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Saturday, November 10, 2018

The (Perfect) Belly Fat Loss Guide

Belly fat

No one likes belly fat or a bloated tummy, it throws off your physique big time. Also, it shows how determined you are with your self, a good looking tummy will most likely show that you are a hardworker, you put tons of effort into dieting and working out, and you are in shape (aesthetically).
Belly fat comes from numerous sources such as stress, poor eating habits, not exercising.
In this article, I'm going to explain and give you people some tips on how to reduce that belly fat, get toned and get abs!

Diet and nutrition plays a huge role on the body if you did not know already. If you are eating mostly junk, your body is going to look like junk  (this may differ from people to people) but majority of the people who eat very poorly have a poor body image (physique). Eating clean with beneficial nutrients will treat the body much better, giving your body a healthy image (good looking physique).


So, if you are one of those people's who do not care about nutrition, start paying attention. Poor nutrition leads to many problems just not your physique or a fat tummy, it leads to loss of muscle, fatigue, stressed, tired, no energy, no concentration, no focused or determination. I find that if you eat "Clean" you will begin to change your idea about foods, the theory behind eating foods, and you will want to begin to change your eating habits to live a healthier lifestyle

Foods should be counted as a fuel source, not just something you can enjoy as pleasure or just to eat..Many people end up indulging in to many calories which results in weight-gain. To simply fix this error, eat when you should eat, listen to your body when YOU are HUNGRY, not just the thought of food or having a craving for a donut or fries. I simply eat when my body needs fuel. For example, I'll have a good nutritional meal before and after my workouts to help me out; it will give me the energy I need and it will fuel up my body so I can start going to war. Be wise on how you eat, be smart, don't indulge in too much calories/foods.

Stress and other lifestyle events/actions can be harmful to the body. Like Stress, Stress can affect almost everything within your body. It affects your mood, your appetite, hormones, all kinds of scientific stuff. Stress is really bad anyways, try to reduce it as much as possible!

The answer to losing "FAT" comes from being in a calorie deficit. To be in a calorie deficit you must eat LESS than normal. For example; your calorie intake is 3000, but now you have to consume 2700. 300 calories difference. Keep dropping the calories for more results. 
 I recommend being in a calorie deficit for about 3-4 weeks, depending on your goals. Manipulate macro's for efficient fat-loss. Exercising will aid in calorie burning (burning calories results in weight/fat-loss) and the diet/nutrition part will help aid in recovery, and nourishing the body in the right way. To simply lose that belly fat, you have to exercise your (core), and do some intense workouts. Intense workouts will help burn 2x the calories than regular workout sessions due to the intensity you're bringing. Now, you cannot simply "target" your belly to lose fat - when you are exercising your core (tummy), you are essentially losing fat from throughout your body. Core exercises will help tighten that waist, help develop those ABS, and keep your waist small. The calorie deficit will reduce/drop the amount of fat you got, it will reveal the abs under your fat, and it'll help create a better physique.

To help with the weight-loss journey, I recommend to EVERYONE to track their calorie intake!
I did this when I was a "beginner" in the fitness world. I wanted to lose weight, I had a bloated tummy which looked really ugly. Then I discovered about calories and how they play a role on the body. I downloaded the app called MyFitnessPal and started to track my foods throughout the week. I made adjustments from there and started seeing results. Myfitnesspal app or any calorie counting app will help track your calories giving you information about macro's and micro-nutrients, then from there, you can set a goal to help you lose fat/weight.

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Now, Do not just stay in a calorie deficit for so long. Remember, your body adapts to conditions overtime and it may be unhealthy staying in a calorie deficit for so long. Everyone's different though, do what works for you, don't take it to the extreme.
Starving yourself is not the way to go about losing weight/fat. There is "diets" out there that make you not eat for a long period of time. That's not a sustainable "action" that you can carry on, if you want the body everyday, you must make it a lifestyle habit. 
Keeping fat-off requires consistency and hard-work. Your body needs to burn calories in order to lose fat. Staying consistent with your workouts and eating "proper/clean" will keep your results intact. If you start neglecting your workouts and diet/nutrition, best believe, you're going to fall down the ladder. The body is a constant thing you must take care of!

Ways to Help Reduce Calorie Intake:

  • Intermittent Fasting - Reduces the eating window to 'x' amount of hours only. Example: Skipping breakfast and lunch: Starts eating around 1-2PM til 8/9PM. There's only certain amount of hours you can 'eat' then you are done. 
  • Tracking your calories/foods with a calorie counting app called Myfitnesspal.
  • Appetite suppressants: Coffee, Supplements...
  • Eat Less, Bigger [Meals] | Eat more, smaller portions
    Portion distortion is real; be aware!
  • Eat Clean - Eating clean will help reduce the amount of unnecessary calories/macro's you're consuming.
  • Calorie Deficit - Reducing calories over-time.
  • Manipulating Macro's - Adjusting Carbs or fats are ideal to help with fat-loss. Reducing carbs, increasing fats, decreasing fats, increasing carbs, see what works with you and trail n error it.
  • Staying Hydrated
  • Exercise, Obviously.
To be successful with your body and with your goals, you have to trial n' error a lot of things. Many people who put out programs are basing there programs off of their experience which may not work for most people but it will give you a sense/an idea of what he/she has been doing to get the results he/she been wanting. You have to trail n error your own progress to further yourself. Don't feel discouraged, Enjoy the process. 

Ways To Keep Your Core (Stomach / ABS ) Tight n' Small

  1. You're going to need to exercise. Exercising your core will help keep it tight! Best exercise: Stomach vacuums to help keep that waist small, tight and intact
  2. Waist-trainers: Ideal to keep that tummy in check - it'll help keep that frame intact - Possibly reducing over-eating since (if you are wearing the waist-trainer) it'll be uncomfortable when you've ate to much. It'll keep everything in check, making the muscle adapt to the way you're placing it in. Very effective
  3. Eliminate Junk food
  4. Stay Hydrated!!
  5. Eat Proper!!
  6. Fiber is your answer
  7. Calorie Deficit
So, in conclusion, dropping that belly fat comes from
A) Calorie Deficit
B) Eating Right/proper
C) Staying Consistent with Nutrition and Workouts
From there, you should start seeing results. If you cannot see your abs, then your nutrition is off. "Revealing" your abs comes from low body fat %, that is how you know you are lean.

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