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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

[One] Recovery Method You Should Know!

When you're exercising intensely, your body needs a way to help get rid of those toxins that you've been building up, you know, the lactic acid. 

Ways To Reduce Lactic Acid:

  • 1: Massages - Massages help with removal of lactic acid when the muscles are tight.
  • 2: Hydration - Hydration is the key to being healthy - It's good for the body overall, it helps transport nutrients and waste out.
  • 3: Diet/Nutrition - Your nutrition plays a part in recovery; Better, rich foods have better quality nutrients which will aid in recovery much more efficiently. Examples are: Greens, vitamin B.
  • 4: Contrast Showers - A effective way to help remove toxins within your body. Hot + Cold Water plays a role on your "blood."

The main point of this article is 

"Contrast Showers"

 Contrast showers is taking a Hot n Cold Shower but Together. This is one of my recovery methods.
The first 3-5 minutes will be HOT, then you switch the water to freezing COLD and you must endure both to get the result. Repeat this 'cycle' 2-4 times (or more/less).
The result is improving blood-flow, the improvement of blood flow helps with recovery and removing waste from your body.. The cold temperature will constrict your blood vessel (while hot water opens your blood vessels) creating this pumping effect to deliver nutrients and transporting waste out.

The best Time to Take this type of shower is when:
After a Good workout session
Feeling sore
Add this to your recovery routine and I guarantee, you will start feeling better.

Why I Feel It's Beneficial: When I use this method, I do notice my body acting different but in a good way. I don't feel as sore, I feel more energized, more 'alive/awake,' and it's shown to help with removal of toxins, I don't see why not take contrast showers. If it's benefiting the body in a good way especially for those who body build, consider taking contrast showers.

I also see energy improvements while enduring contrast showers!

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