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Monday, December 10, 2018

Make Money From Home - No Business Needed - Any Age, Anyone can make money for free!

How to make free money at home - Using mobile apps to make money

Who LOVES Free money?
- " I do"

Introduction in Making Money From Home

So, you are probably wondering, How in the world am I going to make money at home (from home)? Well, it requires one thing; Hustling. Hustling is a job and if you don't have that skill-set, then making money from home is not ideal for you. You must hustle in order to get what you want. Making money from nothing is easy, making money with money is easy, it all boils down to your work ethic.
ANYONE, ANY AGE can make money from home. If you are a mother, a kid, teenager, adult, disabled person, a person who wants to keep making money on the daily basis known as Passive income, then you're at the right spot (:

Who is FIT to Make Money from home?
- Fitness people, entrepreneurs, moms, kids, teens, absolutely anyone.

Requirement To Make Money From Home
The basic requirements to start making money is to have a Debit or Credit card (or alt payment such as Paypal, etc). *Must have a mobile device.
Having a  Debit/Credit card will allow you to begin with the money making process. The reason why you need to have a card is that some apps require a debit/credit card. However, they DO NOT CHARGE YOU nor place a subscription on your card. Everything is FREE. Cash Back Apps require a card so you can receive its benefits!

There are thousands of ways (methods) to make money from home. 

➤ Here is the Money Making Method that I use - Get Started, Join with me, Let's make Money

Money Making #1
  • ( "Cash APPS") - A good way to make money. I currently use this method as a source of income. Simply referring friends to download an app and linking a card to receive its benefits. The benefits vary from different apps. 
DOSH will pay you 💲5-10💲
  • Dosh is the best choice for you. Download the app now and link your card for an instant $5 bonus.
➤ I currently use DOSH to make my money from home -(working from home)
➤ Steps
  • 1.Get the app (  )
  • 2.Create a profile ( phone📱, name, email)
  • 3. Link card  (to get cash back on purchases 🤑)
  • 4. Confirm email address 👩‍💻
  • 5. Share! (FB 👍, SC 👻, IG 📸, TW 🐦, text, email)
  • 6. Make $5/10💲per referral!
 If you Downloaded the app without going thru the link
Make sure you enter in the " ReferralTOMMYS23

Make money at home using Dosh App

Cell phone tips on how to make money

For starters, Dosh is the only cash back app that I know of that automatically sends a small percentage of cash back without the usual hassles involved in such transactions. No coupons, no scanning of receipts, no promo codes, etc. Just live life as normal and get cash back.

💲 Just download the app, link your credit card (this is secure), then you’re off to the races. You can start shopping at participating merchants using your credit card and points will be added to your “Dosh Wallet” straight away. Once your balance reaches a minimum of $25, you can cash out via Direct Deposit or PayPal.

Earn $5 By Linking Your Card 
If you link your debit/credit card with the Dosh App for the first time, they will instantly add $5 cash to your Dosh Wallet. There is no “unlocking” this bonus; you literally get it as soon as you link your card. And you can add additional cards for more cash.
➤ More Benefits From DOSH:

  • Online Cash Back
  • In-Store Cash Back 
  • Travel Cash Back
Affiliate Program – Refer Friends | Make Money
Earlier as stated, if you refer friends and when they LInk a Debit/credit card, you and your friends will receive  $5/10.
Sometimes Dosh has specials going on, so when that happens, referring friends will get you more money!

How Does Dosh Pay You?
It’s really simple. You pay for stuff at participating stores a small slice of your purchase gets put back into your Dosh balance. Once you have a minimum of $25 saved up, you can cash out your balance through your PayPal or bank account. You can cash out referral fees using these same methods as well.

proof of payments

Money Making #2 
Make money using the DROP APP - Free Starbucks ($5)

Free money by using CASH APPS - Anyone can do this to make free cash

➤ Steps
  • 1.Get the app (  )
  • 2. When App is installed, Sign up under Referral CODE:( flqsg )
  • 3. Link BANK 
  • 4. Confirm email address 
  • 5. You will get $5 worth of Starbucks (Once you redeem it!)
About Drop:
Earn Drop Points Automatically and Use Them for Gift Cards With the Drop App! The Drop app tracks your debit and credit card purchases. And automatically adds Drop points to your account when you spend at certain merchants you've picked from their list.


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