I gained weight that was unpleasing to me. I noticed it was my eating ways. People were feeding me whatever; I was eating whatever that tasted good, but that came with a consequence. For example; I would eat a lot of frozen burritos, drinking sodas throughout the day, munching on chips, and donuts, and the worst part I was immobile (inactive - no exercise) - playing video games 95% of the time. I was not giving my body what it needs; it needs attention. I soon realized this and changed my ways..

Better Nutrition is a must for all - for everyone. Everyone seems to not focus on nutrition as much as the exercise part; if your diet is off but your workout is on-point, you are not going to see good results due to your diet - you must efficiently eat in order to benefit/nourish your body. Junk nutrients do not provide the body well with recovery, etc, that is why people are always having health issues. 
Healthier options provide the body with beneficial nutrients that nourish the body in a [positive] way. You will:
  • Recovery better and faster
  • Reduce health issues such as inflammation, stabled blood-sugar, etc.
  • Feel better with mood, feeling more energized, more focused, determined
  • Longevity 
Exercising, on the other hand, is a must as well. Being INACTIVE for a long period of time will cause huge damage to your body. It is a huge issue amongst wheelchair people, the elderly, and those who do not like to engage in some type of physical exercise. You do not need to [exercise] necessarily in order to LOSE weight but being inactive for sure will cause a problem and we want to prevent that in order to make sure that your body is functioning and feeling good properly. 
You do not need to follow a bodybuilding routine in order to get some physical exercise in, simple exercises/tasks will do the trick. Simple things such as yoga. Yoga is fantastic, it gets your body working, your muscles are engaged and functioning, your heart is working and you are benefiting the body by working it; the body needs to be maintained. Although, if you are overweight, I do not think yoga will do the trick for ya. Overweight people need some INTENSE physical exercise in order to promote a fat-burning process - Once you are in that state of heart-racing, sweating and working harder than ever, you are going to burn fat in the process. Yoga is not really an intensive workout routine.
Below, I'm going to share with you people my tips on how to lose your weight & how to stay lean.
- Remember, I'm committed to my diet-lifestyle; I'm strict on myself and on my choices - The choices and tips I provide will benefit you in the long run - Being in a wheelchair does not stop you from being toned or lean, and it certainly does not give you an excuse to be overweight or underweight.

Wheelchair user: Weight Loss Tips | How to stay lean

  1. Depending on your situation, try to find a way to workout. As hard as it is or could be, you have to. Be creative in your workouts. Use things that will assist you, like a resistance band, a rope, etc. Get your heart racing - That is the Goal.
  2. Track your calories - In order to lose fat - You must be in a calorie deficit! Calorie deficit will make you drop fat because you are consuming fewer calories than usual/normal therefore your body is going to use resources in order to provide you, your body, energy to operate. Your body will adapt over time, so remember, manipulation of macros is the key to go about losing fat!
    - On your mobile app, Search in your app store "MyfitnessPal" to begin tracking your calories!
    - Tracking calories has saved and improved my life because it helps me stay in control. I can easily track calories and determine whether I should continue eating or not, it tells me when I'm consuming too much of something such as carbs, fats or proteins; It gives me all the information I need in order to sustain a healthy body (knowing how to properly manage your body)
  3. Eat healthier [ALL THE TIME]. It is hard, but not really. If you REALLY want to lose weight and STAY LEAN, you must be committed to a healthy lifestyle. You must be aware of your nutrition intake. This is a plus because it promotes a better mind and body. You will look better, feel better, perform way better and you will be lean and toned without question!
  4. Stay hydrated - I cannot stress this enough - Staying hydrated has MANY positive Benefits that everyone must look into!
  5. Appetite Suppressants: I use coffee for its effects to help curb my appetite at times, usually when I'm fasting - Everyday in the morning til' the afternoon. There are other ways to help curb your appetite other than coffee.

Why I believe You May Be Over Weight
  • Not caring about Nutrition or Diet - Nutrition is the most important part because it involves your diet - if you are eating junk, your body will essentially look like junk. Also, indulging in foods will lead to weight gain. Be smart about your food selections and do not over-eat. *Excessive Eating is a No-NO!
  • No Activity: As I mentioned earlier, you need activity. Being inactive has its downsides, huge downsides to be honest. Little activity is better than none. Get to work!
I believe that's about it. Weight-gain comes from not caring about your diet and not exercising, therefore, your body just accumulating fat

Little Things Count when You are Trying To Diet / Lose weight / Maintain weight
  • Snacking: Chips, fries, etc are all foods, everything has calories. Snacking too much will lead to weight gain. Be smart about your snacking habits
  • Take notice of Beverages: Drinking too much juices OR SODAS will cause weight gain. Too much sugar essentially leads to weight gain. DRINK WATER! only water to prevent any unaware weight gain and health issues
  • Try to exercise at least 2-3x a week! intense days are required.
  • Try out new Food [Seletions]. If you are only eating pasta, rice, beans or the same frequent meals; perhaps that's causing some issues - mix it up, make sure you have veggies, nuts and fruits within your diet to nourish your body!
  • Learn About Cheat Meals & Cheat Days - How it could benefit you while you're dieting
Belly Fat Loss Guide

The Diet I recommend:
I mentioned this earlier, I'm on a diet year-round, it became a lifestyle, so I'm technically not on a diet.
But there are other diets I've tried out to manipulate my body.
I recommend: Keto Diet
- Keto diet is efficient and effective because:
The ketogenic diet puts your body into a state of ketosis, which ultimately allows you to use fat for energy.

Fat burning is just one of the many benefits of ketosis that improves overall health and makes it an effective tool for weight loss.
--> Read more in depth: https://perfectketo.com/use-ketogenic-diet-weight-loss/

Wheelchair users:
Are you using a manual or powered wheelchair?
- I recommend everyone who can use their arms to use a manual wheelchair because it requires physical exercise. Using a powered wheelchair completely removes any type of physical exercise which leads to problems.

I'm currently 22 years old at the moment, Here's a recent picture of me:

I have been in a wheelchair since I was a little boy. I went through troubles of weight gain, I went through troubles of trying to lose weight, how to lose weight, how to stay motivated, how or is it possible? I was determined and focused to lose weight and to stay lean & toned, that is my goal. I adopted a good dieting lifestyle which helped me reach my goal much faster.
You should not have an excuse to not lose weight; it is harder I have to admit, but still that is no excuse. Try anything in your power to lose that weight, to become better and healthier. That should be the goal for everyone.


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Diet Tips: Ways To Stay On Your Diet

November 22, 2018 , , 0 Comments


"Ways To Stay on Your Diet" (Methods | Tips | Advice)


Everyone knows staying on a diet is hard and boring. I know I want some chocolate cake at the end of the day. Dieting is hard because you have to eliminate or reduce calories/certain foods. Since I have been dieting for almost 4+ years NOW (a long time to diet) it became a [lifestyle] "HABIT." I no longer consider my lifestyle eating-habits a diet when I'm trying to cut off weight, I'm always dieting to be smart about the foods I consume and my health. Through the times of dieting, I have found some ways to help to "stay on track" on your diet. 

What Do You Consider A Diet Anyways?
A diet is when you are either: In the process of losing fat/weight or wanting to have better foods within your lifestyle [your eating habits]. Many people consider diets not a lifestyle choice but rather a chore/tool for weight/fat-loss. Dieting is when you are on a strict program - That is reducing/eliminating calories, foods, and/or only eating certain foods. People will end up going on this "Diet" for X amount of weeks/months JUST to lose the weight/fat. BUT that is a problem for most - most people end up getting the weight back on due to not being strict on themselves (once you have stopped the dieting process). I believe in a lifestyle choice rather than a "chore." If your goal is to become shredded/look leaner, you should adopt the lifestyle that will make your body look good [and you will feel a WHOLE lot better!]. So, You should be focusing on clean, healthy, beneficial foods throughout the day, every day, every week to maintain a good healthy body.
Since I have adopted this "healthy lifestyle habit" (Dieting), my theory of foods has changed - I believe foods we should consume be beneficial and nourishing, and use food as an energy source, not just to indulge in food for fun. 

If you make this a lifestyle habit, I guarantee you that your "dieting" will become much easier to endure and to go about - You will be more satisfied than ever before due to you benefiting yourself - your body.

In my opinion, staying on a diet for x amount of days, weeks or months is not the right way to go about it. People should be aware of nutrition and what they are doing to themselves - so, a healthy lifestyle should be thought of. No wonder why the USA has an obesity problem!

Things to Avoid when Dieting:
I'd follow these tips if you're wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • A. Avoid sugary beverages. They can add up in calories quickly without knowing and it's just bad overall. I prefer water, or juices.
  • B. Drink water before every meal. This is beneficial because it will get you full before even eating. Drink water upon awakening and before bedtime.
  • C. Eat your veggies. Veggies are low in calories and super nutrient dense, which is very good for us. They also contain fiber which is needed for a healthy functioning body. Fruits are ideal if you're having a craving for sweets. Junk snacking is bad, for example eating cookies or anything to that sort for snack is bad, eat more beneficial snacks such as nuts and foods to that sort that contain good nutrients  
  • D. Avoid fast food places, meal prep is the way to go. 

The Benefits of Adopting the Dieting Lifestyle "Healthy-Lifestyle"
If you people are wondering if it is beneficial to adopt this dieting lifestyle, well you should. Since I did, I noticed that...
  1. It is much easier to lose weight/fat due to having the knowledge of nutrition
  2. You are aware of what you are eating
  3. You know what to eliminate/reduce
  4. Healthier for your BODY and MIND
  5. Gives you more energy, fewer health issues, more focus/drive
  6. Won't be overweight
  7. A good looking body
If you are one of those people who wants to look SHREDDED year-round, consider dieting all-year-round. I know it's hard but indulging in junk/bad food every day IS NOT GOOD. Plus, you feel groggy eating junk. But there are ways to help with this and that is called having a Cheat Day or having a cheat-meal. Read more here.

Intermittent Fasting is ONE of my favorite ways to diet. It is not really a "Diet" method, but it helps with dieting. Fasting is not consuming any foods or beverages, right? So, during the times of fasting, you are not eating, therefore, you cannot gain weight; This can be either beneficial or not, everyone is different. For me PERSONALLY, fasting helps me because it stops me from "Over-eating," and reducing my calorie intake throughout the day. For example most times of the days I will skip breakfast so I'm not consuming calories until 1-2PM. From 1-2PM, I will eat til 7-8PM, 6-hour window of eating (not eating the full 6 hrs, it is broken up). So if you think about it, you are controlling your calorie intake much better by fasting. Some people, on the other hand, cannot do fasting because of the restriction of eating during x amount of hours - some people needs calories to function 'properly.'

Appetite Blockers
Coffee, Fat burners, Appetite suppressants are all ideal to help suppress your hunger. 
Using fat burners to help curb your appetite can be good. Sometimes it works for people and sometimes it does not. People end up getting immune to the fat burners and getting plateau'd.
On the other-hand, Coffee, Is wonderful for appetite suppressant - it contains chemicals that are known to help curb your hunger (such as caffeine.)
- There's a lot of supplements on the market that will help with your hunger. DMHA for an example, etc.

Staying Hydrated is very important. Many people do not drink enough water throughout the day. Do not drink sodas, juices, etc to "stay hydrated" actually drink water. Water is critical for the body - neglecting hydration will lead to many problems. Many problems such as:
An increase of cravings (sweets / Junk).
Staying Hydrated will keep YOU FULL - So, try staying hydrated throughout the day, every day. Reduce the intake of soda, juices, etc and implement more beneficial beverages. 

Portion Control
Portion control is very important. There's a problem called "portion distortion," so, that means that you are putting too much food on your plate without even knowing it. This can be because: The food is calorie-dense or you do not know anything about portions and how to separate calories. For example; Having a big breakfast, then a big lunch, snacks, big dinner, then dessert - count of those calories and see what the results are; By controlling your portion, you can divide up the calories so you do not go overboard and to stay within your diet.
- Calorie dense foods are tricky to spot - I HIGHLY recommend doing some type of research before eating - To know what you are putting in your body.

Food Choices (Consumption)
Foods can contain a lot of nutrients that make it calorie dense - calorie dense foods are ideal if you are trying to help reduce intake of calories (eating less). So for Instance, when I make calorie-dense meals, that helps me curb my cravings for snacks and just snack-eating which leads to weight-gain without even knowing it...
Fiber, vegetables, carbs are good ways to keep yourself full.
That will keep you full throughout the day and stops you from indulging in bad/junk foods

I Find that
If You Cook your own meals, it will be more beneficial because You know what You are putting in your food/how you are making it. Fast food is a problem for most because it's unhealthy and has no beneficial nutrients (although some meals may be nourishing).
Benefits of Prepping your Own Meals

  • Makes you more strict to eat more healthy
  • You can design a healthy, creative [fun] (low in calories) and enjoy the meal w/o caring about the calories as much (when going out for example)
  • Saves a whole lot more money
  • More beneficial nutrients - I find that eating out to fast food places, we, or I think, people do not get enough vital nutrients such as vegetables and fruits, they end up eating fries, a burger, soda, and other junk foods. That is HOW people end up getting overweight, not caring about nutrition!

How to Fix your Meal intake:
  1. Scale-out your foods
  2. Bigger portion meals and fewer meals throughout the day
  3. Smaller portion meals, more meals throughout the day
  4. Meal prep


Supplementing something for your diet is ideal; this will help a lot if you are deficient or lacking [nutrients]. If you are dieting/living the healthy-lifestyle, having the beneficial nutrients is critical - therefore, supplementation would ideal in this case.
-> Always try to get all of your nutrients from whole foods (real foods: veggies, fruits, meats, nuts, etc).

-Fat burners would be considered a supplement.

Manipulation of Macros
Manipulating your macro's is one of the ways to help with dieting and losing weight. For instance, manipulating Carbs or fats will help with your diet - Knowing your macros, you can efficiently stay within your quota. Somewhat complex to understand but easy once you've figured it out
To get more of an understanding of macros/calories, Download the App called, "MyfitnessPAL"

Ways to Stay on Track with Your Diet
What it Boils Down To
You have to understand what is a diet for you personally. You have to be committed to this lifestyle. It is not easy, nothing comes easy. If it was easy, no one would be overweight/underweight and would not be asking how to diet (to lose weight/fat essentially).

There are many programs out there that may be harmful to YOU. I mean, everything must be moderated but still, sometimes people are not aware and end up getting ill from enduring the program. Enduring something that isn't coping well, I wouldn't recommend to go along with it much longer. I'd stop, find another program and stick with it if it's making me satisfied. I know from my experience that there are some programs that made people sick, made them lose a lot of weight but end up gaining it back...
So Do not do these to DIET!

  • Do not starve yourself. Not the right way to go about it. It can be considered fasting but fasting is when you have a window time of not eating anything but certainly do not starve yourself (if you are really starving). Eventually, once you're happy with yourself, you're going to gain the weight back and/or develop a mental issue...
  • Do not Stick with a Diet that is making you miserable. I know I've experienced this, super low carbs (low carb diet/keto diet), it's very tedious to endure. I was miserable [kinda] on the keto diet, so I stopped. Once I stopped and served my body the right way, I became happier, less irritable, more enjoyable with myself & others.
  • Do not go to the extreme. Meaning, do not eliminate carbs or fats completely, have fun with your foods, life is to short to be boiling your diet down to the bone. (unless it's for a comp)
  • Fat burners? I would say yes...and no..it can help, but people eventually get used to the effects of the fat burners and that leads to a plateau. A plateau is no joke so...I would diet naturally or switch/cycle off the fat burners.

Find what works with you and for your body. Certain food selection(diets) such as vegan diet or keto diet may not work because your body may not tolerate it, so, you have to find another way. That's why people say this diet doesn't work, it's a fad, just hype or whatever - but really it comes down to knowing your body and how you can control & manipulate it.

That is it!

Ways To Stay on your Diet [Diet Tips]
These are the ways/methods that I go by to stay on my [Diet Lifestyle]. There's no Pills, or secret formula to stay on a diet or to lose weight/fat - It's all a mental challenge. So, challenge yourself!
If there's anything else you would like to know, comment below!

-- Got any Tips/Advice to share? Comment below, Dm me --

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Top Bicep Exercises For Mass | Guide to Big Biceps!

The Top Exercises for Your Biceps!
➤ Previous ArticleCheat Meals/Days 101

The art of the bicep 
The bicep has two muscle groups hence the Bi part in bicep.
There are two heads to the biceps muscle: the short head and the long head. This may come as a surprise to most people, but both heads of the biceps actually start (originate) at the scapula (shoulder blade), and end (insert) on the forearm.

 We're wanting to focus obviously on both muscle groups.
There's many ways to train a muscle, continue reading to find out. The thickness of the arm comes from the Tricep normally because it takes up majority of your arm hence the Tri in tricep. If you have developed biceps but lacking triceps, your arm is going to look off balanced (vice-versa).

-The function of the biceps is to flex the elbow, supinate the forearm, and flex the shoulder

“Long” vs “Short” Biceps
The long head is on the lateral (side) part of the arm, close to the lateral head of the triceps.
Focus on both long and short heads of the bicep. People lack in either the long part of the bicep or the short head of the bicep, figure out which one is lagging and improve upon that particular muscle.
Improving both heads of the bicep will develop a great Peek and thickness to your arm.
Everyone's muscle-frame is different. Some people have a greater peek, thickness and overall better development.

Bicep Exercises |  Tips

  • 1. Concentration curls *Favorite: Perfect exercise for that mind to muscle connection. Very effective exercise to build up that peak - Hits the "Short Head" of the bicep
  • 2. Hammer curls:
    Great for the Bicep Thickness - Develops the brachialis - For overall Arm Development/thickness 
  • 3. Drag curls * Great exerciseSimilar to Spider curls, it'll help create that peak, focusing on the long head helping creating that peek
  • 4. Wide Grip Barbell Curl: Great exercise for the short head
  • 5. Incline Dumbbell Curls/Preacher Curls: Great exercise for that stretch and focused on the long head of the bicep
  • 6. Reverse Curl (Dumbbell / Barbell) * amazing exercise: Focuses on brachialis heavily, implement this into your routine for good results!
  • 7. Isolation Exercises: Isolation Exercises are very effective to help lagging body parts and to build muscle. You should be isolating your biceps if you are wanting to grow them suckers.

!Don't Forget!
A well-developed brachialis muscle pushes the peak of the bicep muscle up higher, making for a more dramatic flex and an overall bigger arm.

Cheat Curls?

  • Do cheat curls work?  It will help with building up the muscle but other muscle-groups are involved. I recommend having a spotter to help with cheat curls (focus on the negatives)
  • Cheat curls can be very beneficial for two reasons:You can use more weight
    You can fully exhaust the muscle at the end of the set

Tips for Bicep-Gains

  1. Focus on TempoPut your focus on lifting the weight and lowering the weight. Maximize the tension you're putting on the muscle - the more tension, the more damage. (Examples: Moving weight slow)
  2. Focus on Hand-PlacementWide Grip, Close Grip, supination, pronation
    - They play a role on how your bicep 'activates' try it out, try different forms of lifting, it'll emphasize muscle groups that you [may] not felt before!
  3. Short Reps / Half reps Pumping the bicep - Not releasing the tension
  4. SQUEEZE the ARM! Squeeze the hell out of your arm to create those aesthetic gains!
  5. Have a Mind-to-muscle connectionYou're wanting to feel all muscles working within the biceps - try different exercises and positions to achieve that mind to muscle connection, Very important for gains!
  6. Stretch!Stretch that Bicep!
Tempo Example: Focus on these 4 points to break the muscle down much more

Tempo Examples: Concentric, Isometric and Eccentric contractions. Focus on lifting slow, pause reps, half reps, etc.

Example of Hand-placement: This Example shows the user that using this type of hand-placement will force your bicep to be much more 'activated' due to the placement of the hand. Tension [feels] is the best way to go about training, In my opinion.

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The (Perfect) Belly Fat Loss Guide

November 10, 2018 0 Comments

Belly fat

No one likes belly fat or a bloated tummy, it throws off your physique big time. Also, it shows how determined you are with your self, a good looking tummy will most likely show that you are a hardworker, you put tons of effort into dieting and working out, and you are in shape (aesthetically).
Belly fat comes from numerous sources such as stress, poor eating habits, not exercising.
In this article, I'm going to explain and give you people some tips on how to reduce that belly fat, get toned and get abs!

Diet and nutrition plays a huge role on the body if you did not know already. If you are eating mostly junk, your body is going to look like junk  (this may differ from people to people) but majority of the people who eat very poorly have a poor body image (physique). Eating clean with beneficial nutrients will treat the body much better, giving your body a healthy image (good looking physique).


So, if you are one of those people's who do not care about nutrition, start paying attention. Poor nutrition leads to many problems just not your physique or a fat tummy, it leads to loss of muscle, fatigue, stressed, tired, no energy, no concentration, no focused or determination. I find that if you eat "Clean" you will begin to change your idea about foods, the theory behind eating foods, and you will want to begin to change your eating habits to live a healthier lifestyle

Foods should be counted as a fuel source, not just something you can enjoy as pleasure or just to eat..Many people end up indulging in to many calories which results in weight-gain. To simply fix this error, eat when you should eat, listen to your body when YOU are HUNGRY, not just the thought of food or having a craving for a donut or fries. I simply eat when my body needs fuel. For example, I'll have a good nutritional meal before and after my workouts to help me out; it will give me the energy I need and it will fuel up my body so I can start going to war. Be wise on how you eat, be smart, don't indulge in too much calories/foods.

Stress and other lifestyle events/actions can be harmful to the body. Like Stress, Stress can affect almost everything within your body. It affects your mood, your appetite, hormones, all kinds of scientific stuff. Stress is really bad anyways, try to reduce it as much as possible!

The answer to losing "FAT" comes from being in a calorie deficit. To be in a calorie deficit you must eat LESS than normal. For example; your calorie intake is 3000, but now you have to consume 2700. 300 calories difference. Keep dropping the calories for more results. 
 I recommend being in a calorie deficit for about 3-4 weeks, depending on your goals. Manipulate macro's for efficient fat-loss. Exercising will aid in calorie burning (burning calories results in weight/fat-loss) and the diet/nutrition part will help aid in recovery, and nourishing the body in the right way. To simply lose that belly fat, you have to exercise your (core), and do some intense workouts. Intense workouts will help burn 2x the calories than regular workout sessions due to the intensity you're bringing. Now, you cannot simply "target" your belly to lose fat - when you are exercising your core (tummy), you are essentially losing fat from throughout your body. Core exercises will help tighten that waist, help develop those ABS, and keep your waist small. The calorie deficit will reduce/drop the amount of fat you got, it will reveal the abs under your fat, and it'll help create a better physique.

To help with the weight-loss journey, I recommend to EVERYONE to track their calorie intake!
I did this when I was a "beginner" in the fitness world. I wanted to lose weight, I had a bloated tummy which looked really ugly. Then I discovered about calories and how they play a role on the body. I downloaded the app called MyFitnessPal and started to track my foods throughout the week. I made adjustments from there and started seeing results. Myfitnesspal app or any calorie counting app will help track your calories giving you information about macro's and micro-nutrients, then from there, you can set a goal to help you lose fat/weight.

➤ Previous ArticleCheat Meal/Day 101

Now, Do not just stay in a calorie deficit for so long. Remember, your body adapts to conditions overtime and it may be unhealthy staying in a calorie deficit for so long. Everyone's different though, do what works for you, don't take it to the extreme.
Starving yourself is not the way to go about losing weight/fat. There is "diets" out there that make you not eat for a long period of time. That's not a sustainable "action" that you can carry on, if you want the body everyday, you must make it a lifestyle habit. 
Keeping fat-off requires consistency and hard-work. Your body needs to burn calories in order to lose fat. Staying consistent with your workouts and eating "proper/clean" will keep your results intact. If you start neglecting your workouts and diet/nutrition, best believe, you're going to fall down the ladder. The body is a constant thing you must take care of!

Ways to Help Reduce Calorie Intake:

  • Intermittent Fasting - Reduces the eating window to 'x' amount of hours only. Example: Skipping breakfast and lunch: Starts eating around 1-2PM til 8/9PM. There's only certain amount of hours you can 'eat' then you are done. 
  • Tracking your calories/foods with a calorie counting app called Myfitnesspal.
  • Appetite suppressants: Coffee, Supplements...
  • Eat Less, Bigger [Meals] | Eat more, smaller portions
    Portion distortion is real; be aware!
  • Eat Clean - Eating clean will help reduce the amount of unnecessary calories/macro's you're consuming.
  • Calorie Deficit - Reducing calories over-time.
  • Manipulating Macro's - Adjusting Carbs or fats are ideal to help with fat-loss. Reducing carbs, increasing fats, decreasing fats, increasing carbs, see what works with you and trail n error it.
  • Staying Hydrated
  • Exercise, Obviously.
To be successful with your body and with your goals, you have to trial n' error a lot of things. Many people who put out programs are basing there programs off of their experience which may not work for most people but it will give you a sense/an idea of what he/she has been doing to get the results he/she been wanting. You have to trail n error your own progress to further yourself. Don't feel discouraged, Enjoy the process. 

Ways To Keep Your Core (Stomach / ABS ) Tight n' Small

  1. You're going to need to exercise. Exercising your core will help keep it tight! Best exercise: Stomach vacuums to help keep that waist small, tight and intact
  2. Waist-trainers: Ideal to keep that tummy in check - it'll help keep that frame intact - Possibly reducing over-eating since (if you are wearing the waist-trainer) it'll be uncomfortable when you've ate to much. It'll keep everything in check, making the muscle adapt to the way you're placing it in. Very effective
  3. Eliminate Junk food
  4. Stay Hydrated!!
  5. Eat Proper!!
  6. Fiber is your answer
  7. Calorie Deficit
So, in conclusion, dropping that belly fat comes from
A) Calorie Deficit
B) Eating Right/proper
C) Staying Consistent with Nutrition and Workouts
From there, you should start seeing results. If you cannot see your abs, then your nutrition is off. "Revealing" your abs comes from low body fat %, that is how you know you are lean.


Mind to Muscle Connection - The Most Important Tip in Bodybuilding

November 07, 2018 , 0 Comments

If you are a Bodybuilder
 I have to say, The mind to muscle connection establishment is very important. The Mind to muscle connection or muscle mind connection is the process in which you become the muscle, you can feel the muscle being activated/working on, and it's a sign of doing good work, targeting the muscle efficiently to break it down effectively. People end up swinging weights and/or not targeting a particular muscle group right so having the mind to muscle connection will help with that.

 I'd say 99.9% of the bodybuilders mention Mind to muscle connection. Muscles can be large and small, sometimes targeting certain muscle groups can be hard because we're not thinking of it but we got to in order to grow that muscle. Performing certain exercises first can help with the establishment, posing is a great way to help create that connection as well, and fiddling around with angles, weights and tempo can help with the mind to muscle connection

When people are wanting results, you have to know what you are doing to the body. Working out is good enough but if you have that mind to muscle connection, your muscle building process will become much easier for you. I find that once you have the connection, you can break down the muscle much greater resulting in more growth. That is one of the main things I take into account when I'm working out, every time, is the mind to muscle connection. Sometimes I'll drop the establishment to keep driving the weights (essentially to boost my mental capacity) but having the strict form along with the connection is the key.

Achieving the Mind to Muscle Connection can help Bring up Lagging Muscles

Underdeveloped muscles that are hard to target can be trained effectively by having that mind to muscle connection. For example, rear delts (shoulder) are usually neglected, if you think about the 'rear delt' you can activate it. People tend to overtrain certain muscles such as the front delt overpowering the shoulder and sometimes limiting the activation for other particular muscles/or it stops the other muscle from being worked on, usually being neglected which leads to injuries..

Tips for Establishing a Mind to Muscle Connection

  1. Posing. Try posing, I believe it will help because when you are posing, you are activating that muscle to flex, it requires the thinking in order to do that. Now, once you are posing, try to engage your thinking to the muscle you want to think about. For example, bicep flex, think about the bicep and flex it, you will become aware of it.
  2. Touching The Muscle. Touching, slight touches to the muscle can help with mind to muscle connection. Sometimes we people forget about what we are thinking about and thinking to lift the weights, that's all but touching the muscle that you're wanting to work can help you think and focus on that muscle only. Try it out.
  3. Using lighter weights. I find this beneficial to activate the mind to muscle connection
  4. Stay hydrated
  5. Angles, hand-placements, Tempo: These are ideal to every bodybuilder - if you fiddle around with angles, tempo and what not, you can achieve a much greater/lesser of a connection.
  6. Flex before workout and after. I find this beneficial to continually feel the muscle connection, flex the muscle before, during and after your workout.


[One] Recovery Method You Should Know!

November 06, 2018 0 Comments

When you're exercising intensely, your body needs a way to help get rid of those toxins that you've been building up, you know, the lactic acid. 

Ways To Reduce Lactic Acid:

  • 1: Massages - Massages help with removal of lactic acid when the muscles are tight.
  • 2: Hydration - Hydration is the key to being healthy - It's good for the body overall, it helps transport nutrients and waste out.
  • 3: Diet/Nutrition - Your nutrition plays a part in recovery; Better, rich foods have better quality nutrients which will aid in recovery much more efficiently. Examples are: Greens, vitamin B.
  • 4: Contrast Showers - A effective way to help remove toxins within your body. Hot + Cold Water plays a role on your "blood."

The main point of this article is 

"Contrast Showers"

 Contrast showers is taking a Hot n Cold Shower but Together. This is one of my recovery methods.
The first 3-5 minutes will be HOT, then you switch the water to freezing COLD and you must endure both to get the result. Repeat this 'cycle' 2-4 times (or more/less).
The result is improving blood-flow, the improvement of blood flow helps with recovery and removing waste from your body.. The cold temperature will constrict your blood vessel (while hot water opens your blood vessels) creating this pumping effect to deliver nutrients and transporting waste out.

The best Time to Take this type of shower is when:
After a Good workout session
Feeling sore
Add this to your recovery routine and I guarantee, you will start feeling better.

Why I Feel It's Beneficial: When I use this method, I do notice my body acting different but in a good way. I don't feel as sore, I feel more energized, more 'alive/awake,' and it's shown to help with removal of toxins, I don't see why not take contrast showers. If it's benefiting the body in a good way especially for those who body build, consider taking contrast showers.

I also see energy improvements while enduring contrast showers!


Cheat meals / Cheat Days 101

November 03, 2018 0 Comments

Cheat Meal/Day 101

When you are dieting for so long, a good break will help curb your cravings.It is also a good mental break since you [may] be stressing about foods. Think about it as a reward,  since you have been dieting for so long, treat yourself, it is a good feeling. (Like when you see results when working out). It also helps with your metabolism..

Previous ArticleHow to Build Muscle

There's 2 types of cheat-meals in my diet:
1: Dirty Cheat meals
- Eats absolutely anything, not caring about the nutrients, just eating to eat..
Example: pizza, ice-cream, snacks, indulging in junk foods..

2: Clean Cheat Meals

- Eats clean, nutritional meals, not indulging in junk food.

There's a huge difference between the 2.
1: If you eat dirty, the outcome is going to dirty. For instance, bloating, fatigue, gaining more weight due to not strict on macros...
2: Eating clean will benefit and nourish your body better, staying on track with your macros is a plus, and overall healthier for the body and mind. It'll give you a boost of energy rather than feeling fatigue, tired, lazy..

So When Should I have a Cheat-Meal/Day?
That is completely up to you to decide but in my experience and in my lifestyle, I incorporate cheat meals when I'm very strict on my diet for a long time, approx 1week+, I'll go and add in a cheat meal when I feel it is necessary. (To keep my sanity in place). Any day can be a cheat day but don't do it everyday. Reward yourself when you think you should have a "break" from dieting. Cheat Day is basically when you're indulging in food all-day long, not caring about macros, or the nutrients, just simply 'rewarding yourself.'

I find it beneficial to have cheat meals within your diet lifestyle, it helps me stay on track, to know what my goals are to know that life is fun [still], you should and must enjoy life, the creations of foods from different cultures, etc.

People also claim that having cheat meals/days, it will help reset/boost your metabolism - helping in fat-loss.

Will it Ruin my Diet/Gains?
It would not definitely ruin your diet or gains, in fact, people have set routines to help shock their body; help "resetting/boosting" their metabolism (which helps a lot when it comes to losing fat), and for the diet part, you're only doing this one time until the next time comes around - treat yourself.

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