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Wheelchair Weight Loss Tips   How to Lose Weight in a WheelchairFrom a Chubby Boy to Being a Shredded, 6 pack Abs, in A Wheelchair ♿I wasborn with a disease that put me in a wheelchair. Being a wheelchair user is hard to go about losing weight because we are limited, meaning, it is harder for us to get some type of physical exercise in depending on your condition. Physical exercise is one of the requirements in order to lose weight. Personally, depending on your situation, that should not be an excuse to be overweight or underweight; You must be disciplined and committed if you are serious about losing weight and staying lean!

Duringmy childhood, I was kinda fat, I'd say. Everyone was grabbing my cheeks, just like you see it everywhere with babies (and kids with chubby cheeks 😋), I wasn't annoyed by it at all until I realized I am [overweight]. I saw that I had a fat pack under my chin/my neck area, my stomach was bulged out, and I knew my body was not liking it. I did not ca…

Diet Tips: Ways To Stay On Your Diet

Everyone knows staying on a diet is hard and boring. I know I want some chocolate cake at the end of the day. Dieting is hard because you have to eliminate or reduce calories/certain foods. Since I have been dieting for almost 4+ years NOW (a long time to diet) it became a [lifestyle] "HABIT." I no longer consider my lifestyle eating-habits a diet when I'm trying to cut off weight, I'm always dieting to be smart about the foods I consume and my health. Through the times of dieting, I have found some ways to help to "stay on track" on your diet. 
What Do You Consider A Diet Anyways? A diet is when you are either: In the process of losing fat/weight or wanting to have better foods within your lifestyle [your eating habits]. Many people consider diets not a lifestyle choice but rather a chore/tool for weight/fat-loss. Dieting is when you are on a strict program - That isreducing/eliminating calories, foods, and/or only eating c…

Top Bicep Exercises For Mass | Guide to Big Biceps!

The Top Exercises for Your Biceps!
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The art of the bicep  The bicep has two muscle groups hence the Bi part in bicep.
 We're wanting to focus obviously on both muscle groups. There's many ways to train a muscle, continue reading to find out. The thickness of the arm comes from the Tricep normally because it takes up majority of your arm hence the Tri in tricep. If you have developed biceps but lacking triceps, your arm is going to look off balanced (vice-versa).
-The function of the biceps is to flex the elbow, supinate the forearm, and flex the shoulder

“Long” vs “Short” Biceps
The long head is on the lateral (side) part of the arm, close to the lateral head of the triceps.
Focus on both long and short heads of the bicep. People lack in either the long part of the bicep or the short head of the bicep, figure out which one is lagging and improve upon that particular muscle.
Improving both heads of the bicep will develop a great Peek and thickne…

The (Perfect) Belly Fat Loss Guide

Belly fat@Oi.Strength Youtube Join me on Facebook! No one likes belly fat or a bloated tummy, it throws off your physique big time. Also, it shows how determined you are with your self, a good looking tummy will most likely show that you are a hardworker, you put tons of effort into dieting and working out, and you are in shape (aesthetically). Belly fat comes from numerous sources such as stress, poor eating habits, not exercising. In this article, I'm going to explain and give you people some tips on how to reduce that belly fat, get toned and get abs!

Diet and nutrition plays a huge role on the body if you did not know already. If you are eating mostly junk, your body is going to look like junk  (this may differ from people to people) but majority of the people who eat very poorly have a poor body image (physique). Eating clean with beneficial nutrients will treat the body much better, giving your body a healthy image (good looking physique).
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Mind to Muscle Connection - The Most Important Tip in Bodybuilding

If you are a Bodybuilder  I have to say, The mind to muscle connection establishment is very important. The Mind to muscle connection or muscle mind connection is the process in which you become the muscle, you can feel the muscle being activated/working on, and it's a sign of doing good work, targeting the muscle efficiently to break it down effectively. People end up swinging weights and/or not targeting a particular muscle group right so having the mind to muscle connection will help with that.

 I'd say 99.9% of the bodybuilders mention Mind to muscle connection. Muscles can be large and small, sometimes targeting certain muscle groups can be hard because we're not thinking of it but we got to in order to grow that muscle. Performing certain exercises first can help with the establishment, posing is a great way to help create that connection as well, and fiddling around with angles, weights and tempo can help with the mind to muscle connection

When people are wanting res…

[One] Recovery Method You Should Know!

When you're exercising intensely, your body needs a way to help get rid of those toxins that you've been building up, you know, the lactic acid. ➤ Previous Article: TOP BICEP EXERCISES FOR MASS | GUIDE TO BIG ARMS! Ways To Reduce Lactic Acid:

1: Massages - Massages help with removal of lactic acid when the muscles are tight.2: Hydration - Hydration is the key to being healthy - It's good for the body overall, it helps transport nutrients and waste out.3: Diet/Nutrition - Your nutrition plays a part in recovery; Better, rich foods have better quality nutrients which will aid in recovery much more efficiently. Examples are: Greens, vitamin B.4: Contrast Showers - A effective way to help remove toxins within your body. Hot + Cold Water plays a role on your "blood."

The main point of this article is 
"Contrast Showers"Contrast showers is taking a Hot n Cold Shower but Together. This is one of my recovery methods.
The first 3-5 minutes will be HOT, then you switc…

Cheat meals / Cheat Days 101

Cheat Meal/Day101
When you are dieting for so long, a good break will help curb your cravings.It is also a good mental break since you [may] be stressing about foods. Think about it as a reward,  since you have been dieting for so long, treat yourself, it is a good feeling. (Like when you see results when working out). It also helps with your metabolism..

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There's 2 types of cheat-meals in my diet: 1: Dirty Cheat meals
- Eats absolutely anything, not caring about the nutrients, just eating to eat..
Example: pizza, ice-cream, snacks, indulging in junk foods..

2: Clean Cheat Meals

- Eats clean, nutritional meals, not indulging in junk food.

There's a huge difference between the 2.
1: If you eat dirty, the outcome is going to dirty. For instance, bloating, fatigue, gaining more weight due to not strict on macros...
2: Eating clean will benefit and nourish your body better, staying on track with your macros is a plus, and overall healthier for the bo…