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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Cheat meals / Cheat Days 101

Cheat Meal/Day 101

When you are dieting for so long, a good break will help curb your cravings.It is also a good mental break since you [may] be stressing about foods. Think about it as a reward,  since you have been dieting for so long, treat yourself, it is a good feeling. (Like when you see results when working out). It also helps with your metabolism..

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There's 2 types of cheat-meals in my diet:
1: Dirty Cheat meals
- Eats absolutely anything, not caring about the nutrients, just eating to eat..
Example: pizza, ice-cream, snacks, indulging in junk foods..

2: Clean Cheat Meals

- Eats clean, nutritional meals, not indulging in junk food.

There's a huge difference between the 2.
1: If you eat dirty, the outcome is going to dirty. For instance, bloating, fatigue, gaining more weight due to not strict on macros...
2: Eating clean will benefit and nourish your body better, staying on track with your macros is a plus, and overall healthier for the body and mind. It'll give you a boost of energy rather than feeling fatigue, tired, lazy..

So When Should I have a Cheat-Meal/Day?
That is completely up to you to decide but in my experience and in my lifestyle, I incorporate cheat meals when I'm very strict on my diet for a long time, approx 1week+, I'll go and add in a cheat meal when I feel it is necessary. (To keep my sanity in place). Any day can be a cheat day but don't do it everyday. Reward yourself when you think you should have a "break" from dieting. Cheat Day is basically when you're indulging in food all-day long, not caring about macros, or the nutrients, just simply 'rewarding yourself.'

I find it beneficial to have cheat meals within your diet lifestyle, it helps me stay on track, to know what my goals are to know that life is fun [still], you should and must enjoy life, the creations of foods from different cultures, etc.

People also claim that having cheat meals/days, it will help reset/boost your metabolism - helping in fat-loss.

Will it Ruin my Diet/Gains?
It would not definitely ruin your diet or gains, in fact, people have set routines to help shock their body; help "resetting/boosting" their metabolism (which helps a lot when it comes to losing fat), and for the diet part, you're only doing this one time until the next time comes around - treat yourself.

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